Love Can Hurt When It’s Only You Doing It

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To the man she loves, he might have the eyes that never cry for her, the lips that tell lies, the mind that thinks of other things first, the heart that reveals fake feelings, the hand that holds other girl’s hand, the shoulder that is someone’s comfort zone, the feet that happily walk around with someone else are might be the realities that he don’t want to tell her but it keep on slapping right to her face, ripping her heart out and so she cries.

She tells friend’s everything about him yet he talks to his friends about that beautiful and sexy girl he admires. Unluckily, she is not that girl.

She wants his attention yet he finds another girl who is really an apple of his eye.

She is longing for his hugs while he is in another girl’s bed.

She keeps on waiting for his text while he is on phone with someone else.

She is faithful to him while he stands around with the girl who tries to flirt him.

She keeps on writing love letters for him yet he never tried reading one.

She surprises him on their special day yet he always forgets.

She would always love to spend her time with him yet he throws a lot of excuses which she used to hear.

She imagines a future with him yet for once, he never included her to any of his plans.

She wants to hear the doorbell pinged thinking it’s him who will visit her yet he is there hanging out with his friends like he never remembered her.

She feels that he no longer love her that much.

She keeps on loving him and wanting him to be happy though she knows she isn’t the one who makes him happy.

It’s better, to tell the truth, and hurt her once then tell her lies she keeps hanging onto.

Always know you deserve better. Let go of the person who doesn’t know your worth. Stop hurting yourself. Stop wasting your time, effort, and love for the person who doesn’t even appreciate a single piece of it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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