Why Men Like Women


To men, there are two mysteries in this world that we’ll never figure out: death, and women.

Death, we pretty much have to figure out when we get there. Women, though, are a puzzle. A puzzle in the center of a maze filled with barbwire and roses. We don’t understand you, and its common knowledge. How is it that you can go through all the pain of child birth (which has been described to me as trying to squeeze a watermelon through a keyhole), and still be afraid of tiny little spider? Or how you can pour hot wax onto your legs, rip the hair out by the roots, and never make a sound, but still cry when Julia Roberts dies in Steel Magnolias. We are not meant to understand you, we never will. But we love you, and here’s why.

We love how our arms find your waist, and your head finds our shoulder. We love how you can cry and scream one minute, and be laughing and happy the next. We love how your eyes light up when we bring in a dozen roses, and how your lips feel against ours when we share a perfect kiss. Or how soft your hair is, and how beautiful you look even if you don’t think so.

We’ll never understand how you think, but we love the feeling we get when we can understand enough to make you smile, make you laugh, or make you cry tears of joy. You’re the mothers of our future children, the future of the human race. Women have extraordinary power, have brought down empires, and started movements that have changed the course of time. When our boys in the military go overseas, you stay behind, and hold the front line at home. Your compassion and caring get us through sickness, depression, and some of the worst times in our lives. You might drive us all a little crazy from time to time, but without women, our lives would be dull, boring, and grey. You bring the color into our world, you bring the light into an otherwise dark and dreary life.

We will never understand how you think, but we know who and what you are. You are our mothers, sisters, wives, lovers. You are our joybringers, our life savers. You are what drives us, what inspires us, what gives us hope for a new day. You might drive us crazy, angry, resentful, or even hateful. But rest assured, we know that when our lives are broken, and on the edge of darkness and oblivion, you will be there to bring light and color to our world again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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