Simply, This Is What Love Is

Jordan Bauer

Love is beyond insane. Coiled in its grasp, love makes you see things from a different perspective, making you say and do things you wouldn’t normally say.

Love is compromising. So you’ve had pad thai already this week, but still want it again? We’ll have it another time, let’s make something together.

Love is quiet. It’s sitting in the same room and being comfortable in the silence. It’s stealing glances from different sides of the room and smiling because they love you back.

Love is rolling over in bed, farting, and then mutually discussing what could’ve made your fart better.

Love is sometimes boring. It just makes the special moments extraordinary.

Love isn’t about physical. Love should be about emotional.

Love is being encouraged outside your comfort zone. It’s holding your partner’s hand when you test the waters of something new, and sharing the excitement you get if you realize you enjoy it.

Love is hard. It’s an almost continuous amount of work before it bears fruits, and even then, you can’t stop there. It requires constant attention in order to sustain itself.

Love is telling your partner that they’re cute, with them feeling slightly offended by the statement. It’s also them saying it back, and having the exact same reaction.

Love is the stupid nicknames you give each other, and being embarrassed to tell other people. After a while, you viciously love your stupid nicknames, and try to tell everyone.

Love is maintaining conversations while pooping.

Love is watching people be jealous of you, because you have something that isn’t easy to get.

Love isn’t spending $20,000 on a wedding. It‘s spending less than that and inviting just your family to an intimate ceremony. It’s eloping because you agree that you’d rather save your money for something worthwhile, like a house.

Love is a choice. The almost continuous amount of work doesn’t get the chance to stop. Love is a fleeting feeling, but caring about people isn’t, and shouldn’t.

Love is change. It’s accepting that you won’t always have butterflies in your stomach when you see your partner, but it’s knowing that something they can do can bring them back in a moment’s notice.

Love is acceptance. It’s loving their cellulite stretch marks even though they want them gone.

It’s stomaching their bad breath because they’re kind of cute with their bedhead in the morning.

It’s knowing that they might change, and still loving them despite their changing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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