Glory Hole Diaries: 25 Super-Sleazy Real-Life Tales Of Oral Sex From Behind A Wall

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Found on AskReddit.

1. What a great fucking blowjob.

“Was 20 and matched with a girl/’girl’ on Tinder by the name of Glory. Her/’her’ picture was of a white door with three holes in it. One for your dick and two up top to put your hands in to brace yourself I guess. I can find the pics if I search through my phone hard enough.

I chit chatted with Ol’ Glory and it said that it was a 37-year-old Latina woman who discovered from an ex that she LOVED sucking cock of other men while he watched, even after their breakup she just loved to do the pseudo-anonymous cock gobble. Having people over she got to fantasize that it was anyone’s cock.

Whatever, I was 20 years old and went over there with a couple buddies, and I had my best mate walk up in to the house with me because I was scared they’d chop my dick off. My heart was pounding when I opened the door to a pitch-black house. I walked up the staircase, per instructions, to the white door with three holes. The second floor was lit with nothing but candles and the dick hole of the door had her super manicured hand waving for me to come here. So I nervously pulled out my half-chub and put it through the door and waited till I felt pleasure to tell me homie to go away. Felt pleasure, homie left.

What a great blowjob. There was a mirror next to the door pointed at some porn playing on a TV behind me. What a great fucking blowjob. I finished and left, she messaged me that my friend could come up there if he wanted some too. Tennessee 2016!”


2. Do I regret it? No. It was actually kind of fun.

“The college year was over and I was driving home for the summer. It was about an 8-hour drive through a very rural part of the country which made for a boring drive. Through a certain part of the drive there are signs for massage parlors, a strip club where truckers are welcome, a giant XXX store, etc. Anyhow I was thinking about the long, boring summer where I’d have a retail job, a curfew and have to get up early on the weekends. (I can still hear ‘If you’re living under our roof then you’ll have to listen to our rules, young lady.’) So right past all of those was this little store. It was so close to the highway it was almost on it. It was a XXX store.

I found myself merging over. I needed a break and I figured I’d grab a drink and stretch my legs. But deep down I kind of wanted to drive by the store to scope it out. I drove by and it didn’t look too dangerous. I drove down the road for about two miles and still didn’t see a gas station so I turned around. I came back by the store and decided to scope it out again. This time I did a loop around the parking lot before I found myself parking. I sat in my car for a few minutes before someone came out and asked if I needed help. I felt my stomach drop and said no. To my surprise, he was genuinely concerned and seemed like a nice guy. We chatted for a bit and eventually I went back inside with him.

The shop was your typical toy shop. Lots of sex toys and porn DVDs. I bought a small clit stimulator because I kind of felt like I needed to honor this occasion. The guy rings me up and mentions that I should check out the back room. I say no but he says there’s a lot of fun things going on back there. I eventually say sure and make my way to a room with porn playing. Sure enough a dick popped out. I finished it. Repeat. Repeat.

Do I regret it? No. It was actually kind of fun.”

glory holeta

3. I pull out, zip up, and practically bolt out back to the car and drive home with this big old WTF look on my face.

“I was known in my stupider days (about two years ago) to flip through Craigslist ads. Mostly for the chuckles, sometimes for the pics, but every now and then I’d see an ad and be like ‘hmmm.’

I stumbled across an ad that was a local couple with a glory hole in the basement looking for a dude with ‘big balls.’ Well, I’ve got a dangly set, so I said fuck it, I’m curious to see where this leads and I sent over a pic. They replied almost immediately with ‘THATS WHAT WE WANT.’ Okay then.

We traded some emails, I got their address and we set up a time. Then came the rules. Gotta be quiet, since baby is asleep upstairs. Ok. Gotta be even quieter, since the wife’s father lives with them, too. Uhhh…ok. The wife will meet ya at the door and show ya her boobs to get ya going, then both will service the dick. Okay!

So I get there, pull up and kill the car. Wife is at the door…wait…is she? That woman looks like the picture I got plus about 100lbs. Shit. Well I’m here, might as well go through with it. I walk in, she’s all giddy about me actually showing up and we go down to the basement. Sure as shit, there is a blanket with a hole cut in it hanging over a doorway. She pops back behind the blanket, no boobies (no big loss). So I get my dick out…it’s like, fuck no man. Won’t get up. Shit.

About that time, the wife pops back out from the blanket. ‘Oh yeah, I forgot’ she says. Pops out these big old titties. ‘You can touch, but no sucking. The baby is still nursing.’ Ooookay. I grab ’em, bounce ’em around as ya do, and my little guy starts waking up. Sweet. She went back behind the blanket, I pop my junk through the hole.

And so begins the most awkward five-minute handjob I’ve ever got. Husband and wife chatting about my dick while playing with it (with lube) while baby and old guy are upstairs and I’m in a basement with an unattractive woman and some random dude with their hands on my junk. Okay, this idea wasn’t the best. But, I soldier on, mostly ‘cause my junk is sloppy lubed and hell, and a handy is a handy. I get off, they both giggle about it and clean most the lube off me. I pull out, zip up, and practically bolt out back to the car and drive home with this big old WTF look on my face.

About an hour later I get a text asking if I want to do it again. And pics of the husband pouring my jizz on his wife’s tits…I guess they caught it in a jar or some shit.”


4. He turned around without my realizing and shoved my dick up his ass.

“About a year ago I got dumped by my long-term girlfriend just before we were due to go on holiday to Berlin, I’d had a similar thing happen before and always regretted not going on the holiday so this time I decided I was just gonna go on my own. I had a … very mixed week there because the city is amazing but I was emotionally not in a right fucking state. I didn’t meet many people like I normally do on holiday and by the end (and to this day I guess) I was filled with so much self-loathing, but that’s not really the point of the story.

