32 Sexy Things Girls Do (That They Don’t Even Realize Are Sexy)

32 Sexy Things Girls Do (That They Don’t Even Realize Are Sexy)
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1. When they wake up all sleepy-looking, hair a mess.

“Waking up all sleepy-looking, hair a mess. It’s so…pure.”


2. When they get ready for work while they think I’m asleep.

“I love lying in bed watching my girlfriend get ready for her day, especially if she still thinks I’m asleep, she has an entire routine that she repeats every morning and it is not only amusing to watch but it’s also incredibly attractive! And if she’s in an especially good mood she’ll put on some music and dance around while she gets ready. :)”


3. When they say my name.

“Saying my name in normal conversation. It instantly makes things feels more personal and intimate.”


4. When they blush after I give them a compliment.

“Blushing when receiving a compliment, especially when accompanied by an awkward smile.”


5. When they giggle.

“Giggle. Nearly every giggle I’ve heard a girl do has been the most adorable/sexy thing on the goddamn planet and I will stand by this argument forever.”


6. When they stretch and moan.

“When they stretch and moan a bit. Fuuuuck.”


7. When they do the old tucking-a-loose-strand-behind-the-ear trick.

“When they tuck a loose strand of hair behind their ear.”


8. When they grin as you compliment them.

“When they grin as you compliment them, that melts me.”


9. When they wear my shirts/hoodies to bed.

“Wearing my shirts/hoodies to bed. My wife wears my shirts to bed and sometimes throws a hoodie on and it’s the freaking sexiest thing in the world when she wakes up and has that morning face that says ‘I’m still half asleep’ while you cuddle.”


10. When they laugh and get those two little scrunches on either side of their nose.

“This girl I’m crazy about, when I make her laugh, she gets these two little scrunches on either side of her nose. Those little scrunches are the reason I get out of bed. They’re better than crack.”


11. When they struggle really hard to put a whole slice of tomato in their mouth.

“Being cute without trying can be very sexy.

There was this girl I had a crush on and we went to lunch once, she struggled really hard to put a whole slice of tomato in her mouth. Her little giggle and smiley eyes when she finally did it and realized I was watching her do it and holding myself from laughing, with all that tomato juices running down her chin was one of the cutest/most strangely arousing things I’ve ever seen.

But also, baggy blouses or a big T-shirt, I like the volume of the boobs in oversized shirts.”


12. When they don’t mind getting their hands dirty.

“Girls that are interested in learning or doing blue-collar work such as working on cars, welding, or working in a factory. I respect girls so much more (and find it sexy) that don’t mind getting their hands dirty.”


13. When they do the subtle lip bite.

“Subtle lip bite. One of the most seductive occurrences known to man.”


14. When they tie their hair up.

“When a girl ties her hair up. Doesn’t matter when, or why, or what the context is, I’m immediately reminded of the pre-blowjob ritual. Sorry. That’s just my strongest association to that gesture. Oh, man.”


15. When they have ponytails—but NOT pigtails.

“Ponytails. Bonus points for braided ponytails. Also the little wisps of hair right near your ears. And at the base of your neck. Not pigtails, though. Pigtails look stupid.”


16. When they’re lying down on their stomach and their legs are absentmindedly moving in the air.

“When a woman is lying down on her front reading/studying something, and her legs are absentmindedly up moving in the air, and her feet are pointed almost straight (like a ballerina pose). There’s something really sexy (to me) about a woman whose body defaults to the ‘wearing really high heels’ pose, even when she’s just casually lying on a bed, concentrating on something else.”


17. When they put their hand on our knee while we’re driving.

“When my GF puts her hand on my knee while I’m driving, holy shit.”


18. When they wear a towel around their head after a shower.

“When she wears a towel around her head after a shower. I tell her she looks like Cleopatra and ask if she wouldn’t mind sending me a hieroglyph.”


19. When they move their hair away to reveal their neck.

“When they get their hair away from their neck and show you their neck. When they have bare shoulders. When she dresses up nice and doesn’t dress slutty. When she gives you the ‘I’m yours’ smile but then gets shy and looks away laughing. God, I am in love with my girl :)”


20. When they do that little jump and wiggle while trying to fix their pants.

“That little jump and wiggle they do when trying to fix their pants.”


