I Am The Girl Who Is Helping Your Boyfriend Get Over You


The overly friendly, constant texts from a guy you’ve just met. This familiar place in a single 20 something’s life sounds exhilarating right? That moment when you think, wow this could be something. I may like him. A handsome guy you hookup with at a bar on your birthday asks for your number. Thrilling right? He tells you he is going to med school to be a Podiatrist.

Average height with classic dark features, there’s something familiar about him. The way he carries himself is what attracts you most. Forward, but is forward bad? Forward could be seen as pure, simple, good communication skills, no mind games, depending on how you look at what he is saying. After all does modern dating always have to be riddled with ambiguity, contradiction, an energy paradox?

He says he would like to “spend time with you.” Is this “hanging out” going to be a positive thing or is this every single girls nightmare. Hangout is a code word for casual hookup, right? Do we give in to a hangout session or do we attempt to choose our destiny with the Podiatrist and confuse each other in hopes he may turn the words hangout into take you out.

I choose the earlier of the two choices. Single girl dilemma for sure, but I knew what I was getting myself into. We had casual interactions. He was friendly enough. Our first time together he said, “No pressure I will let you take a moment to think about it.” then came back into the room.

In later “causal interactions” he would go on to tell me how he likes my long red hair and it didn’t bother him while we were together. As it was flying in his face at the exact wrong moment as he leaned down to kiss me. He said “I am used to girls with long hair. My ex-girlfriend had long hair too.”

After our “casual interactions” ended for that night. I asked him “ Why do you think your single?” He divulged to me about his ex-girlfriend, they had broken up just a few months ago because they were about to embark on their separate journeys. His path was Temple University School of Medicine. Her path was never mentioned to me.

I cuddled with him telling him all the while things will come full circle. You will find the one. She was just a stop on your path to finding your soul mate. I kiss his forehead and reassure him he will get over her. All the while lying naked next to this handsome med student in a city I just moved to.

I get up for a glass of water, leaving him to his thoughts. Knowing that I have consciously put my feelings aside for her. In hopes of helping him get over her. TC Mark

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