The Unknown Is Beautiful

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I think what scares us the most is the unknown. Not knowing what the future has in store for you—whether it’s in your favor or not—makes you think and doubt yourself. If the odds are in your favor, are you truly ready for all that comes along with it? And if it’s the opposite, are you willing to fill the space left in your life for possible downfalls and frustrations?

The truth is that even if you let things fall into place, at the back of your mind you’re still going to wonder and ask yourself hundreds of what-ifs. That’s what uncertainty does to you. It’s terrifying.

The thought of entering a place not knowing a single soul without any idea what to do could feed the fear inside you, or you could use it to harness the passion running in your veins. We go through a constant journey of finding what fills up the gaps in our life, looking for something we can enjoy doing every day without growing tired of it.

Through time, we crave for more satisfaction and drive ourselves madder each day with the obsession to have things our way. But during the course of searching for things that could bring peace in our minds, there comes a time when we realize that all we really want is to have a grasp of something that resembles home.

Whenever we find ourselves fading from reality, thinking that we’ll never build a concrete future, we tend to forget the potential within us. Things unfold on their own, but you need to remember that it’s still you who has the power to control how to face the outcome. Never let your life be controlled by the inevitable. The unknown will haunt you until the end of your lifetime, but once you know how to use it as a motivator, only then can you be fearless.

We’ll never know if the choices we made and the decisions we’ll choose will direct us to what we really want, but maybe that’s what makes it exciting—life gives you a thousand probabilities and a thousand more possibilities, plus endless experiences and lessons that will help you find your way back if ever you lose your way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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