All The Things Your Younger Self Would Like To Hear


Being young is like having a one-way ticket to Wonderland, then all of a sudden, everything gets blurry and it’s all gone.

Growing up is a part of a completely different story.

We’re still young, and our pages are made up of flowers, and butterflies, and sweet ice creams, and sunshines… and the people that we love.

This is the point in life where we are all given the chance to see the beauty in everything, and how fragile these things are. You will realize that destruction is in your own hands. You have the ability to either create or destroy things. We are all sad teenagers, we are the overthinkers, the society’s apple of the eye, drunk on the idea that impressions will define who we really are. We stay up all night, studying, cramming, thinking, crying, screaming, hurting.

An artist hides behind all of these things.

It’s beautiful.

There’s no need to rush and settle everything aside. We are carefree. We are happy. We are unstoppable. It’s our decision.

Being young is falling in love with every pretty thing.

Being young is being able to feel everything so deeply.

Being young is staying alive.

We are all going to meet a lot of pretty faces that could hurt us. They will tell you all the things you’ve wanted to hear since then, you’re going to believe them, just for them to leave you with nothing but a broken heart. But remember this, we are all young and nothing’s permanent. Heartbreaks come and go. Sing your heart out. Run on the corridor. Come to school early. Color your hair red. Eat two plates of blueberry cheesecakes. Worry about nothing. You have to feel everything in order to grow. Feel the excitement of sneaking out with your friends at night. You have all the chance in the world to feel the fast beat of your heart and the rush of your blood. Confess your love for someone. Tell them that their existence makes the butterflies inside your stomach flutter in pure happiness. Love them with no exceptions. Love them unconditionally.

One day, this person will stand beside you, so close that you can smell their perfume, and you will feel the protests of butterflies inside you. Your inner organs will jump up and down, and it will make you feel sick. Your heart will come out of your chest. You will find a word to describe all of these things that’s happening to you but you will fail, and trust me, it’s normal. Just fall.

Enjoy the moment.

Your heart is racing.

You are alive. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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