17 Odd Side Effects Of Being An Atheist Dating A Mormon


1) Sex talks become significantly more awkward as you try to figure out what is and isn’t actually allowed according to their religion.

2) Going along with #1, makeout sessions are extremely steamy because, well…there are morals to be upheld.

3) You will learn unprecedented things about the midwestern state of Utah, both good and bad.

4) You will wish that secular people could share some of his more altruistic qualities.

5) Mormon boys are much more romantic than boys of probably almost any other religion since sex is not a possibility.

6) Everyone is silently praying for you to break up so that he can find someone to get married in the temple with.

7) You will almost be willing to give up your Starbucks latte addiction for him. Almost.

8) You will learn many new things about Mormon culture and lingo, but perhaps the most important is what a NCMO is. (Non Commital Make Out. Duh!)

9) Most of the women at his school are either married, engaged, or actively on the hunt to try to change that before they get their degree.

10) You know that you are an anomaly in his on both a macro and micro level.

11) Because Mormonism encourages modesty, men are taught to judge girls based on what is on the inside. Therefore he will be much less shallow than probably any other guy you will ever date.

12) You will get way more into sci-fi than you ever thought possible.

13) You will question and re-examine every previously held belief and idea you had that God doesn’t exist.

14) You will fight.

15) You will love.

16) You will realize that no matter how much you love him, your lifestyles just aren’t compatible, and while he will always be your first love, like the song by Passenger: “You only know you love her (him) when you let (him) go.”

17) Life will go on. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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