I’m bisexual but have mostly dated girls (for no real reason other than convenience) but I thought Berlin could be a great place to check out the gay scene. One night after a few (many) beers I went to a gay sauna, stripped to a towel, and went to see what was on offer. I’m a young guy in relatively good shape so almost as soon as I entered there were a couple of older guys following me around but I wasn’t interested. There were a few other young, hot guys but most also had a trail of old men following them, or were already fucking. As it was my first time, and in a country where I didn’t know the language, it got awkward very quickly and I decided to cut my losses, go jack off in a booth with porn playing and just go home.

I’d only been in the booth for a few seconds when I felt something, looked down and there was a beckoning hand sticking through a previously unseen glory hole. I figured it must be one of the older guys who was following me around and saw me go in but I thought fuck it, I’m here now, and I stuck my dick through. And it felt fucking AMAZING. I don’t know if it was the anonymity, the heightened sensation because I wasn’t looking at anything, or if this guy was just that good but it was probably the best blowjob I’d ever had and I was getting as close as I could to this wall, balls sticking through and all.

And then things went wrong. I felt some movement and then an intense pressure as my balls were squashed up against the wall on the other side and I couldn’t move them. I panicked having no idea what the guy was doing until I realized that it was his legs trapping my balls because he’d turned around without my realizing and shoved my dick up his ass. With no protection. In a fucking gay sauna in fucking Berlin. I’d never been so scared in my life knowing that this random guy would do such a thing like that, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the first person he’d done it to so I was effectively fucking every ass in that sauna. Immediately after cumming, I got the fuck out of there as quickly as I could and basically ran back to my hostel, didn’t touch anyone for the last few days of the holiday, went straight to an STD clinic as soon as I got home and completely broke down when I told the nurse, who shamed the fuck out of me.

After a few weeks of shitting myself and locking myself away from everyone I know I could get a proper HIV test which thank fuck came back negative and I was so relieved I almost cried at the nurse again, and I’ve not been with a guy in any way since.

TL;DR: Got dumped, went to Berlin, stuck my dick through a hole into a good hole, and then a very bad hole. Didn’t get AIDS. 2/10, would not go back.”


5. He just took it all. Glorious.

“It happened almost a year ago in Vancouver.

I was there with my two buddies. We do a road trip every year around August/September and last year we decided to go to Vancouver during my birthday and see what the Granville hype was all about.

It was a Saturday and we started by walking to a bar called The Roxy early to get our stamps so we could leave and come back later on when it got busy to skip the line. On the way we passed by an Adult Video store claiming to have 25-cent peep shows and with a good amount of alcohol in our systems we decided that at some point in the night we would go into it and see what the hell a 25-cent peep show is like. Turns out nearby the Roxy there is an arcade that has all the old machines, and in the back there is super-old and outdated TV screens you put a quarter into and get two minutes of porn! So we popped a quarter in and had a good laugh…until we looked down and saw some old tissues on the floor near our shoes and started gagging.

I should have taken this as my first warning to what peep shows in this city are like.

We went straight to the Roxy after that and decided to stay there and see what it was all about. Very cool place with a live band and cheap drinks. I managed to make out with a girl who I was on the verge of taking home, but due to the fact that her friends were gross and my buddies didn’t want to hit on them, they left and would not leave her. Super understandable.

About four hours later after having our night and being sufficiently drunk we started to head home so we could stop by a 24-hour poutine shop near our Airbnb. On our way we saw it. Canada’s oldest adult video store with 25-CENT PEEP SHOWS! So we made true to our promise and went into the shop. Turned out to be a pretty normal adult store with toys and movies. We took a look around and then decided to ask the cashier what the 25-cent peep show is. She told me it is a minimum of $10 and she handed us a roll of quarters and directed us to the back of the store. My two buddies opted out saying, ‘It’s your birthday, you go in there and let us know what it’s like.’ Having no idea what was in store for me I gladly took the change and headed into the dark abyss.

Once through the corridor I was greeted by three odd-looking dudes. One tall white guy, a little Filipino man, and another that just kinda was walking passed toward one of the booths. Again, I was very intoxicated and didn’t really think anything of it, and had no idea what was going on. The tall white guy greeted me and was very friendly and pointed to the booth next to the one he was near and said ‘This one works the best, it has the best TV.’ So I took his advice and popped in there and locked the door behind me (thank god).

In the booth was a TV and a slot to put quarters into. I put my roll of quarters on the top of the TV and popped one of them suckers in and the one-minute timer started. I chose a movie and that’s all it was. Just a place to watch porn. It was about 30 seconds into this video that I started hearing a scratching noise to my right. I looked and there it was, a glory hole. Every five or so seconds I kept seeing a white hand quickly touch/scratch it and go away. It was at this exact moment that I knew exactly what was up and what I had gotten myself into.

Now I’ve never been too self-conscious about things and since my friend had paid the $10 for me to be in there I figured I would at least watch the porn and whack one out real quick. I was alone and by myself and had no shame.

I had my dick out in my hand and to my left was the door. I heard some knocking. ‘You have got to be shitting me, it’s that Filipino dude. He wants to fuck!’ I ignored it and hoped that he would leave me alone—he did. I was nervously shaking at this point from all the commotion and the fact that to my right there is a man waiting to suck my dick and to my left there is a man wanting in. Drunk, confused, and horny (due to the aforementioned girl at the bar), I just kept on trucking.

