5 Sneaky Ways To Show Your Man You’re A Catch

Flickr / Annon Chang
Flickr / Annon Chang

Too many people believe that love just happens and that you can’t directly influence your chances of finding love. They don’t believe that equipped with a few new skills you can influence your chances of finding the one.

1. Be approachable

Confident people are friendly; they like themselves and enjoy their own company.

Imagine if you enjoyed your own company? You would want to talk to that person and so would everybody else. Men are just people like you and me. They are sensitive and worry about screwing up in front of attractive women all the time.

Make it a little easier for him to approach you, show him that wicked smile of yours. Invite him to speak with you and just concentrate on getting to know the person.

That will get you out of your head (worrying about what he is thinking of you) and focusing on enjoying the moment. It is within these endless moments you have created for yourself the opportunity to get the guy will present itself.

2. Let him pick you

Old rules still apply men like to feel like they won you over. This doesn’t mean playing mind games — that’s what what a woman with no confidence in herself or the potential of the relationship would do.

Letting a man pick you is more about enjoying your life staying open to men and while making the most of your feminine energy. You know that fun, playful, warm side of you that men just flippin adore …

3. Become a great conversationalist

It’s really hard to talk to someone who has nothing to say. Focus on becoming a great conversationalist.

Try asking for help, get him to hold something for you as you search for your iPhone and ask him what he loves to do.

Just make up any excuse, men love it when you flirting with them, they love a woman’s attention. The confident girl can hold her own!

4. Feel good factor

Most people complain about life, talk about their problems, worry about the future and regret the past. Why don’t you decide to be different, how about you decide to talk about something random, something light, something fun?

Focus on making him feel like a million dollars in your company. Make him feel like he would be stupid not to ask you out because he had so much fun in your company.

5. Have fun

Everybody remembers the person who makes him laugh, every man remembers the playful women who allowed him to enjoy himself in her company.

Share a joke with him or something vulnerable about yourself. Have a strong opinion on something that allows for a playful debate, give him a little tongue and cheeky.

Getting asked out is not as hard as you think it is. It is all about being the person that people want to get to know. That people want to share a piece of themselves with you. That leaving you behind would be a lost to them and not an option. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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