The Unedited Truth About Why My Depression Often Leads To Binge Eating

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Most people with mental health issues get depressed in the world today. You broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend or they broke up with you. You’re getting divorced or your spouse died and you really loved them. Depression can happen. It’s a horrible feeling. You feel lost and feel like no one is there to help. You even feel like committing suicide because you feel like your life is over. You cry forever and don’t feel like doing anything including the things you love. You just want to isolate and not see anyone. You might want to do something that you think will help but the internet says otherwise. People and books say otherwise as well.

These are bad choices that affect you and just end up making things worse but you do them anyway because there’s nothing else to do to comfort you. You want people to feel sorry for you when you do them but they just end not feeling sorry for you but try telling you to move on with your life.

They also tell you to focus on yourself in the end and everything will be ok. But that’s not what you think because you’re just too depressed over the situation.

You have no idea how many examples I’ve seen of this stuff. Facebook posts, overheard phone calls, and articles I’ve read. But what do people do when they’re depressed? Some may drink alcohol. I don’t drink based on another article I’ve written. Some people do drugs. Never will do those because my life is too good and I just can’t take that chance of doing drugs. Some people smoke but my health is bad enough that I won’t do that either as it’ll just kill me more and make my problems worse.

But there is something I will do when I’m depressed. I will go for something that will make you feel good when you’re depressed that won’t require smoke in your lungs or alcohol intoxication. Go for some comfort food and binge eat it. Get all that chocolate and potato chips out. Gorge on the ice cream. I know it’s so well. Run out to the convenient store and buy all the candy you want. Go out to McDonalds and munch on those French fries.

That’s what I’m thinking about doing and that’s what I do when I’m depressed.

But there’s one problem. It packs on the pounds. You can gain 10-20 or more with all that junk food going into your mouth and into the body depending on your metabolism. You don’t even feel like exercising when eating all of it. But I do this and the reason I do it is because I don’t want to drink alcohol while taking psychiatric medication.

I don’t want to smoke because I don’t want lung cancer or have significant health problems besides my autism and the weight issues I already have.

I would think about food constantly. I would constantly get up and walk to the refrigerator and or go to the cabinets to see what good stuff is in them.

I would crave ice cream most and go up to Dairy Queen for an Oreo Blizzard. They are so good! I could eat three of them because of how good they are. Peanut butter cups in ice cream too! Yummy! But only when I’m depressed as I usually watch what I eat even though I have weight issues.

But comfort food makes me feel good and relieve stress but then I worry about my weight later on. I even thought about starving myself one time so I don’t gain 30 more pounds. But I guess binge eating is better than having an alcohol problem or smoking. At least that’s my opinion even though I could be wrong. The point of this article is to tell you what I do when I’m depressed and stressed over something. Try using coping skills instead of this.

It’s your decision in the end. TC mark

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