5 Alarming Signs You’ve Turned Into A Coffee Snob!

Flickr / Daria Nepriakhina
Flickr / Daria Nepriakhina

1. You have your one favourite café you can always rely on.

Yep. The coffee is always on point at this place. You know the Barista. They know your order. You sigh a sigh of relief when your friends want to go to this place because you know the milk will always be that right temperature and consistency — not to mention the fresh, speciality coffee beans.

2. Sugar with coffee? – Never.

You cringe when you see someone pouring in sachets of sugar into their cup of coffee. Why ruin the taste of a good coffee with all that sweetness!?

3. You can’t deal with going to a chain branch.

“Did someone seriously pay three dollars to get a cup of coffee from that place?” Overly frothed milk. Generic burnt coffee taste. Nope. Stay clear. Stay away.

4. You find yourself ordering double shots of espresso macchiato.

You know you have a bit of an issue when a normal cappuccino begins to taste only of milk. You start with an extra shot. Then that extra shot becomes two and before you know it the price of your coffee order is not such a fun time.

5. The caffeine in coffee no longer exists.

When people question why on earth you would have an espresso after dinner you stare at them blankly. Seriously? I wish I still felt the caffeine buzz in a coffee! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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