20 Sexy Things Guys Do (That They Don’t Even Realize Are Sexy)

20 Sexy Things Guys Do (That They Don’t Even Realize Are Sexy)
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1. When they make noise during sex.

“Moaning. Guys are usually pretty quiet during sex, so any noise that lets us know you’re actually enjoying yourself is really exciting.”


2. When they their fingers through their hair while thinking.

“Run their fingers through their hair. Especially when they’re doing it subconsciously, like while thinking, or after working out to get the sweat off their forehead. Hnnng.”


3. When they smell good.

“Smell good. I don’t even mean wear cologne—just don’t stink. The smell of my husband’s deodorant (even after a long day of just being deodorized) can do it for me.”


4. When they reach for something high up and you can see their stomachs and their happy trail.

“When they yawn and stretch or reach for something high up and their shirts come up a little bit and you can see their stomachs and their happy trail.”


5. When they fix things.

“Just being handy. Drives me wild when my BF fixes something or puts something together.”


6. When they are sweet to kids or pets.

“When they are sweet to kids or pets. It’s just biology, I guess.


7. When they’re supportive.

“Honestly, being supportive. Whenever I’m having a bad day or worried about something my boyfriend is always there for me telling me that everything will be fine or just letting me vent to him. Even when I’m in a bad mood I get a little turned-on lol.”


8. When they’re knowledgeable and helpful about a subject.

“Being knowledgeable—but not in an arrogant or boring way—about something they’re interested in and willing to share their thoughts on the subject….I enjoy hearing about history, new anime, and I am a gamer so in the right situation you never know. And who doesn’t want to hear about the tragedy of Dank Meme the Wise?”


9. When they wear a plain black T-shirt.

“Wearing a plain black T-shirt. No idea why, but man do I love my husband in a plain black tee.”


10. When they whisper in our ear.

“When he washes his hair. When he is being a pest and has this shit-eating grin and giggles. When I’m being a pest and he gets this grin that just says, ‘You’re gonna get it if you keep this up.’ When he whispers in my ear…oh god, my panties hit the ground so hard and he doesn’t even have to be whispering anything sexy! When he rides his motorcycle. When he wears a suit. When he is asleep and he reaches out for me and squishes us together. When I’m sick or hurting and he takes care of me. When he is dancing like a loon just because he can. When he gets insanely excited for something and gets really passionate about it.”


11. When they perform manual labor.

“Women find sexy a sweaty man in a white T-shirt who’s moaning while he’s rolling up the sleeve of the hand he’s using to pass through his hair in a short break from showing a kid how to fix a 70s Cadillac engine.”


12. When they make good eye contact.

“Manual dexterity. Self-explanatory if you think about it.

Good eye contact. This one takes some work to get right. You can’t creepy stare, you need to know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em, you know? Although the idea of folding eyes is…ugh. Sorry about that. Phrasing.

Let your body do the talking. Awareness of body language and physical proximity. Imagine the ‘I’m not touching you!’ game from childhood and now repurpose it for adulthood. This beats the hell out of shitty pickup lines.

For a lot of women, less is more. Human beings are actually really good at picking stuff up from non-verbal cues. We just kinda forgot that. Like, the hair on the back of your neck goes up when someone’s looking at you. You can feel someone close to you even when they aren’t touching. You can smell someone’s cologne/perfume before you hear them. Just take some time and be present. Appreciate the woman in your life for all those little things, and then realize you have just as much if not more impact in the same exact ways.

Take some time to enjoy the sensory experience of another person before you get anywhere close to sex. How they look, how their skin smells, the sound of their clothing against their skin, and then when you finally do touch them, it’s electric.”


13. When they expose their forearms.

“Cuffs rolled up on button down shirt, exposing their forearms. OOOOOMMMMMGGGG.”


14. When they’re like, ‘Yes ma’am.’

“When they blurt out something that they know is about to get them punched and they hunch away with a huge shit-eating grin and do that convulsive giggle while being wailed on.

When they are patient with someone really dumb.

When they know how to do things and they like to do them very carefully. There’s something about a man frowning and tensing to do precision work that really gets me going.

When they have a relaxed, graceful way of lounging that drapes their limbs in various unexpected ways.

When they are so absorbed in their game they don’t stop when I climb into their laps and push my way between both arms. When I fall asleep on their shoulder and they keep gaming until they’re done and then they just silently lift me up and take me to bed.

When they’re like, ‘Yes ma’am.’

When they are unabashedly physically affectionate with their blokes.

When there is a lot of sexual tension and they keep escalating it and the egregious flirting is reaching astronomical levels but they would never ever make the first move.

When they have a tired and over-it sort of prickly look on their face, and then they look at you and their expression subconsciously softens.”


15. When they drop the macho façade and get vulnerable.

“1.) Softening the voice and being romantic whispering things in my ear… especially in bed. 2.) Being vulnerable in some way; let down the macho façade if you are really strong and you trust me you don’t need it 24/7 3.) When a man backs off and is gentle with himself. In yoga saw this macho guy go into child’s pos;e or when a man is aware they need a vacation treat yourself don’t bend til you break! But obviously still have ambition ;) 4.) itching balls and enjoying it—this only goes for my man, though… 5.) Taking life seriously but also sometimes not—having a light, forgiving and understanding heart.”


16. When they act protective in a non-creepy way.

“Being protective and nurturing in a non-creepy way.

Example: Holding your hand in a crowded place and whispering ‘I want you right next to me.’”


17. When they show physical strength.

“Strength. I was moving house when my bf picked up a box of stuff (which I couldn’t even slightly budge) and it gave me tingles.”


18. When they get the occasional grey hair.

“My partner took an hour and highly customized our budget spreadsheet. Color-coded and everything. Sploosh when he showed it to me all the features and a smile on his face. (We went from him being terrified of talking about finances to making a budget spreadsheet and openly taking to me about debt and bills. If that’s not change and progress, I don’t know what is.)

He’s tall and lanky, but now has a little beer gut. It’s so sexy just seeing him lying down away from me, so I can see his silhouette and the first tattoo he got in high school that he let me touch in the hallway (first time I ever touched him). It’s a side torso piece of Pisces.

He’s got this amazing chestnut brown hair that now gets the occasional gray hair. I just think it looks so hot.

When he holds my hand when we are driving and protectively puts an arm in front of me when he stops quickly.

When he kisses my neck from behind when I’m doing chores or we are out in public.

When he gushes about how much he loves or our cats or he is cuddling with them.

When he cooks or does chores which he does often.

When he makes me laugh when he makes up silly and funny songs.”


19. When they speak a second language.

“Speak a second language.

A guy I used to sleep with burst into fluent Spanish with a customer one day and I could have jumped him right there.”


20. When they wear leather gloves.

“Wear leather gloves. I’ve discussed this with many of my friends and we don’t quite know why, but a well dressed man + leather gloves = instant lady boner.”

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