21. When they pout.

“She probably knows that I find everything about her sexy or cute, but my heart melts a good bit when my girlfriend pouts. All I want to do then is cheer her up in any way possible, massages, cuddles or a run to the store for something special or nice. But she goes to lengths to assure me she’s fine.”


22. When they have a biting sense of humor.

“The closest I can get to something that transcends preexisting attraction or lack thereof is a biting sense of humor, especially if we’ve only just met.

Best example I can think of is Pamela from the show Louie. I don’t find her particularly physically attractive. But the way she RUTHLESSLY jabs at him or ignores social convention in favor of what’s funny is often an irresistible trait for me when I find it in real women.”


23. When they get on their tiptoes and have their shirt show just a tiny bit of tummy.

“Reaching for that thing that is real high in the pantry, getting on their tiptoes and having their shirt show just a tiny bit of tummy. A little grunt for good measure.”


24. When they adjust their glasses upward while pushing from the bridge.

“When a girl with glasses absentmindedly adjusts them further up when’s reading or writing something, but only when she pushes them from the bridge of the glasses.”


25. When they look sleepy or snuggly.

“When girls look sleepy or snuggly, it makes me wanna melt. Like when I kiss my GF awake and they roll over and look at me with a sleepy smile while stretching it’s the best.”


26. When they get the human tippy-taps about something.

“Pure, unadulterated excitement. I melt when a girl gets the human tippy-taps about something. Wide, smiling eyes with a goofy grin they try to hide.”


27. When they make the first move.

“Making the first move. Whether it’s asking me out on a date or initiating sexy times. I generally prefer being in charge once things get going, but nothing is sexier than a woman who wants you and isn’t afraid to say so.”


28. When they lift weights.

“Lifting weights or having muscle. I swear, when I see a woman lifting weights, it makes me a little aroused. Also, having a hairy vagina is also really sexy.”


29. When they’re comfortable next to you.

“Let’s be honest—a cute girl on a first date is hard to pass up.

But after that, nothing can compare to the someone who is comfortable next to you. Waking up next to someone with terrible breath, hair like it has escaped a black hole—trying to hoist up their pajamas to cover up a thong, and a phrase like… ‘I’m going to need a minute in the bathroom.’

Finding someone who is your best friend isn’t a race or a game—laughing at a fart isn’t something romantic….instead, it’s another moment realizing you can’t breathe (literally) without them next to you.

Personally, at this moment she is sitting next to me—working through numbers in preparation for an accounting exam all while whispering to herself (AND) she is trying to shoo our four cats away from her paperwork (and failing hard).

Seeing her be 100% herself…damn…I look forward to marrying this woman—6 more months and it’ll be on paper.”


30. When they snore in your face and it gives you a hard-on.

“Everything my ex-girlfriend did turned me on or was sexy/cute/hot.

Literally snoring in my face with my arm that was under her while we were cuddling falling asleep gave me a hard-on once. I didn’t know how to feel but it was hot so I just stayed awake until she rolled over. Then I just put my hand on her butt and went to bed. For some reason I was more turned on by the snoring.

If a guy loves you, he really does love everything about you. Not at first, obviously, but over time everything becomes sexy or cute.

I can recall one time only a few months after dating she got really drunk and was a total mess and taking care of her was really hot. Not like it turned me on sexually but her needing me to take care of her and her drunk words were just really nice. I felt like I wanted to do this every day for the rest of my life. Hopefully not cleaning up her puke and changing her every day, but thinking of taking care of her was just really hot.

Miss that feeling.”


31. When it’s women which we already like, it’s everything.

“Well, when it’s women which we already like, it’s everything. From the smile and look to the way they play with their hair and the smell. It’s weird, once we love them everything they do will make us love them more 乁_(ツ)_ㄏ”


32. When they make eye contact during blowjobs.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I think it’s really sexy when a girl looks me in the eyes while my cock is in her mouth.”

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