32 Ways That Millennials Have Ruined Civilization Forever

32 Ways That Millennials Have Ruined Civilization Forever
Alex J. Reyes
Found on AskReddit.

1. No, you can’t be whatever you want to be.

“Falling for the line ‘you can be whatever you want to be.’”


2. No, you’re not special, either.

“The ‘I’m special’ bullshit. You are not special. you don’t matter. If you want to be special then do something special. You are not special because you were born.”


3. Feelings over facts.

“They think their perception of something dictates what it is.”


4. Bullying BY victims.

“Victim bullying. I am offended and a victim of what you said, so you must do what I tell you or else.”


5. Identity politics.

“Identity politics by a mile. Social Justice Warriors and Virtue signaling need a one way plane ticket straight to the sun.”


6. Body over-acceptance.

“Body acceptance. Its a very nuanced conversation and there are people who are bigger than others that are perfectly healthy. That said, we have swung the pendulum way to far with body acceptance. So far that naturally thin people are automatically deemed the unhealthy ones. Yes, yes you ARE fat. You are not curvy. And that woman over is NOT anorexic, she is just very slender.”


7. Language policing.

“Language policing. Their heart is in the right place, but how about focusing some of that outrage toward changing things that will actually make the world better?”


8. Taking pride in being a loser.

“People who seem to take pride in being worthless/useless. I call these sorts of people ‘Lollers.’ Basically, people who celebrate mediocrity.

‘Lol, my favorite things to do are eat, sleep, and watch Netflix.’

‘Lol, the only pushups I can do are in my head, lol.’

‘Can we talk about how bad I am at math, lol?’

I recently had a class where we introduced ourselves, stating our name, major, and something we liked to do. An absurd amount of people answered ‘sleep,’ ‘eat,’ or’watch movies.’”


9. Shutting down free speech.

“Regressive left. I’m pretty far left on most topics, but when I hear people burning so much time and energy on pronouns and shutting down free speech on campuses that they miss the real threats in life, I know they’ve lost sight of true liberal priorities.”


10. Intolerance of disagreement.

“The ‘you either agree with me or you’re the villain’ mentality. I meet a lot of people in their 20’s who do not know how (or proudly refuse) to disagree with someone without fighting them. If you hold an opposing view, they won’t discuss it (in fact, they’ll usually claim it’s not worth discussing at all). Instead, they will attack you, label you, tell you what you think and put words in your mouth, anything to grind you down as low as possible.

It’s completely inane, not just because it’s unfair to the other person, but because it’s an entirely useless tactic for effecting change. During the 2016 American election, the republican candidate campaigned and made promises, and the republican voters talked to moderates about why they should vote republican. The democratic candidate decided it wasn’t worth actually campaigning seriously, and the democratic voters just talked about what twisted and disgusting villains the other side (or everyone involved) were. Naturally, the oval office got a lot more orange after that.

If you want to change the world for what you feel is the better, it helps to actually try to convince people of things, rather than just treating them like shit for disagreeing with you.

Unfortunately, a great number of people, mostly in the ‘millennial’ age range, have taken to the ‘with us or against us’ philosophy, and there’s a whole lot less talking happening at a time when people really, REALLY need to acquire a greater level of understanding.”


11. Fake outrage.

“Fake outrage.

I’m not saying people shouldn’t feel comfortable. Sexism, racism, and all kinds of discrimination are issues that society needs to deal with. But getting angry on social media because a white person decided to dress up as a Native American for Halloween accomplishes literally nothing. It’s just makes you feel better without having to actually do any work, because it’s nothing more than a low-hanging fruit. Especially since there are real problems in this world. To quote South Park, if you really want to help, ‘why don’t you try going to a third world country, you pussy!’”


12. ‘Cultural appropriation’ as an accusation.

“People that claim ‘Cultural Appropriation’, it just reminds me of the scene from Mean Girls.

‘You can’t wear hoop earings because that’s my thing.

Fuck off.”


13. Rampant narcissism.

“I personally believe, with the advent of social media, narcissism and vanity has probably increased.”


14. Complete erasure of personal privacy.

“I don’t think we will know the answer for another 20 years. We have to wait and see what societal changes occur as a result of the millennial mindset. My guess is that the concept of manhood will fundamentally have changed in 20 to 30 years. I also imagine the concept of privacy will be completely different as well. I’m not saying it will be positive or negative for either, just very different from today.”

I Am Ironman AMA

15. Needing an immediate response.

“The idea that if someone doesn’t always respond back to their incessant messaging means the person on the other side doesn’t care about them.

I have about 24 fucking mediums you can contact me for about 18 hours of the day where I’m expected to respond. Call me if it’s urgent. Otherwise, I’ll get back to you when I get back to you.”


16. Gender reveal parties.


I mean, why do you need one if you’re already having a baby shower?”


