You Are The Only One Who Gets To Decide Who You Are

Girl figuring out who she is
Unsplash / Ian Dooley

You are
never who you truly are
You are
never what he said you were
You are
not all those lies he used to tell you every breakfast
You are
never a part of that life he wanted you to have
You are
not the body he wanted
not the job he felt you needed
not the sky-high heels or the wicked red lipstick he always wanted you to wear
Your dreams
were never a part of his
You are
not the unworthy, bitchy, good for nothing girl he used to call you
I know you
lost the sense of self within those years you spent with him
and even few months after you broke free
Now, you’re asking yourself
who are you
who is this girl looking straight at you
what are her wants and needs
her standards and boundaries
You tried thinking really hard
but to no good
No words want to be used to describe this girl
Is it because
all this time he was right about who you are?
The real question is, “do you think so?”
It’s all in you, darling.
You are
what your heart says about you
what your mind tells you
You are
who know you are
The keyword here is
YOU. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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