37 Terrifyingly Awful Ways To Die

Tim Marshall
Found on AskReddit.

1. Consciously drowning.

“Consciously drowning. Imagine being totally awake and aware of your faculties, hopelessly stuck underwater, and having to convince yourself to breathe in or pass out.”


2. Burning to death.

“Burning to death. It’s got to be incredibly painful and could take a long time.”


3. Starvation.

“I cannot imagine what these people would have been going through before dying. For me this is the most terrifying death.”


4. Scaphism.

Scaphism. You’re basically force-fed honey and milk (enough to make you violently shit yourself)—all the while tied up within two boats (like a coffin) and then over a period of a few days eaten alive by thousands of insects.”


5. Brazen Bull.

“By Brazen Bull. Stuck into a bronze bull status, put on a fire. Very long. And the only way to breathe is by a tube relied to the mouth of the bull, as you screams of pain into the tube, it sounds like a bull.”


6. Blood Eagle.

“The old Blood Eagle wouldn’t be fun.”


7. Getting pulled through a wood chipper feet-first.

“Getting pulled through a wood chipper feet-first.”


8. Buried alive in a coffin too short to fully extend.

“Buried alive in a coffin too short to fully extend. Unleveled so your feet are a good foot above your head so you constantly slide down. Not enough room to get your arms above you to rest your neck. With the coffin slowly filling with water. Covering your eyes first before going into your nose, leaving your mouth as the last way to breathe.”


9. Drowning in a deep fryer.

“I drunkenly debated this with my friend, and it was agreed that drowning in a deep fryer is the worst. It combines being burned to death and drowning. Plus assuming you inhale a bit of grease, you also burn your insides so it’s worse than just burning alive.”


10. Getting locked in an industrial oven.

“Getting locked in an industrial oven.”


11. Being eaten alive.

“Being eaten alive. Pick your player—shark—alligator—bear—rats, piranha. Just the thought of feeling what it would be like to be consumed alive…eh.”


12. Being death-rolled by a 14-foot salt water crocodile.

“Being death-rolled by a 14-foot salt water crocodile.”


13. Seeing shark fins circling you at night.

“Ending up in the dark ocean during the night, seeing shark fins circling around you.”


14. Drifting through space in a space suit, just watching the oxygen tank emptying.

“Drifting through space in a space suit, just watching the oxygen tank emptying. In my opinion, Gravity is a horror movie.”


15. Dementia.

“Alzheimer’s or dementia. Being lost, confused, losing your sense of self, etc. Forgetting everything that made you ‘you’ and all the people and things you cared for slowly ripped from your mind as you simply decay into someone else entirely. You die before your body does.”


16. Total sensory deprivation for years.

“Tied or strapped down so I can’t move, and left in a pitch-black room (add silent for you people who can hear!).

All nutrients and fluids needed to survive injected into me automatically, so I’d live the rest of my life in total sensory deprivation and only be able to die from old age or through illness.

Simply existing, not living. That would be the worst.”


17. Being slowly crushed between two burning, hot metal plates.

“Being slowly crushed between two burning, hot metal plates.”


18. Drowning in a vat of lemon juice and razor blades.

“Drowning in a vat of lemon juice and razor blades.”


19. Impaled anally with a sharpened broomstick.

“Having a sharpened broomstick slowly hammered through you, skewer style, starting at the anus and coming out your mouth.”


20. Being steamed to death.

“I’ve heard a story about a man getting into a fight outside a bar. Angry and drunk, his opponent drops him through a manhole. Unfortunately, a hot water pipe had burst earlier that day, filling the sewers with superheated steam. The poor guy was literally cooked to death.”


21. Breaking through ice on a frozen river.

“Terrifying, not painful. Would be breaking through ice on a frozen river. You are swept and as the current rushes you away from your only exit point you look back to realize the only chance for hope is that little dimming ray of light from the hole.”


22. Dissected alive while paralyzed, but still able to feel everything.

“Dissected alive while paralyzed, but still able to feel everything.”


