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How To Conquer A Stranger

Be acutely aware of your gestures and positioning as you reach [object.] Exaggerate them. Act drunker and a little vulnerable. Try to look like you’re not trying. Try harder. Gauge what it’s looking for — it could be a condescending remark about the party/venue or a rowdy yell displaying your engagement.

The Value of Costumes and A Themed Party

People love dressing up. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a formal or a mildly racist-themed shindig (Cowboys and Indians!) – superficially leaving your normal identity behind is pretty damn satisfying in the moment, no matter how ignorant you might be.

Where, When, and How to (Compulsively) Check Social Networks

At parties: Feel a tingling sensation in your thumb, begging you to refresh your feeds during every awkward moment. Feel a strong inclination to whip out your phone during any silence that lasts over ~1.5 seconds. Find that you can usually fight the urge, but instinctually check FB and Twitter when conversations cease and you’re unsure of whom to mingle with next.

Completing A (Looming) Assignment

Receive the assignment. Be told by your professor “This is definitely not something you can start the night before it’s due.” Don’t take this as a warning; it’s a challenge.The looming assignment will sit in the back of your mind for a while – it will weigh you down a little bit, but it won’t actively stress you out until you have anywhere between one to 72 hours to complete it.