21 Little Masculine Things Men Do That Drive Women Crazy With Lust

21 Little Masculine Things Men Do That Drive Women Crazy With Lust
Alexander Radelich
Found on AskReddit.

1. Watching a guy do outdoorsy things.

“Watching a guy do outdoorsy things…watching a guy rock-climb, pitch a tent (pun intended), start a fire, etc. Anything that shows he is self-sufficient in nature. Huge turn-on.”


2. Changing my tire.

“When my boyfriend changed my tire. He did it like it was nothing, it was so damn sexy.”


3. Watching my boyfriend take his gun apart, clean it, and put it back together.

“Watching my boyfriend take his gun apart, clean it, and put it back together. Even better was when he taught me how to do it. Some girls want their man behind them, teaching them how to perfect their golf swing or play pool or whatever. I want him to teach me how to shoot at a gun range.”


4. When my boyfriend’s breath smells like beer.

“I get turned on as hell when my boyfriend’s breath smells like beer. So strange but incredibly fun after he’s had a pint or two.”


5. If I’m leaning on a wall and a guy puts both hands on either side of me on the wall.

“If I’m leaning on a wall and a guy puts both hands on either side of me on the wall. I kinda feel trapped and super turned0on.”


6. When a guy drives a stick-shift car.

“When a guy drives a stick-shift car. I have no idea how to drive one but whenever he shifts into a new gear, there’s something oddly arousing about it.”


7. Cooking for me.

“When a man cooks for me I always want to jump him, it’s so sexy to me…”


8. Watching him try to fix things.

“My favorite hair straightener broke, as in it wouldn’t turn on anymore. My sweet boyfriend was all, ‘Let me see if I can fix it, it’s probably just wiring problems.’

He took it and sat at his desk opening up this thing and had all these gadgets to test the wires and all of that. I remember just watching him work and was turned on by how sexy he is when he does something like this for me—how thoughtful of him and how attractive that he knows how to work with his hands and wanting to fix everything.

I love it when he does something nerdy/geeky without realizing he’s doing it…and man, it turns me on.”


9. A big man being clumsy.

“I like seeing a big, clumsy man trip over his own feet or do something awkward. There is something so endearing about that.”


10. When somebody tells me ‘good girl’/’atta girl.’

“I’ve been very successful in my professional career path, but fuck, when somebody tells me ‘good girl’/’atta girl’ for whatever reason instead of getting salty for it being patronizing, it makes me flush in more than one place…”


11. Choking.

“Choking. If I’m watching a movie or show with someone getting strangled I get all squirmy and turned on.”


12. Being injured.

“Injured men, and no, I’m not a sadist. But something about a man with torso bandages or something is strangely hot.”


13. Foreign accents.

“I’m a sucker for foreign accents, and languages. Like, yeah, baby, I don’t know what you’re saying, but it sounds sexy :)”


14. When men are visibly worried.

“This is so weird, but when men are visibly worried. Not running and panicking, silently worried and/or terrified. I know it’s weird.

I rarely see this, only a few times on a movie or RV show, but suddenly I’m thinking ‘wow, I want to fuck that guy.’

What is also weird is that I’m a worrier myself, and a sub.

When the Night King raised all those dead bodies, the look on Jon Snows face as he was escaping Hard Home was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen in my life.”


15. I love watching my boyfriend eat.

“I love watching my boyfriend eat. Preferably hearty, sloppy foods like sandwiches and burritos. Something primal about it, I guess!”


16. Handsome men smoking cigarettes.

“Handsome men smoking cigarettes while maintaining eye contact with me.”


17. Aggressive talking.

“When my husband is aggressive in the way he talks. Not abusive like calling me names but just things like, ‘Would you just shut up and (insert dirty sexual act here) already?’”


18. Feeling his shoulder blades move when he’s on top of me in the missionary position.

“My husband’s shoulder blades. feeling them move when he’s on top of me in missionary position. I think this comes from watching porn, I love watching a guy’s back and ass thrust when he’s on top of a woman.

Also, voyeurism. When I’m having sex I like to imagine there’s webcams set up and people are watching us fuck.”


19. When he cleans his bathroom and buys groceries.

“My boyfriend just cleaned his bathroom and bought groceries. I don’t think I’ve ever been more turned on by him, which is saying something considering we have great sexual chemistry.”


20. Guys experiencing subtle pain.

“Guys experiencing subtle pain. I dated this guy that broke his wrist. He was normally never a complainer about anything, but when he would struggle with his physical therapy, whimper a bit, and get that pained look on his face, oh man…”


21. I love watching my BF type on his laptop.

“I love watching my BF type on his laptop. For some reason how his big man hands look as they move ever so slightly really gets me going. Also how the screen light highlights the veins on the top of his hands. It’s become a joke now that whenever he’s working on his laptop he needs to warn me not to jump his bones because he has work to do haha.”

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