About four quarters in I realized that due to my drunkenness it wasn’t really happening. The man stopped knocking on the door, but the man to my right was still persisting. It was at this moment that I took a look at the situation and thought to myself, ‘I’ve watched so many videos of glory holes and always wondered what it was like. Well here I am. Ideally there would be a girl behind there, but fuck it, I’ve never had my dick sucked by a dude. Let’s make a stupid decision tonight.’ So I did.

I stuck li’l Megatron in there and within three seconds there was a mouth latched onto it and away we went. Now I’m pretty sure I’m not gay, but in that moment I realized what the ‘glory’ in glory hole really meant. This guy was a fucking pro. No teeth and worked the shaft like a goddamn champion. The only moment he stopped was to tell me ‘The hole is big enough for your balls to come through as well.’ I’ve had more than a few blowjobs in the past, and next to my whore of an ex (whore being key word here, she had the skills I guess she HAD to share), this was the best blowjob I had ever received. I had my body angled in a way that I could keep popping quarters into the machine and watch some porn as this all was happening.

Now when I say this is the best blowy I’ve ever gotten you are probably thinking that I ended quick. But whisky dick was in full effect this night and it took until I had only six quarters left to finish in this man’s mouth. I warned him and everything and he just took it all. Glorious.

Once complete I sat back in the seat and sat there for another two quarters contemplating my life and every decision I have made for the past 24 years. ‘Happy Birthday to me,’ I thought. I didn’t want to leave and have to walk by these people again.

It took the rest of the quarters for me to finally work up the courage to leave the booth and face the music. I got out and the same spots they were in when I got there I saw all three men again. All three men winked at me and as I walked by, the white guy whispered to me, ‘Thanks big boy.’

That moment shook me to my very core and it is something that I will never ever forget.

I got out of the dark room and my two friends were still there—after 40 minutes—and just relentlessly hitting on the cashier. She was loving it and so were they. She spotted me and asked, ‘Have fun?’

‘Uhhhh yup! Let’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO boys.’

So we got out of there after my buddy bought a couple toys for his girlfriend and we proceeded to get poutine. It took almost a full hour for one of them to finally click and realize it was now 4am and I had been in there for 40 minutes. I just couldn’t hold in or lie to them and told them the entire thing. They were both in shock and could not stop laughing. Them, and I guess you are now the only people who will ever know this story. Please don’t tell my family.”


6. I wound up on a glory hole video.

“At a party a few years ago, had a few drinks and being overly sociable with people there. One guy was very confident and started talking about an after party. It was almost 4am so I was a bit confused, until he explained about a house-share place filled with uni girls. He said that they do glory hole blowjobs, and literally anyone is welcome. Obviously I was a bit suspicious but he showed me some of them on Facebook and they were all stunning.

So I decided to go with him. He drove me to this large house (yes, he was over the limit but…) and we walked upstairs to a corridor with a few doors. He opened a door for me I looked through, and it was like a living room, sofa, TV showing porn… and a door with a hole in it. He walked down the corridor to another room for his blowjob. So, I stripped off and watched the porn for a bit to get my guy up, and I could hear some movement behind the door.

I tried talking, things like ‘Do you want me to wear a condom’ but she didn’t say anything. So I went in, and she started going at it. Needless to say it didn’t take me long to get off. Afterwards I tried to thank her, still she didn’t say anything, so I just got dressed and left. In all it took about 10 minutes, so I decided to just call a cab and get out of there.

Anyways, the bit you’re probably expecting, it wasn’t a girl. It was the guy who brought me there. How do I know? Because a few months later I was getting off to some glory-hole videos and recognized the room in one of the thumbnails, clicked on it to see a split screen from either side of the door. I was on one side and he was on the other.”


7. I finished with the power of a thousand suns.

“I often scour Craigslist for free stuff and then ogle the casual encounters section for a bit. I was pretty horny one time when I came across an ad for a glory hole. I figured why the hell not and shot them an email. We talked for a bit and they told me to come over that night. I drive up to their house and they give me a fucking essay of instructions on how to approach the house and proceed from there. Says to just walk in and strip naked, walk upstairs, sit on this stool in complete darkness and pull a sheet hung on a doorframe over my lap. After hiding my keys, wallet, and cellphone on top of my tire, I proceed with caution.

Luckily it wasn’t a setup for a robbery but I’m still thinking it could be a dude. I get in, kept my clothes on until I heard their voice, and sat on the stool. To my relief I hear the voice of a woman, like ain’t no way it’s a man pretending. I strip and pull my floppy out and sheet over me. She goes to town and is fucking amazing. I’m holding onto the stool with both hands to keep myself from falling as my world turns upside down. It was so good I couldn’t stop her going for the stinky pinky.

I’m going to guess that she’s extremely heavy-set. At one point she put me inside of her like it was nothing. I wasn’t wearing a condom and we had discussed this in our four emails. It freaked me out and I pulled out of her. I told her to either finish sucking or I’m leaving. She jerks me off for a bit telling me about her boyfriend and how she just got gangbanged by the neighbors yesterday. I felt extremely dirty, but blowjob. I finished with the power of a thousand suns. I couldn’t look my family in the eyes for a solid week.

Now I go to her house almost every Tuesday.”


8. Just showed up, doors were unlocked, put on a condom, put penis through hole, got sucked off, orgasmed, and left.

“Some dude posted on a hook-up site he had a glory hole set up. I responded and he gave me the details.

Basically he lived alone in a nice apartment, he had porn playing in the living room and a plywood door with a hole separating his bedroom and living room.

There was no talking, just showed up, doors were unlocked, put on a condom, put penis through hole, got sucked off, orgasmed, and left.

Every once in a while when I have had no luck getting laid or getting dates of Tinder I just shoot him a text ‘you sucking’ and he says yes or no.

I’ve been there about 10 times now, don’t know the dude’s name, never really talked outside of texting.”