23. Suffocating.

“Suffocating/asphyxiation. Not being able to breathe is really fucking scary.”


24. Being tortured and abused for years.

“Being tortured and abused by some sick fucks for years with no way to escape where you live in fear for every moment of your miserable life.”


25. Boiled to death from the nipples downwards.

“Boiled to death from the nipples downwards.”


26. Death by a thousand cuts.

Death by a thousand cuts. It can take up to three days to die with this form of execution.”


27. Crushed slowly under a car.

“When you’re working under a car and the jack stands malfunction and your car drops right on top of you crushing your lungs all while you’re struggling to push the car up and free yourself.”


28. Feet-first into a giant deli slicer.

“Feet-first into a giant deli slicer.”


29. Buried up to your neck, then having ants poured on your head.

“Being buried up to your neck. Whole colony of ants poured on your head, and then a tractor with a bush hog attachment runs you over.”


30. Multiple System Atrophy.

“A family member has a terminal illness called Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) which is a really bad version of Parkinson’s. Her body is slowly shutting down but her brain is fine. She is literally trapped inside her own body unable to do anything. That’s got to be the worst.”


31. Entering a black hole.

“The worst death possible I’d to enter a black hole. You would reach a point where time would appear to stop while you are being taken apart atom by atom.”


32. Pinned down and slowly carved by a fine cheese grater.

“Cheese grater. Like not the normal type but the really fine one. Imagine that all over your body while being pinned down, makes me wince every time I think about it.”


33. Tied down and filleted.

“I always imagined it would be terrible if someone tied me down and injected my fingers with a painkiller and then filleted the skin off and then slowly worked up my arms and legs doing the same thing while the painkiller is slowly wearing off where he started.”


34. Being dropped into a deep part of the ocean with weights on your hands.

“Being dropped into a deep part of the ocean with weights on your hands but you have an air tank. You have no choice but to stare into the dark pit as you are slowly sink and are crushed to death by the pressure.”


35. Slowly dying in a nursing home.

“Slowly dying in a nursing home with no family or friends to visit and comfort you.”


36. The ‘Black Box.’

“I have put a lot of thought into the worst death possible, and I have named it the ‘Black Box.’

It works like this. You create a structure (material doesn’t matter) that contains the living person in the most uncomfortable, but not life threatening position as possible. From the inside they cannot see, hear, or interact with in any way anything on the outside.

You attach feeding tubes to them, and something to collect their waste. You monitor their vitals and keep them alive.

For the rest of their remaining natural life, they have no contact with anything or anyone. They are uncomfortable, claustrophobic, and worse than anything else, completely alone and isolated for the rest of their life. Bonus points if you put them in it without them consciously knowing their punishment so they have no idea what is going on for the rest of their life. If you like you can add excruciating pain to the mix, or loud annoying music to make them crazy, but I think complete isolation and nothingness is the worst punishment.”


37. Being the object of this guy’s sick fantasies…

“The worst way to die? It isn’t simple, to create the worst scenario to die. Your greatest fear, would be the worst. Being a murderer, that would be the easiest way to inflict the worst way to die for someone. Tied down, dim room. Chinese water torture. Drip.. drip.. drip.. all the while I’m peeling your fingernails off. Slowly, ensuring your agony. I leave you there. I await your nails to grow back. Repeat. This goes on for a year. You’re on an IV. You’re alive, watching Looney Tunes backwards with your eyes forced open. At this point you’re broken. I set you free. You’re happy, if you’re still sane. I leave you alone for a month—you regain sanity. I kidnap you again, now you feel true despair. We aren’t done yet. Your fingers would be cut off first. One a day, stitched back together and bandaged so they don’t get infected. You won’t die from this. After all 20 fingers and toes? The hands, then the feet, then the legs. No touching the vital organs, no. Once you’re nothing but a stub with a head—I place you inside of a glass box. Bury you underground with an IV that’ll last as long as it can. You’ll die in that hole.”

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