7 Reasons Why You Deserve To Let Go Of Your ‘Almost’ Relationship

Jordan McQueen
Jordan McQueen

1. There’s no use of holding on to someone whom you have already emotionally lost. He’s gone. He decided to leave and crush the promises you’ve always believed in. There is no point in continuing a fight for someone who has long given up. You shouldn’t hold on to people who have cost you so much of your self-worth. Stop chasing someone who doesn’t want to be a part of your life. I know it’s hard but when people decide to willingly leave your life, you need to let them. Because maybe, they were just never meant to be a part of it.

2. He was a mistake. I know it’s hard to admit that you chose the wrong person to love but that’s what happened. You fell in the love with the wrong guy at the wrong time. What you had wasn’t fate. It wasn’t destiny. It’s the cold, hard truth and you have to start accepting that. He was a mistake and you should never hold on to mistakes.

3. Admit it, he was toxic. He treated you like you were his last priority, despite him being your first. You saw through his lies and fake promises but you turned a blind eye and believed in him. You forgave him for hurting you when he didn’t even apologize. He made you believe that you deserved a half-assed kind of love. But you don’t. Because that isn’t love. And you deserve love and not anything less than that.

4. It was just an almost relationship. And almost relationships are never worth it. All you get is a little bit of attention now and then. Sure, you get a few texts in the morning and maybe a few more at night, but you never get sincere, genuine, true love. You don’t get commitment. You don’t get assurance. Almost relationships give you nothing but uncertainties and late nights wondering about who you are to him and what you have with him. And you deserve a true relationship. The kind that doesn’t make you feel insecure and doubtful. The kind that makes you feel cared for and loved.

5. Maybe deep down, you already knew it was never going to work. You kept holding on, even though he was no longer at the other end of the rope. You continued to love, even though you were getting none in return. You knew that you were hurting and you knew that he was gone but you were too scared that love wouldn’t find you again. You were too scared to let go because you had invested so much of your heart and soul into him. But you have to remember, when the person you’re holding on to is making you bleed, you have to learn to let go before they bleed you dry.

6. Because you have to move forward. And the only way for you to finally take that first step is for you to stop waiting for him, for the possibilities, and for the ‘if onlys’. Don’t get chained by the memories you shared together. Don’t let your regrets swallow you whole. Don’t let his false promises trap you in the past. What’s done is done. Just because he hurt you doesn’t mean that you’re no longer capable of standing back up and moving on. You’re stronger than you think you are.

7. Because you have to start loving yourself again. You have to generate love from within you so that you wouldn’t lose yourself. You have to start by being confident with who you are and what you have. You have to believe that you deserve good things in life. Stop begging for love from others and start giving love to yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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