9. A glory hole worked because I didn’t really get to meet them or have a chance to be awkward around them.

“I’ve done it twice. They were within a month of each other. It was right after an unfulfilling relationship ended messily, I was super horny and checking out Craigslist. As someone with a bit of anxiety, I found it difficult to bring myself to meet with a stranger and have sex with them. A glory hole worked because I didn’t really get to meet them or have a chance to be awkward around them. In both instances the glory hole was set up in their home, and I got to hear their voices.

The first one sounded like she was in her early to mid 20’s, which was good, because I was about that age as well, but she wasn’t very good. She used too much teeth. She was doing this to improve her BJ skills though, so it was understandable. I gave her some tips, pun intended. The second one sounded like she was in her mid to late 30s, which was less ideal, but she was much more skilled.

I do regret doing it, because while both of them told me they were clean and STD-free, I couldn’t be sure. A few months later I started dating a new girl and had to get myself tested. I never kissed either of the glory hole girls, so I wasn’t afraid of having oral herpes or anything, however I was not going to let this girl anywhere near my dick until I knew for sure, even if I had never noticed anything. I got lucky and ended up clean. I’m still dating that girl, but even if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t take that risk again of ruining the sex lives of any future relationships just for one good suck.”


10. I just drove my dick into it unbeckoned like a sprinter hauling ass for first place.

“Ever seen those glory-hole-themed videos? They’re watermarked Glory Hole Hustlers and Glory Hole Swallows. I had the pleasure of being in one.

Basically, I’ve always been a huge fan of those videos. I don’t know why, but they’ve always hit all the buttons with me in my happy spot. After one fortuitous night of glory hole video viewing, I made a promise to myself. A promise that if the occasion ever presented itself, I’d do everything in my power to be one of the lucky dicks getting sucked in a Glory Hole Hustlers video.

Fast-forward a year, and I’d just moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Didn’t have much to do in the new town so I fired up the ol’ porn machine and found a new Glory Hole Hustlers video. After a vigorous and glorious session, I blew my sins into a napkin and decided to actually go to the Glory Hole Hustlers website and read up on them. I notice an ‘about us’ tab and click on it. My heart fluttered.

They are all shot in none other than Phoenix, Arizona.

With trembling fingers and treacherous daydreams of porn stardom to come, I emailed them asking what I could do to be a part of their next video. To my surprise, he emailed me back almost immediately, requesting pictures of my dick.

Hell yes. I charged up my iPhone 4, adjusted my bedroom lighting for maximum effect, and banged out some glorious shots of my manhood. Then I emailed them to him and asked him to let me know if he needed anything else at all from me. I hardly slept at all that night.

I awoke the next morning like a kid on Christmas, scrambling to my email inbox for Santa’s package. There it was.

A formal acceptance into the male talent invite list, with a promise of an invite to this weekend’s shoot. The next few days crawled by, and I made sure to refrain from masturbating. I wanted to have a big load for whomever was on the other side of that wall come the weekend.

The invite came on Friday and the girls name was Haley. It would be her first time in a Glory Hole Hustlers video. She was a sexy petite redhead with tattoos, and the shoot would be Saturday afternoon. My moment was finally within reach. I almost wept with joy, of a promise to myself made true.

Saturday came and I drive to the location. Admittedly, I was way too early. I turned the corner of the unassuming building and saw the iconic ‘in the car interview’ the site’s owner was having with Haley. I got awkward and turned around to hide from their sight, waiting for the interview to finish and for them to head inside to the building. After about 20 minutes I poked my head around to make sure they were done interviewing and made my way inside. The windows were tinted from the outside, and inside the waiting room was lined with several chairs and a sign-in table at the front. I signed in and took my seat, making small talk with several of the other guys waiting. The guy next to me could tell it was my first time so he offered me some friendly advice. He said ‘you wanna be the 3rd guy she sucks. That’s the sweet spot, when she’s warmed up and really horny.’ Thanks, I said. Haley poked her head around from the back room and made eye contact with me, she smiled. It was gorgeous. They called two guys one at a time, one for each wall opposite each other. I waited.

One by one they came back with huge smiles on their faces, and when they made the next call, I jumped at the opportunity to be the third, like the helpful gentleman had recommended.

I could hear her through the small closet-sized room and could see her through the hole. Normally, she would stick her fingers through the hole to indicate she was ready. I was too excited, so I just drove my dick into it unbeckoned like a sprinter hauling ass for first place. She recognized my plaid shirt through the hole and said ‘oh, this is the cute guy!’ Fuck yeah. Next thing I know her mouth is around me, deep-throating like a champ. I was nervous so it took me a while to bust, but when I did it was a huge load, and she even commented that it was a huge load. I pulled my dick from the hole, then she reached her whole arm through and said ‘where are you going?,’ then pulled me back through by my dick and sucked me some more. I thanked her and left, feeling accomplished.

I watched the entire video when it was posted the next week. At the end, the cameraman asked her which guy was her favorite, and to my surprise she said ‘the 3rd guy! With the plaid shirt!’ A couple days later the site’s owner emailed me and said Haley wanted my email address. I told him hell yeah! But sadly, I never heard from her again :(

All in all though, 10/10 would do again.”


11. No BJ; he just tied a ribbon around my dick.

“About six years ago I was driving home from my girlfriend’s house and I had to pee and couldn’t wait the additional 15 minutes it would take to get to my house. I pull over to this gas station (it’s rundown and not in a great part of the city) and I brace myself for what I’m certain will be the kind of bathroom that would gag a maggot. I open the door and step into the most well-kept, cleanest public restroom I’ve ever been in. There’s one urinal and a single stall.

