10 Things Every 20-Something Needs To Seriously Let Go Of Before The Year Ends

Redd Angelo
Redd Angelo

The new year is approaching at lightning speed. This is the crucial moment where we stop and think about what we have really accomplished and achieved during these 365 days of LIFE. While new year resolutions are waiting to be made and wrote down on paper, our minds are a dangerous volcano of troubled thoughts, confusion, frustration and extreme stress.

Because when we think about this passing year we just focus on the negative and on the stuff we haven’t been able to experience, create and turn into reality. You feel like those things that once made sense and felt right…now doesn’t belong to you anymore. You don’t see yourself anymore working your entire life in a boring job. You don’t want to make the same mistakes that brought you here. You don’t want to sacrifice again your own happiness for others.

You want to be open and welcome new opportunities. You want to create solid foundations for your dreams. You want to finally let go of everything that keeps you stuck from following your true heart desires and finally live the adventure. Because we are young and this is the best time of our lives to free ourselves of stupid and useless mental schemes and be the best version of ourselves. This is the perfect moment to risk and jump out of our comfort zone. HELL YES!

So, if you want to live an EPIC life, here are 10 things to let go of before the year ends, things that didn’t help you to progress and move forward in life and certainly won’t next year. So, my friend, it’s time to let go of…

1. Let go of past hurts and painful memories

Get rid of them. You don’t need to bring back to the surface memories that make you feel physically sick and angry. They are useless and you have already experienced in many occasions. It’s time to finally choose who you want to be and truly follow your heart so that you can write a better story for yourself.

2. Let go of the fear of the unknown

The unknown is always scary, but if you want to experience true level of joy, happiness and fulfillment you have to be a risk taker and explore the unexplored. Take one small step and watch the path reveal itself. Everything worth having comes by taking a risk.

3. Let go of the need to get everything figured out at once

What doesn’t make sense today, it will make perfectly sense someday. You just need to have faith in what you do. Life works in mysterious ways.

4. Let go of the need of controlling the final outcome

You may work your butt off and still don’t get what you want. You may feel upset and frustrated, but the truth is that everything has a “why”, and what you’ve got right now is exactly what you need.
“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” – Someone said that. :)

5. Let go of your meaningless worries

Most of things you worry about have never happened. But you just keep worrying as everything you do is going to be a total mess. But worrying just does one real thing, it drains all your energy, energy that you can potentially use in life-changing stuff. So, shut down your worries and stop telling yourself bullshit and go make something.

6. Let go of the idea that “it’s too late”

It’s never too late to do something crazy and something you love. It’s never too late to follow a dream. If it’s there waiting for you…there’s certainly a reason. Your dream wants to be felt, enjoyed, lived and experienced. Follow your heart and you’ll never regret it.

7. Let go of the fear of not being enough

There’s nobody like you on this planet. You’ve probably heard it a million times, but hearing it one more time doesn’t hurt. You are unique. You are special. You are wonderfully talented and so you are enough.

It’s time to make your energy shine and show the world who you really are.

8. Let go of seeking happiness from outside yourself

Stop wanting stuff you don’t need just because you think they will make you “happy”. Happiness doesn’t come from the outside, it starts from within. During “cloudy times” remind yourself that you are your own sunshine.

9. Let go of those who say you aren’t attractive enough

You are sexy, hot and beautiful/handsome in all your imperfections. You don’t have to change the way you look and act just to impress everybody. You don’t need everyone to like you. Try not to take the things these people say about you personally, because what they think and say is actually a reflections of their souls. So, love yourself the way you are, because you are beautiful the way nature made you. And when you are deeply in love with yourself, you’ll also find the right person who will fall in love with you.

10. Let go of…

Everything. Let go of everything that doesn’t represent who you truly are and what you want to be. Let go of your mistakes, bad decisions and past hurts. Let go of stupid excuses, toxic relationships, false friendships and resistance to change.

Let go of everything because happiness, new opportunities and an amazing life is only possible when you are free and true to yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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