10 Things That Happen When Your Sister Is Your Best Friend

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When you grow up with a sister, you have mixed feelings about your relationship with her. One day, you absolutely cannot stand her, feeling this intense desire to punch her right in the face. The next day, you’re dying to go outside and play in the snow and you know without a doubt she’ll be by your side. As you get older, you slowly start to get a grasp on how incredibly significant your sister is to you. Before you know it, you recognize something pretty freaking awesome: your sister is your best friend. Here are ten things that happen when your sister is your best friend.

1. You’ve entirely lost track of who owns which items of clothing. Even though you don’t live together anymore, your closets are still integrated.

2. Secrets are nonexistent. She is the one who you know you can tell anything to without thoughts of judgment, no matter how weird or personal. You know everything about each other and wouldn’t have it any other way.

3. People say you look alike all the time but you simply don’t see it. In fact, people have even mistaken you for her so many times you’ve learned to just play along.

4. Words are not a required form of communication. You can look at each other and know exactly what the other is thinking.

5. You also have your own language. Many times, people have no idea what in the hell you’re talking about or get confused as to why you’re laughing so hard. Therefore, you immediately call her anytime something funny happens, you know she will laugh.

6. Her friends are your friends. Likewise, her enemies are your enemies. If someone messes with your sister, you will literally cut them. They will experience an entirely new definition of “wrath.”

7. On occasion, you still have your fights. The difference now is that apologies aren’t necessary anymore. You love each other enough that somehow, you’re able to just move on from it without discussion.

8. You know without a doubt she will always be there. You share more memories than anyone else and she will never get tired of talking about them. The entertainment between you two is never-ending.

9. She is your number one go-to for brutal honesty. And for the perfect caption on social media.

10. She will always be the one you can sit around with and talk shit about your family members.

You could not be prouder of your sister and will support each of her endeavors. Regardless of her ability to irritate you, at the end of the day, she will always be your best friend, soul mate, and role model. Though you’ve taken two very different paths in life, you’re rewarded by learning from each other every day. She will always be the one you call when you’re drunk and emotional or sad and need support. She will always fight for you because you have a bond that cannot be compared to any other, nor can it be broken. Your sister is the best gift you could ever have. She’s been with you from the start and you know you’d be completely lost without her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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