43 Things That I Don’t Love As Much As I Love You


You are the only thing I’ve found that is better than all of these things.

  1. The last drink of a mint chocolate milkshake with all the chocolate chips that have fallen to the bottom.
  2. The amazing goose bumps that happen the first moment after sinking into a hot bath.
  3. The few days after getting a really good haircut before I wash my hair again.
  4. Singing the best part of my favorite song, really loud, alone in the car.
  5. Nights that are so unexpectedly fun that “let’s just have one drink” turns into “shutting the place down”.
  6. Getting in bed right after changing the sheets.
  7. Socks still warm from the dryer.
  8. The first sip of coffee.
  9. Showing up to the good brunch place to find there’s no wait.
  10. The first day that smells like fall.
  11. Sneezing after really needing to sneeze for hours but being unable to.
  12. The feeling of taking off my shoes after a long day.
  13. Having an impromptu picnic.
  14. Walking down the street listening to headphones, walking to the beat of the music.
  15. Laying on the couch without pants on watching bad tv and eating junk food.
  16. Laughing so hard that I literally can’t breathe.
  17. Unexpectedly running into someone I love and haven’t seen in a long time.
  18. Kittens
  19. Puppies
  20. All baby animals, actually
  21. The weirdly satisfying sound a snowball makes when it hits something and explodes.
  22. Jumping into a pool on a hot day.
  23. Being a little sore the day after running or biking a lot.
  24. Hanging my feet out the car window on a road trip.
  25. Blowing an impossibly big bubble and not caring that being excited about it makes me basically a 5-year-old.
  26. Watching a sunset while drinking on a rooftop.
  27. Executing a perfect omelet flip.
  28. Winning a scratch-off lottery ticket.
  29. Being front row seeing my favorite band.
  30. The cool side of the pillow
  31. Somehow getting a really close parking spot in a full parking lot.
  32. Going into a store for something really specific and finding there’s exactly one left.
  33. Rollercoasters
  34. The first bite of pizza that took an unusually long time to get delivered
  35. The self-satisfied feeling of waking up early, turning on music, and catching up on all the little tasks I’ve been putting off, like I always say I’m going to do but never do.
  36. Thinking there are no more cookies left in the box and being wrong.
  37. Paying all my bills and still having money leftover.
  38. Getting a text from someone right when I’m thinking about them.
  39. Watching movies when I’m too sick to go to work, but not too sick to enjoy staying home.
  40. The sound of rain when I’m falling asleep.
  41. Turning on the air conditioner for the first time all summer when it’s too hot to hold off anymore.
  42. The feeling of falling asleep.
  43. Waking up from a vivid dream and feeling like it’s still happening. TC Mark

Writer, full of feelings, etc.

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