31 Sexy Little Things Women Do That Drive Men Insane With Lust

31 Sexy Little Things Women Do That Drive Men Insane With Lust
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1. A woman smoking a cigarette.

“A woman smoking a cigarette. Something about a long draw on a cigarette and a long exhale makes a girl 1000% more attractive. Makes no sense, I know, ’cause cancer and so on, but damn.”


2. Cutting my hair.

“Getting my hair cut. There was this nice young girl I used to go to that would spend a little extra time on the lower neck, and I was convinced our love was mutual.”


3. When a woman makes eye contact with me while she’s getting ready in front of a mirror.

“Watching a woman get ready through a mirror. Especially the moment there’s eye contact.”


4. Girls wearing my clothes.

“Girls wearing my clothes. Not sure why.”


5. I love the ‘just out of bed’ look. Messy hair, no makeup, no bra, usually a big T-shirt, no pants.

“I love the ‘just out of bed’ look. Messy hair, no makeup, no bra, usually a big T-shirt, no pants. That and glasses. My SO is fully aware that if she combines all of those together I am completely unable to keep my hands to myself.”


6. Looking worried.

“Looking worried. Not like ‘holy shit that’s a fire’ worried, but ‘what am I going to do?’ Worried. Basically looking like she has a problem and I can fix it.

I like fixing things.”


7. Making a little moan while stretching.

“That little moan a woman does when she’s stretching. Giggity!”


8. A woman doing precision work.

“A woman doing precision work. Especially something artistic, like drawing or sculpting, but even soldering something onto a circuit board makes me feel things.”


9. Girls who are introverted, quiet, and hate everyone.

“Girls who are introverted, quiet, and hate everyone. Idk if it’s the feeling success for getting her to let her walls down, or maybe it’s the fact that I’m really outgoing and talkative and the “opposites attract” thing comes into play.”


10. There’s something about women working that really lights my fire.

“This has gotten me in trouble, not the legal kind, just social awkwardness for me.

I’m incredibly attracted to women at work. There’s something about women working that really lights my fire. This makes me so attracted to grocery store cashiers. It really is a strange feeling.”


11. Sleeping in an oversized shirt.

“Women in an oversized shirt to sleep in.”


12. Girls at the grocery store in sweatpants with no makeup.

“IDK if this counts but seeing girls not done up and in sweatpants in the grocery store can be pretty hot.”


13. Pantyhose. Stockings. Nylons. Tights.

“Pantyhose. Stockings. Nylons. Tights. Whatever you call them. Gets me hot under the collar for sure.”


14. A woman on roller skates.

“A woman on roller skates. The skates by themselves do nothing for me, and a woman on roller blades gives me barely a tingle. But a woman on roller skates, holy shit.”


15. Ugliness and imperfection.

“Ugliness and imperfection. I don’t know if it’s really weird or anything. I think this might be a result of porn and mainstream media promoting perfection. ‘Barbie girls’ became a real turnoff for me. I want tummy, imperfections, boobs of all sizes, uneven, saggy, flat chests, asymmetry, hair, generally the more natural the better. Less perfection, more ‘flaws.’”


16. Lazy eyes.

“Lazy eyes. Don’t know why, but I find women with a lazy eye incredibly attractive.”


17. When a woman holds a pen or pencil in her mouth, between her teeth.

“When a woman holds a pen or pencil in her mouth, between her teeth. The further back the better….”


18. Big eyebrows.

Big eyebrows. Think like Emilia Clarke’s.

When I meet a girl with bushy eyebrows, I think it makes her face look kind and sincere. Warmth and compassion in a girl is the quality I find the most attractive, so it makes the eyebrows an unexpected turn-on.”


19. Women wearing football jerseys.

“Women wearing football jerseys.”


20. Ponytails on adult women.

“Ponytails on adult women, and resting bitch face. The girls in PSY’s film clip to Gentleman are the best! And pencil skirts. Sweet fucking Jesus pencil skirts.”


21. Lisps.

“Girls with lisps.”


22. Crying.

“When a woman is crying in the same room as me I get a raging hard on. Obviously I’ve never tried to make moves on a female when she cries, and the whole time I think wtf is wrong with me?”


23. Pale skin.

“Pale pale PALE skin.”


24. Braces or glasses.

“Braces or glasses. Bonus points for both.”


25. Women’s natural belly bump.

“Women’s natural belly bump. I don’t know why, but over the past few years, I’ve found myself repeatedly hypnotized, just admiring their natural belly curve. Chubby, skinny, doesn’t matter. It triggers something primal, something sexually primal in me in some way. I can’t explain it.”


26. I like girls with scars on their face.

“I like girls with scars on their face. Probably also guys with face scars but I don’t know any of them.”


27. When they’re better than me at something.

“A woman being superior to me in something. I don’t care if she’s smarter than me, beating me in a footrace, or even having a wittier response than I have. Hell maybe I am turned on by being defeated. But goddamn is it hot…”


28. When girls get flustered.

“Not really that weird I guess but when a girl gets flustered…not angry but just nervous?

And also when comforting a girl crying or sad…no idea why there usually not even thinking anything sexual.”


29. Messy buns and glasses.

“Messy buns and glasses. I have no idea why, it’s just so attractive to me.”


30. Girls bending at the waist.

“Girls bending at the waist. Gets me every time.”


31. Women with a raspy voice.

“Women with a raspy voice, ERMAGHERD!”

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