5 Types Of Guys You Should Avoid At All Costs

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Even if it means you’ll be single for the rest of your life, settling is simply not an option. Dating can be great. It teaches us so many things about ourselves and the opposite sex. Maybe you’ll realize you’ve got more secrets than you thought. As you begin to open up and expose yourself you can decide which ones are important to keep to yourself and which ones may be worth sharing. The disagreements you face in a relationship can also reveal your strengths and weakness’ which in turn you can work on. Of course, you’ll also realize things you despise about that person, things that you never thought would even bother you.

At the end of the day, what’s important is to figure out what you want and refuse to settle for anything less. Yes, even if that means being single forever. Settling with someone just because you’re comfortable is not going to make you happy. Rather, you’ll end up lonely. There are a multitude of various “types” of men out there, here are a few that you should never date.

1. The child

This is the guy who expects for you to be his mother and/or maid. There’s a good chance he believes that toilets clean themselves and laundry magically appears in the closet. Chances are, he’s never lived on his own. An apartment with fellow male roommates only counts 50%.

2. The “take and never give”

Relationships should be 50/50. It’s completely fine to be the traditional type if you’re still giving 50%. However, these guys have no concept of what that means. They want you to be the maid, do their laundry, and have dinner on the table when they get home. Which is totally acceptable if they are good with you being an unemployed, stay at home dog mom. Except that doesn’t work for them. They assume you’ll put in 40 hours at work then come home to cook and clean. Take your pick guys, you can’t have both.

3. The asshole

You know, the one you’re constantly apologizing for to your friends and family. He’s an asshole. He’s loud, rude, obnoxious, pretentious, arrogant, etc.

4. The narcissist

We all know this guy. The one who never stops talking about himself. He must be the one holding the conversation and if he isn’t, he’ll be sure to interrupt. He uses his charming personality as an attempt to have others cater to his needs because he’s more important than anyone else. His talent: hijacking your emotions. He’s never wrong and when you don’t agree with him, he’ll guilt you into it.

5. The “non-relationship”

Ahh. Saved the best for last. When he tells you, “he doesn’t want to be in a relationship”, believe him. His captivating personality may tempt you to want more time with him but you must resist. Remember what he said. You can’t change him. Here’s his perspective: You’re not good enough for a relationship, but you’re certainly good enough to get naked.

Looks can be deceiving. Most of the time, those annoying behaviors only get worse over time. It may seem ideal at first, but slowly they will reveal their true colors. We can’t change people. Our personalities don’t change, our behavior does. Stay away from these guys at all costs. Love yourself enough to choose you. Remember, “better alone than poorly accompanied.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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