30 Signs You’re Still Poisoned By Your Ex

Avi Richards

Break-ups are quite common but still a touchy issue. Being in a romantic relationship with someone involves a lot of emotions and expectations. Whereas some people might heal faster than others, it’s undeniable we will retort to defense mechanisms in order to cope with the pain at some point. Here are thirty signs your ex partner could still be poisoning and affecting your life in a negative manner.

1.You’re still stalking them on social media.

2.You’re obsessed with staying friends with them, no matter what happened in the past.

3.You still text them quite often or try to reach out to them in any sort of way.

4.You think you see your ex every time you go out but it always turns out just to be a lookalike.

5.Your new crush physically resembles them.

6. You think of your ex whenever you’re in bed with somebody else or masturbating.

7.The idea that they’ve moved on and could now be dating somebody else leaves you shaken up.

8. You waste your time wondering whether their new relationship is a real deal or just rebounding.

9.You waste your time wondering if they still think of or miss you at all.

10.You’re the one rebounding and spamming social media with updates about your new partner with the sole intent of hurting your ex.

11.You’re looking for someone you can repeat your previous relationship pattern with.

12.You’re still mad at them.

13.You’re obsessed with showing how happy you are without them.

14.You constantly trash talk your ex to your friends and/or ask about their whereabouts.

15.You accidentally called your new SO by your ex’s name, more than once.

16.You still keep the things they’ve given you – gifts, postcards, photos, clothes.

17.Witnessing people in a similar situation to your previous relationship makes you resentful, angry and/or tearful.

18.You still think of them whenever you listen to a love song.

19.You believe none else will be able to replace them.

20.You’re still jaded and bitter about love.

21.You assume people are always lying to you, no matter how honest they are.

22.You have trust issues.

23.You have anger issues.

24.You believe you’re guilty and unworthy of love, for no apparent reason at all.

25.You can’t experience love towards anyone else.

26.You’re afraid to commit to anybody else in fear they will cheat on you just like your ex did.

27.You don’t believe anyone else could ever make you happy and you therefore refuse to let your ex go.

28.You’ve let yourself go.

29.The only reason you’re emotionally unavailable right now is because they’ve ruined the concept of relationships for you.

30.You feel anything else towards them but indifference. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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