A Love Letter To The City Where I Moved, But Has Since ‘Moved’ Me

It was nearly 2 years ago when I decided to move with you. Yes, it was abrupt. It was a relatively quick decision. It was out of curiosity on how it is to live with no guarantee of what will happen and what will become of me. People questioned my decision of doing so. Some continuously asked ‘why, what are you doing, what will you do there?’  Several considered me brave and called me a risk taker. A handful just nodded and said ‘whatever makes you happy’, and just supported me. 

Then our love story started to happen. You showed me how beautiful you are every day. I was mesmerized by the glow of your sunrise and the fading light during your sunsets, the tranquil feeling that I get when I look far in your horizon. Your people are lovely and never get tired of asking ‘hi, how are you?’ Walking around your streets gives me the feeling of freedom. And I liked that. 

But behind the beauty you showed me, more than anything, you taught me a hundred things and one. You gave me a deeper meaning for courage and responsibility. That being courageous not only means having to fight but also simply waking up each day and doing your very best no matter how heavy your heart is due to home sickness and longingness. Courage is going through everyday despite your knowledge of uncertainty. That being responsible is not just owning to your tasks but looking after oneself because no one else does.

You taught me the value of Friendship and family. Friendship meant not always being around your girlfriends but believing that your bond still exists despite the distance. That among friends, communication is essential – may it be to strengthen the relationship or to solve conflicts. Friends need not to be a thousand – it can only be 2 or 3, as long as you keep the connection alive. You defined family not just being related by blood, you can actually create it. it can be the people you share your laughter while eating your greasy meals with, you spend your long weekends with, you argue with, and even those you watch a reality show with. 

You strengthened my faith. You made me believe in the power of prayers again.  You showed me miracles everyday as I strive hard to go on. You taught me to be patient with so many things. You said that with just the right amount of timing and luck, blessings are just a stone throw away. You constantly reminded me to be grateful in every little and simple thing. 

Yes, I hated you at the beginning. You made me wish that I did not meet you at all. I wanted to admit that my decision was all a mistake.  But slowly you opened my heart to the things I never thought I would do. You taught me how to be comfortable with silence. You introduced me to the feeling of stillness. That I do not need to always open my mouth to talk and to show kindness.

You made me realise that not everyone can and should be a part of my circle of trust. That I can forgive without getting an apology. That it is also important how to be an introvert at times.  And for once, you taught me how to live behind the tears and feeling of terribly missing people I left behind. And about happiness? It does not come from collecting things, rather from collecting experiences and moments. 

Now my days with you come to a close, I want to tell you that I’m very pleased to have known you. With you, I have grown. I have learned things about myself that I never thought I had – that I can manage despite and in spite of. 

My journey with you was never easy but you made it worthwhile. Now as I figure out where I will be heading next, please find comfort in knowing that I will always remember you and I do not think I will ever forget how you presented to me the true essentials of life. 

Thank you, Sydney. You have been kind. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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