59 Ridiculous Things Every Girl In Their Early 20s Has Lied About

New Girl

I mean let’s be honest here, everyone tells a little fib here and there. I think it’s safe to say that every girl has told at least some (or maybe all) of these lies…

1. It is so good to see you!

2. I hate when people talk shit about me. I literally never do that.

3. I’m on a new diet.

4. I’m never late.

5. I’m on the way right now

6. I’ll be ready in like, 20 minutes.

7. Ok but seriously, I’m leaving in 10 minutes.

8. I’ve never used the tanning bed.

9. I have a headache.

10. We should get together soon!

11. I’ve never done this before.

12. I would never do that.

13. I promise I won’t get mad.

14. I’ll call you right back.

15. I’ll call you tomorrow.

16. I’ll let you know.

17. I’m such a good driver.

18. Ugh, I hate drama!

19. I never go out.

20.  I’m not going out tonight.

21. Okay, but I’m only going to have one glass of wine.

22. I’m not taking shots tonight.

23. This is definitely my last drink.

24. I am not drunk texting him tonight.

25. No, I did not text him last night.

26. I haven’t eaten anything ALL. DAY.

27. I never lie.

28. I’m not crazy.

29. I don’t get jealous.

30. I am so beyond over him.

31. I never liked him to begin with.

32. It’s totally fine! I don’t care, I promise.

33. But for real, I’m fine.

34. Scratch my back first, then I’ll scratch yours.

35. It was on sale.

36. It really wasn’t even that expensive.

37. You’re so much prettier than her.

38. She’s not even pretty.

39. You’re so perfect.

40. I love it!

41. OMG thank you! Not kidding, I just randomly found this in my closet.

42. I’ve never died my hair.

43. #NoFilter

44. I apologize for not returning your call, I’ve just been so busy.

45. I promise I won’t save the picture.

46. I promise not to screen shot.

47. I’ve never watched porn.

48. I don’t like all the attention.

49. I swear I won’t tell anyone.

50. I would never say something like that!

51. I haven’t talked to him/her in months!

52. You have the cutest baby ever!

53. I don’t care what he looks like, as long as he treats me like a Queen.

54. Oh, you’re on Facebook? I totally didn’t even think about looking you up!

55. You’re the only guy I’m talking to right now.

56. I’m not big on “labels”.

57. Do whatever you want to do.

58. Of course I don’t care if he’s liking other girls pictures! What do you think I am, crazy?

59. I’m done with men. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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