17. Flakiness.

“I think flakiness. I’m on the tail end of millennials but everyone constantly bails on plans with no notice and it’s just supposed to be ok. Wtf? I just want to be able to make a schedule since I’m busy most of the time.”


18. Celebration of apathy and cynicism.

“Hard to say, millennials is basically 3 generations rolled into one.

If I had to pick one though it would probably be the continued celebration of apathy and cynicism. I get that there is more bad news coming our way than any other generation. But so many of us carry around this strange belief that everything that has been there for our lifetime is wrought from stone and will last forever. That the things that were there at our birth will somehow outlive us. Boldness is a trait I don’t think I see enough in my peer group.

Then again, to be rightfully blamed for something you need to be responsible for that thing. And you can only have responsibility if you have power.”


19. Social-media social-movement failure.

“Failure to achieve anything with social movements because they’re all based around social media. It happened with occupy wall street, black lives matter and now me too. It starts with a hashtag that brings light to a legitimate problem in society, and for a week or so, people are made aware and well meaning people do their best to add to the dialogue in a way that shows people how much they care about the issue because you get a shitload of social media likes/karma that way and it releases dopamine or something.”

But then people start to move on and only the most extremist, angry voices remain, trying to shut down all debate by labeling anyone who disagrees with them in the slightest with some kind of bad term. Since anyone is allowed to speak as a representative of these hashtag-based movements, a collection of incredibly moronic tweets with the hashtag accumulates, fueling the backlash to the movement which eventually overtakes the original movement, and ultimately, nothing changes and now people that want to fix the problem are associated with the crazies from social media.”


20. Periods. After. Every. Word.

“Putting. Periods. After. Each. God. Damn. Word.”


21. Failing to reproduce.

“Declining birth rates? Granted the reasons for it aren’t squarely on our shoulders (people not wanting to procreate without stable well paying jobs and homes, for instance), but I’d say there’s other factors that are. It seems more common to eschew conventional relationships in favor of flings, for instance.

Or maybe I’m wrong and birth rates are up. I haven’t checked lately.”


22. e-celebs.

“Dunno if it’s them or the generation after, but e-celebs in general. I’d even go as far to say that H3H3 is to YouTube just as TMZ is to Hollywood.”


23. Social media addiction.

“Social media addiction… Seriously, it’s getting out of control.. And I myself am a millennial and am sickened by how we’ve traded in real life for our digital ones.”


24. Being uninformed.

“I don’t go around blaming millennials a lot. They were handed a hell of a lot more problems than they’ve caused.

But speaking as a Gen Xer, I have nothing but flaming contempt for when I meet a millennial who is no better informed than an ignorant hick. Motherfucker, you grew up in the Information Age! All the facts of the world at your fingertips! Answer questions for yourself, find out the truth, dig outside your information tunnel, learn things that you have no business learning! Learn just because! Get some insight! Ask questions, challenge the status quo, be your own renaissance!

For all the grumping I hear kids do at my generation for being ‘technically inept,’ I learned a shitload more at their age with nothing but a library card and a card catalog system in little wooden drawers.”


25. Celebrating poor social skills and sketchy ethics.

“Normalizing having terrible social skills and making poor moral choices.”


26. Political fanaticism.

“Going a bit too far with some things. It’s progressive that people are accepting of sexual orientation, viewing both genders more as equals, not caring as much about race, religion, whatever, people being more open about feelings, and so on – that’s all great stuff, but as per usual, the loudest and most ignorant ones are the ones that are getting the most attention. So when you get super whiny people, or people claiming they have no or multiple genders, or that they need constant attention, or they can’t handle things on their own, it’s a bit much for any reasonable person and it’s just irritating as hell.

So because the loudest and stupidest get the most attention, everybody views all millennials as such, just as every other group has their big, negative stereotypes (conservatives, liberals, religious, atheist, etc., etc.,).”


27. Bankrupting the napkin industry.

“The decrease in napkin sales.”


28. Emojis.

“The emoji movie.”


29. Giving too much of a fuck.

“The shift from not giving a fuck to giving a fuck about too much. Everyone needs to chill the fuck out.”


30. Reaction videos.

“Reaction videos. People watching videos and filming themselves.”


31. Literally misunderstanding what the word ‘literally’ literally means.

“Ruining the word ‘literally.’”


32. Blurred lines of sexuality and gender.

“Blurred lines of sexuality and gender. I’m not saying it’s bad be gay, bi, trans, etc. That’s all fantastic. However, it’s incredibly unclear what’s deemed appropriate nowadays, it seems to be an offence to use pronouns because then you’re ‘assuming my gender.’ Very confusing and inconsistent. People are far too sensitive and entitled. To top it all off, most of it is fueled by tabloids which is affecting young people who can barely process things like this.”

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