Read This If You’re A Highly Sensitive Girl

Brooke Cagle
Brooke Cagle

You notice the smallest changes in people’s voices, looks, manners. Most of the times you think it’s your fault, for something you said or did. Your life is continuous overthinking. You don’t talk too much because most of the times you are afraid of people’s reactions to your words.

Most of the times you don’t talk because you like listening more, you listen to people because you are genuinely interested in what they have to say. Their words become stories in your head and you like to give people advice, you want them to feel better. If one of your friends has a problem they usually come to you, especially since you’re better at helping other people than yourself.

You try to never be mean with someone because whenever someone says something even slightly offensive to you, your heart literally skips a beat and it hurts. Most of the times these people say these things without any bad intent, without even noticing that they hurt you, but you don’t show them anyway because you don’t want to look lame and you feel ridiculous too, to get upset over something so stupid.

You try to be the sweetest you can with the people you love because you want them to be happy and never sad. Being mean is almost impossible for you, when you are you regret it right away, most of the times you smile right after.

And then being sensitive means that you love deeply, without boundaries and you fall quickly because even if they hurt you and even if you like being by yourself most of the times, you love people, they are puzzles in your eyes and if they are broken it’s even better.

You want to fix them, you want to be the one who saves them. But falling quickly, giving the best of you to someone isn’t something to be proud of. Because when they leave, you aren’t whole anymore, because they took pieces of you away, pieces you gave willingly. And then you curse yourself for being so fucking sensitive.

You swear to yourself that the next time you will stop being so nice to people who don’t deserve an inch of you, friends and lovers. You swear that you will stop being so sensitive. But you probably won’t.

However being sensitive is also the best thing you could ever be, because you have this wonderful gift that doesn’t let you miss on any detail of life and that allows you to feel any emotion fully. Would you rather live a mediocre life, having a heart only half full or would you rather be so happy you could die?

Of course, as I said earlier you could also feel so down that you struggle to go on, you could come to a point where you hate everyone for being so fucking careless with their words but with the time you heal and you keep on loving them and on being your beautiful over sensitive you because people can make you so ecstatic. And they know they can’t live without your generous soul. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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