As I’m using the urinal, I look over at the stall and I notice a glory hole. Now, I’ve never seen one of these things in the wild; it’s always been either on TV or in some dumb joke. Curious, I go in the stall to see what’s on the other side on the wall. Above the hole is a phone number and the words ‘text The Gift’ written. At the time I didn’t think much of it and went home.

That night, I couldn’t get to sleep. I kept thinking about that fucking hole. What does ‘The Gift’ even mean? It kept me up. It was on my mind at work the next day, too. I decided to cancel plans with my girlfriend to check out what this whole ‘Gift’ thing is about.

Please note, this is a period in my life when even the devil on my shoulder would probably tell you how fucked-up my decisions were. So, I get to the bathroom and wait for it to be vacant and I get in the stall. Now, I’m fucking nervous at this point. I don’t know why I put myself in this situation, but I sent a text to the number with the words ‘The Gift,’ and I sit and wait. I got no response from the text but I shit you not, the bathroom door opened not 5 minutes later and I hear a man’s voice say, ‘You got it?’” Keep in mind that my thoughts are pretty scattered at this point, so I reply with ‘Got what?’ ‘The Gift, asshole. You got the Gift, or not?’ He said. Only then does it dawn on me that he’s referring to my dick. Has to be; it’s a fucking glory hole for Christ’s sake.

I’m not hard in the least and I’m pretty embarrassed about it, but I didn’t want to waste this guy’s time; he certainly didn’t waste any time getting there. So I pull it out and put it through the hole. I figure whatever’s about to happen will get me hard. Here’s the thing: I don’t feel any sucking or anything resembling a handjob. But he’s definitely fiddling with it somehow. A way I can’t describe. It takes no more than a minute and he stops and walks out of the bathroom. All I can think is ‘Fuck, he’s offended because I didn’t get hard.’

I pull it back through the hole and there it is…a ribbon. A fucking ribbon beautifully tied in a bow around the shaft of my dick. It was a very unreal moment. And it was so perfectly tied that I didn’t even remove it. Was this ‘The Gift?’ Was the gift the ribbon or my penis? I got no answers from this adventure at all; only more questions.

A few months later, I stop at the same gas station to get gas. When I went to the cashier, I gave him my cash, told him how much I wanted on whichever pump. Before he cashes me out, he asks if I would like to purchase one of his homemade chocolate-dipped pretzel sticks. I look to the candy he’s gesturing to and I notice that each chocolate dipped pretzel is individually wrapped and tied off with an intricate red ribbon; beautifully tied bow, the same way as the one on my flaccid penis a few months prior.

This is when our gazes meet with an awkward understanding. The pretzel was $2.00, which is a bit high if you ask me, but I guess you’re paying for TLC he puts into each one. After all, the guy ties a mean bow.”


12. Received best blowjob of my life from glory hole. Ending up being my cousin (female).

“A few years back I attended one of my friend’s parties. Birthday or UCF fight or some stupid excuse for people to get disgustingly intoxicated. Anyway, my buddy was also dating my cousin but she was my only family member there, so no shame in getting trashed. My buddy hung out with a pretty wild crowd. Parties always consisted of topless chicks, random hook ups, belly shots, basically a 90’s boy’s wet dream. During this particular party, someone had set up a makeshift glory hole. First we all thought it was a joke, until one drunk guy decided to go for it. Drunky McGee pulled down his pants all the way down to his ankles and stuck his wang in the hole. To everyone’s surprise, someone was on the other side and proceeded to gobble down on ole Drunky.

#FuckYeah! Every guy in party full-on sprints to ghetto glory hole, including me. Was third in line. Didn’t even think about it being a guy on the other side. Also didn’t have condom since ‘who fucking cares it’s 2009.’ My turn comes. Full-on raging drunk boner. Shove my bare ween through the hole. Immediately feel mouth on my cock and they are going HAM on it. Thought final hits me, ‘Fuck, what if this is a dude?’ Get nervous, but only for a moment. I then hear a soft moan on the other side of the plywood. Sounds female, good enough for me. Enjoy the best blowjob of my fucking life. I mean 10/10! Even feel the shallow and got a kiss on the head of the dong when I was finished. Go back to party. About 20 guys go through glory hole. I think even two girls try to get licked through it. Anyway, everyone talking about how crazy that shit was and we all guessing who the whore must be. At this point I realize my buddy and cousin didn’t get to see this crazy shit. Figured they were off fucking somewhere. After a few more minutes, party goers surround glory hole shed and chant for cock-sucker to come out. Anticipation is killing everyone. Finally door opens. And, as I’m sure everyone has guessed, the glory hole slut was my fucking cousin. Buddy was also in glory hole shed with her. Come to find out my buddy had a fetish where he got off from watching my cousin suck other guys’ dicks. Oh shit, this don’t fly in ‘merica. Don’t say anything. I just leave. Never tell cousin or buddy. Only closest friends know of my dark secret it. As far as me regretting it? Hell no! Still the best blowjob of my life. I literally go to every party my cousin attends hoping it happens again. I mean 10 out of fucking 10! Thanks for reading. Sorry for any grammar mistakes. TLDR: Received best blowjob of my life from glory hole. Ending up being my cousin (female). 10/10 would do again.”


13. Someone placed a cable tie around his erect meaty missile and left him there, trapped.

“Years ago when I was in the police (CSI) we had a report of a guy trapped in a shopping center toilet. He had popped his spam javelin through a glory hole in the men’s toilets, presumably thinking that the risk would make things more thrilling. Sitting in the stall on the other side was (presumably) an electrician who placed a cable tie around his erect meaty missile and left him there, trapped. Another person went to the stall and found the trapped penis, phoned the police and many, many officers, fire brigade and an ambulance attended. Much hilarity ensued. We always joked that they should have removed the stall wall and carried him to an ambulance just like that.

