The Other Type Of Soulmate

Soulmates  — it’s a concept some might dwell on for a while. After all, who wouldn’t want someone who fits you, someone that shares the same fears, thoughts and emotions as you do? You two match, you’re infinite within the realm of reality, hanging by a thread that seems thicker with them by your side. Soulmates might exist, but the concept’s definition is distorted and unrealistic, unless one looks at it in a different light.

There is another type of soulmate, not quite a romantic interest as that holds lustful connotations, but a best friend, a friend — a fate. Reality is perceived ultimately with the mind and felt infinitely with the soul — the soul’s reality is perceived as fate. It is a concept denied by the mind’s logic as this could never possibly exist, but the heart is content with an understanding of direction that is led by your fate, whoever they shall be.

You could have many. There definitely isn’t a specific one. Along meeting them, life should make a little more sense than predicted. Life is monotonous and it’s difficult to find light when you’re so lost in the dark. There is light, but by nature human beings are alone, and blind to it. There are inevitably ways to beat the darkness, and the more one allows for this, the easier it becomes. Of course you don’t need someone to help you discover positivity and happiness, you can definitely do this alone. All that’s being said is that life would be easier to understand if you ever do meet your fate.

Once found, lightness becomes stronger and you won’t be so lonely. Your best friend will always manage to find a way to bring you back to earth when you’re so close to hell. They’ll listen to your stories despite them having no significant matter on their lives, they’ll offer advice that you’ll ignore although being well aware that they are right. You two will do crazy and indescribable things until your stomach muscle ache from laughing constantly, your relationship would consist of deep meaningful conversations as you two think the same, and your emotions would be so closely linked that when they cry, you cry.

The amounts of time spend with your fate grants you to become one person. Your atoms will collide, as they cannot be separated — you two are inseparable. It can be described as a vivid pace that runs through your veins, linking only your souls and hearts tightly together while ignoring the logic demands of the mind.

So, let it be acknowledged that soulmates do exist as they live through fates. It must be known that almost everyone has one, and that they shouldn’t be hard to find if the soul overtakes the mind, similar to how fate overtakes logic. When this finally happens, an infinite breeze of happiness and light shall erupt with them in your life.

And might you find a speck of bliss with them, then it’s worth the pain and hardship we find ourselves suffering everyday. Since, what makes life even simpler than having someone else to survive with? Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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