20 Ways That Women Have It Harder In Life (According To 20 Men)

20 Ways That Women Have It Harder In Life (According To 20 Men)
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1. You can’t win whether you’re ugly or beautiful.

“If you’re ugly, then some men will automatically dislike you. If you’re attractive, then some women will automatically dislike you.”


2. Never knowing if a man wants you for your mind or body.

“Never knowing if the man you’re talking to is genuinely interested in you as a person or just wants to put their dick in between your legs.

I would hate to live with that level of cynicism and even worse to have it based on a number of past experiences.”


3. Being sent random dick pics.

“The whole random dick pic thing sounds horrible.”


4. Having your emotions blamed on your monthly cycle.

“Having the validity of your emotions called into question due to the fact that your hormones swing wildly during parts of your cycle. That must be infuriating. If I’m sad or angry people ask me why, not if it’s my arbitrary time of the month.”


5. Your value is almost entirely determined by sexual attractiveness.

Compared with men, the extent to which their value is determined by sexual attractiveness, and how quickly and remorselessly aging undermines that attractiveness.

Reduced physical strength, particularly upper body strength, and the resulting ways this has influenced the nature of power and violence between the sexes.

Bearing the many physical burdens of reproduction.”


6. Having a much shorter time limit to find a mate and have kids compared to men.

“They have a much shorter time limit (late 20s/early 30s) to find a mate and have kids compared to men. Also, men tend to be more attracted to younger females than older ones, so that puts more pressure on them.”


7. Not being taken seriously at the office.

“From a professional point of view, the amount of times I’ve been in a meeting and a woman says a great idea and it is met with a murmur and then two minutes later a guy will say the same thing as if it’s his own idea and everyone will be amazed.

I always say, ‘oh, so what [x woman] said earlier.’”


8. Not being taken seriously—about anything.

“My sister was telling how she had to get something settled with her electric bill recently. Said she got the runaround and was ultimately told there was nothing they could do to help her.

Put her boyfriend on the phone (they live together, utilities are in both of their names) and five minutes later, a solution was found and they were apologizing to him. He didn’t say anything she hadn’t already.

Bullshit like this.”


9. Having to get prepared just to walk out the door.

“The fact that you guys have to get so prepared for everything. If you go to work without wearing makeup, people think you’re sick.”


10. Periods.

Bleeding out your vagina for 35-40 years then having to deal with menopause’s bullshit.”


11. Physical weakness compared to men.

“I’m going with lack of defense against an attacker. I was being silly with a coworker. We put our hands together and I told her to push as hard as she could. I barely felt anything, so I said ‘c’mon, really push’ and she still could barely move me. The surprising thing was she is active and very fit.

I have about 100 pounds and 10 I inches on her; all I did was lean forward a bit and she just moved backward with barely any resistance. It made me realize that if I wanted to do something horrible to her, she would really have no way to defend herself. It was enlightening and terrifying at the same time.

It really must suck being a woman in a world of dicklords.”


12. In the workplace, having to toe a line between looking professional and looking too ‘sexy.’

“For professional women in particular, having to walk that line pretty much every day at work: ‘How do I dress to be attractive/put together without making it look sexy/looking for something’ That’s got to be fucking exhausting.”


13. The responsibility for bearing children.

“The responsibility for bearing children.

No matter how evenly we try to split parenting responsibility, biologically it will always be harder on women. They have to carry it while pregnant (with all the associated strain on their body), give birth, breastfeed it, and then live with the permanent changes the baby does to their body.

The child takes much more from the mom than the dad, and the modern role where women can ‘have it all’ only makes it worse.”


14. Daily sexual harassment.

“Low-hanging fruit, but the daily sexual harassment. My GF works in a retail store alone, and there isn’t a single day that goes by without someone making some sort of remark. Just in the days that I’ve been there, here are some of the things I’ve heard:

She asked a customer if they wanted anything else, he said ‘Are you for sale?’

She told a customer to insert their credit card, he said ‘Can I insert something else, too?’

She had a customer tell her she would give him great children, while I was sitting right behind him.

She had one customer that would not leave without a hug. He’s a ~50-year-old man and just refused to leave the store unless she hugs him. She told her bosses and they said she has to make the customer happy, which is fucking mind-boggling. This isn’t to say she is required to hug the guy, but she isn’t allowed to do anything that might ‘discourage their future business,’ so put 2 and 2 together. (He doesn’t come in anymore, thankfully, but I think that’s because I gave him the death glare last time he asked for one, he left without it that day and hasn’t come back.)

These are just some of the instances I’ve witnessed personally. She reported a lot of it to her bosses, but they say she just has to ‘shake it off’ and be pleasant. It’s sickening to me that she isn’t even allowed to rebuke the harassment without being told off by her bosses. It’s not just the harassment that sucks, it’s the dismissal of it by other men in power. It’s as if it isn’t terrible to go through.”


15. Having to treat dating like a camping trip in bear country.

“I gotta imagine it’s the part about having to treat dating like a camping trip in bear country. Gotta tie your food up out of reach, or the bears will get it! Don’t leave food in the car or the bears will trash it! What, a bear ate all your food and part of your face? Jeez, what’d you do wrong? It’s not the bear’s fault; he’s just being a bear!”


16. Pregnancy.

Pregnancy. It hurt so much when I pass a big hard shit so I can only imagine what a full baby feels like.”


17. The world is more dangerous than it is for men.

“The consequences. It adds a little bit of danger to everything.

As a man, I can go for a walk in a bad neighborhood at 2 AM and not get attacked.

I can travel to really scary countries and not get kidnapped and sold into slavery.

I can make stupid decisions at a club or with a lover and not have my life ruined.

I can take naked pictures of myself, and even if I put them all over the Internet, the odds of anybody I know seeing them or even then caring at all is nothing.

I can date an unstable person and for the most part never have to fear for my safety.

If someone whistles at me on the street late at night, I don’t have to check and see if they’re following me to my car.

I can eat like crap and not worry that a little weight gain is going to change any aspect of my life other than how easily I can touch my toes.

It’s not that I don’t have challenges, it’s that the stakes are always lower if something goes wrong for me.”


18. Struggling to believe that a guy can love you as you are.

“I think the hardest part of being a woman is her believing that a guy can love her as she is. Even the most beautiful women are plagued with insecurities. It boggles my mind.”


19. Being emotional for no reason and not wanting to be emotional.

“Being emotional for no reason and not wanting to be emotional. My wife has days when she is just jacked and can’t explain it. She is fully aware that there is no rhyme or reason but can’t help it. I feel for her.”


20. Being right all the time.

“Must be difficult being right all the fucking time.”

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