The result was that he was not arrested. He had been punished enough.”


14. After some moans, I forced an orgasm and got out of there.

“Got lonely and desperate one night while my roomies were out of the house. I’m not a bad-looking guy but was in a long-distance relationship and super horny. Craigslist is dangerous.

Saw an ad for a glory hole literally two streets down from my house. After some quick texting (can’t remember if this person wanted pic or not), got the address and instructions for the procedure. Walk into the house through the backyard and up some steps. There was a giant plasterboard covering up a doorway with not one, but three holes. One hole in the middle with duct tape and stuff for the dick, and two holes on either side. Not sure what they were for. No condom. I honestly can’t remember if any words were exchanged or if I was hard or soft sticking it through the hole, but sure enough they started sucking. And by ‘they,’ I mean ‘he.’ I think I knew that because it was from the gay section of Craigslist. It’s been a while now and I’ve been trying to block the memory out of my head.

The warm mouth gave rise to my member pretty quickly. Not sure how long it lasted but after a little while I thought that maybe the two holes on either side were for the hands? So I stuck my hands and forearms through them to push his head down on my dick. I think he liked it, that’s why the holes were there. Was a bit risky though because it was easy to look through those holes. I didn’t want to know anything, though, so I didn’t look. After some moans, I forced an orgasm and got out of there. I was still a little freaked out about the whole situation. He swallowed it. I was also a little freaked out about having a possible STD or something but I got tested and was clean.

The guy texted me a couple times after that, letting me know when he had the glory hole set up again but I never went again.”


15. He got stuck because someone stabbed a wire coat hanger through his penis.

“This is a story from my dad, an ex-copper in the UK.

There was a public toilet that was commonly used a few decades ago as a glory hole meeting ground. There were many reports of penis just popping through and people then complaining to the police.

One night the penis popped through to someone who was not very impressed. This person then stabbed a wire coat hanger through said penis.

This also meant the owner of said penis was trapped, tits to the toilet wall and unable to retrieve his cock from the hole.

Imagine a dog with a reallllly big stick in his mouth hitting the door frame and not able to get through.”


16. These cocksuckers suck dick like Gordon Ramsay cooks food.

“I wasn’t going to post at first but none of these stories really involve actual risk-takers. Knowing the person ahead of time and just having sex with a wall or a sheet between you isn’t the real deal. I did that back in 2008 NSFW male on male link with one of the more ‘famous’ glory hole guys on xtube. Yes, it is fun and interesting but it isn’t what glory holes were meant for or how the majority of people use them.

The ‘real’ glory holes are at adult bookstores. I’ve found all of mine by going to squirt. You’re going to get a blowjob from a guy 99% of the time; that’s just reality. Single women are almost never involved, but guys will sometimes bring their wives. If you aren’t gay or bisexual I’m very sorry but women just don’t do this kind of thing naturally.

There’s an etiquette to it. You go in the booth and shut the door and most places won’t mess with you unless you try to bring someone in there with you (which makes straight couples even more rare) or if you don’t put money in the booth. There are plenty of porno videos to choose from but you’re mostly there to put money in that turns on a light outside the booth to signal to other people that someone is in there. Once you’re in the booth you have to signal your role, fingers through the hole always means ‘I want to suck’ and someone jacking off close to the hole means ‘I want a blowjob’ you NEVER just stick your pecker in there without warning.

I haven’t gone for a few years but I used to go there nearly every week from maybe 2009-2013. I have a lot of stories. 4 out of 5 times you’ll get a blowjob and it will be the best you’ve had in your entire life. If you haven’t experienced this you just don’t understand how dedicated these people are to their craft. These cocksuckers suck dick like Gordon Ramsay cooks food. They have to park in these dirty, semen-soaked booths for long periods of time dropping a lot of money to signal cocks to suck. They practice, practice, practice and they’re amazing at it. Very little gag reflex, lots of flawless lip and tongue work, never any sore jaw, and ready to swallow without warning. They are heroes in their own way and most of them will even thank you for letting them swallow your cum.

There are weird scenarios. The guys with lube that just want to jack you off are the worst. It makes it impossible to find a new hole and get a blowjob because there isn’t a bathroom to wash the lube off and if you try to do things with someone else they’ll think lube means you were just in someone’s ass. I never went there with the intention to top someone but I did meet a guy that was a ninja and went from sucking on me one second to inside of his butt the next. I was bothered, confused, and a little impressed. The sensation instantly made me think ‘Where did his teeth go?’ before I realized what was happening. This taught me the valuable lesson to pull back from the hole if the person sucking ever lets go for any reason. I’ve avoided somewhere around eight butts by following that rule. There are also time-wasters, guys that just go there to stare through the hole but won’t do anything or guys that just jack off a little and then leave.

It is a strange atmosphere. No one talks, everything is done in secret and with little signals or gestures. Sometimes guys will form a line to experience a good blowjob from someone (this will happen for sure if a couple is in a booth) and other days the place is empty without anyone showing up. I did this a lot in my 20’s but now I’ve put it behind me. I got STD tested regularly and never caught anything. It is hard to say if I’d actually recommend the experience. The adult bookstore that I used to visit got raided by the cops too many times and now the holes are boarded up so no one goes there anymore. I wish so many married men wouldn’t go there to cheat on their wives but for horny single guys it is definitely an experience.”


17. I sucked him, I felt filthy and slutty and it turned me on so much.

“I’ve been to a local adult shop twice with a friend of mine (another woman). We have played together before and we’re hanging out on a Saturday afternoon.

We were shopping and had been teasing each other. While trying on some dresses at a Burlington in the same changing stall we whispered about what if these were glory holes. We both got turned on by the thought of us both sucking off strangers. Well we got done at the store and talked about it more. We looked up local adult bookstores/theaters and went to one after buying some condoms at a gas station on the way.

We were both nervous, there were about four or five guys in the store when we walked in. All were middle aged and overweight. We walked around some more and finally we made it to the back where the booths were. The guys had been watching us as we moved through the store and saw us go in the booth. We put the money in and started the porn. It was boring and generic. Within seconds we hear the neighboring booths doors close and their porn starts up.

Me and my friend are nervous and giggling like young girls and when the first cock is pushed through it was OK sized. He wasn’t hard yet but had worked himself over some. He looked clean and I reached out and stroked him a little. He started getting really hard and my friend opened a condom for me. I put the condom on and got on my knees. I sucked him I felt filthy and slutty and it turned me on so much. While I was doing this my friend was behind me and working over the guy on the other side. The guy I was sucking told me he was close. I pulled him out of my mouth, took off the condom and stroked him until he came. He shot all over my face. He said thank you and left. It wasn’t long until a new cock replaced his.

That day we stayed for about thirty minutes and sucked off everyone in the store including the guy working. We both loved the experience and went back a few months later. We will probably go again.

TL:DR A friend and I sucked off strangers at glory holes and loved it. No I won’t tell you where I live.”


18. He starts again…deep throats me…then stops…and a second later I’m in his ass.

“I’m bi, so I have experiences on both sides of glory holes (giving and receiving).

Unfortunately, there aren’t any bookstore glory holes near me…hell, the only one I knew about in my state just closed up all the holes (covered them with steel).

Anyway, I have no qualms about receiving and occasionally giving a BJ. So I was traveling through a city I knew to have a pretty decent adult bookstore with glory holes. I go in, get some credits for the booths, sit down and jerk off for a bit while I wait. I don’t wait long before a dick comes through the glory hole. I suck him off…then I get sucked but don’t cum (his technique wasn’t working for me).

I suck off another guy, then I get sucked but still I can’t get off. Now I’m thinking I’ve been close a couple times so I may not cum tonight. I still had fun. I figure I’ll give it one more shot.

Finally, another guy in the booth next to me…stick my cock through and I get sucked. After a couple minutes, the guy stops for a minute. I figure he’s taking a breather…just jerking me. He starts again…deep throats me…then stops…and a second later I’m in his ass…he pumps back on my cock a few times before it registers.

I kinda freak out because I had no intention of fucking a dude’s ass through the glory hole (I’m a total bottom, I suck but never top). I pull out, wipe off with a baby wipe, and GTFO of there.

I get tested regularly but that one had me scared…because it was NOT what I intended, nor the risk I signed up for.

I get it…as a bottom I’ve fantasized about having a bunch of guys use my ass as a cum dump…but no effing way would I do it. That’s almost guaranteeing getting a STD…and not one you can get rid of (though the moment they have cures for all STDs, I’m there).”


19. Is it risky? Yes. Are lots of fun things risky? Hell yes.

“I’m a bisexual man who has visited glory holes for many years—not those ‘cut a hole in a sheet in my doorway’ DIY at-home glory holes advertised on Craigslist, but the serious old-school adult bookstore and public bathroom glory holes.

I’ve sucked many cocks and had mine sucked many times; too many times to count. I’ve had sex with some amazingly attractive dudes who, after a few minutes of play through the glory hole, came into my video booth for some face to face fun.

Several times, I’ve stuck my dick through the hole for a blowjob and then the guy took my dick out of his mouth and stuck it in his ass bareback. In almost every instance, I went ahead and finished anyway.

Is it risky? Yes. Are lots of fun things risky? Hell yes. Do I have any diseases? No. I’ve been tested at least once a year for the past 10-15 years for a variety of STDs (HIV, syph, gonorrhea, HPV) and the results have always come back clean. I caught chlamydia in college from sex with a girl without a condom; a few weeks of pills and I was fine.

There has never, ever been a woman on the other side of the glory hole, although once I did take a female friend with me. She said she wanted to try it. We got into the video booth, put in our money and waited, and within 60 seconds a guy entered the other side and stuck his dick through. I jerked him off and sucked him a little bit, then I looked at her like ‘You wanna take a turn?’ and she shook her head. She was really into watching me do it, but she couldn’t bring herself to do the same. Oh well. When we were done, we went home and had amazing sex. She couldn’t keep her hands off me on the ride home. Straight guys, there is a very strong chance that your female partners really get off on the idea of you playing with another guy’s dick, so if you are even the slightest bit heteroflexible, you may want to broach that topic with your SO.”


20. One of the best experiences of my life.

“Saturday afternoon—was bored.

There’s this site in Germany called joyclub.

There they have an event searcher:

Limited to 10km around me and there you go: this ridiculously hot blonde saying she’ll be at a porncinema (pornokino) 3km from me in about two hours.

Bored me: hold my beer.

Went there, and there was like this chilled area with a corridor entering different rooms, some with glory holes between them, some just with a bed/couch in them + TVs and controls everywhere.

15 mins later, hot 1.8m blonde walks in, enters directly to the door next where I am sitting. I enter the next door before the other, cause I am the closest. Gives her fingers through the hole and there was the best blowjob I’ve ever received, deep throat and all. Even though I have done it only once, I am really into this thing.

One of the best experiences of my life.

Would repeat since with the deal here makes it possible for me. (I can see what enters the other side of the hole). Would not do it other ways.”


21. My wife is immediately on her knees sucking this guy.

“Back before say ~2000, everything was different. Nowadays you can order whatever sexual fetish toy off Amazon or whereever, but back then you were pretty much stuck with weird website or going to an actual store.

My wife and I, being young and sexually adventurous at the time, if inexperienced, decided we wanted to explore a little and maybe get some toys, so we made the trip down to the adult store.

We were a little worried about seeing anyone we knew, so we didn’t go to the one in our city, but ended up driving a good 50 minutes away.

So we get to the store, which is pretty nondescript building that doesn’t even have a name on it, just a big sign that says ‘Adults Only.’

We spent the next 30-45 minutes wandering around the store, looking at toys and shit, and mostly just laughing and giggling.

There are a few single men milling around the store with us, most of them looking at porn and sneaking glances at my wife.

At the back of the store there was this open doorway that led into a hallway. No signage or anything, but black lights on the ceiling made us think it wasn’t just storage or whatever so we wander back and off the hallway there were four other open doors.

We peek in one and there’s a screen on the wall and one of those little dollar-feeder things like for a Coke machine.

So being curious, we both go in, close the door, and I start going through my wallet for singles.

I swear I don’t even have my wallet out yet and we hear the door to the booth next to us close.

We put some money in the machine, some grainy old 90s porn clip of some woman getting double-teamed shows up on the screen, and my wife and I are both just sort of giggling about the ridiculousness of where we are and what we’re doing.

Then my wife goes ‘Holy shit! A cock!’ I turn around and behind me, sure enough, is a pretty decently sized cock hanging through a hole in the wall.

We both just sort of freeze having no idea what the fuck is going on. We both just stood there for like 30 seconds miming to each other trying to figure out what the hell we’re going to do when the dude on the other side says ‘Hey, this going to happen or what?’

We’re both completely frozen, just looking at each other, practically panicked, and my wife just reaches out and grabs his cock.

I still joke with her to this day that her response to any sort of stressful situation is to grab a cock.

Anyway, she just starts jacking this guy off and I’m starring transfixed. She’s just jerking this guy as hard and fast as she can and after like 30 seconds the guy quickly pulls his cock back through the hole and is like ‘Fuck, go easy.’

So we could have been done right there I guess, but the guy puts his cock back through the hole and without even thinking, my wife goes back to jerking him off, albeit more slowly.

This goes on for a few more minutes, when the guy pulls his cock back through and sticks his hand through instead, asking if he can feel her pussy.

I’m still sort of transfixed at this point, but my wife is super flushed and very obviously getting into it. She kicked off her panties and sort of backed up to the hole and this guy starts feeling her and eventually fingering her.

I’m sort of squatting down trying to see what’s going on.

This goes on for a few minutes and my wife is very obviously into it, moaning softly and really pressing against his hand. He finally pulls his hand back and my wife steps away from the wall and he puts his cock back through and just says ‘Now suck.’

My wife is immediately on her knees sucking this guy. Everything was happening so fast and it all seemed to crazy that I don’t think I could even process what was going on. She was obviously pretty fully committed and proceeded to go to down on this guy.

After a fully minutes he started grunting a little through the wall and pulled his cock back again and just said ‘Now pussy.’”

My wife stands up and backs up to the hole again, I’ve got my own cock out at this point and she starts jerking me off while trying to brace herself against me and against the hole with her other hand.

She says ‘Oh fuck’ and I look down, expecting the guy to be fingering her again, and of course he’s balls deep in her. She’s doing her best to bounce back against the hole while he fucks her awkwardly through it.

I tried to pull her away, this was obviously just crazy. The guy wasn’t even wearing a condom. But she just sort of pressed against me to hold herself against this hole.

Takes about 30 seconds and the guy starts grunting pretty loudly. He finishes, pulls his cock back, and it sort of finally dawns on my wife what she’s doing.

She’s looks like she’s about to freak out, and we ended up running out of there as fast as we could. We didn’t talk the entire car ride home.

Everything turned out more or less fine. She was tested and was fine and we talked about everything and it was all good eventually. We even went back a few times over the next couple years but were much more careful.

Eventually that place succumbed to the internet and went out of business and we never really thought of looking for some other place to go. Probably for the best really.

No regrets. We were young and certainly stupid, but it all turned out alright and 20 years later we’re still very happily married.”


22. It was actually super-hot.

“I have experience on the other side actually. I had been chatting with this guy on a hookup app, and neither of us could have the other over. His idea was to meet up at the adult store in town. I arrived, saw him as he described himself and went into a booth. He entered the stall next to mine and stuck his dick through. After blowing him for a while I backed up on it and he fucked me. It was actually super-hot. Yeah, I should have put a condom on him, but I’m on Truvada and figured I get tested for STIs often enough to not be worried about it. It wasn’t totally anonymous as we had traded face photos, and seen each other, but I’m curious to try an anon situation.”


23. I haven’t cum that hard in years!

“I was in Hawaii back in 2003 and I was out in Waikiki Beach walking around. I decided I needed to talk to my girlfriend, so I found an Internet cafe (this was before smartphones) and wanted to video chat with her.

When I was done I felt like jerking off, so I went down some side street and there were a few shops set up and one just happened to be a porn shop. There was a porn shop that sold regular stuff like toys and movies, but if you walked to your left, there were these saloon doors that opened up into this long, dark hallway. The hallway had about ten rooms, some had red lights on at the top and some didn’t. I went into the very first room and was careful not to touch much. I dropped in my coins and started flipping through until I found some good MFF anal porn. I’m jerking away when all of a sudden I see movement off to my right! I look and it’s a fucking guy peeking through this glory hole. I heard him come in a few minutes prior, so he looked at me and I heard him immediately get up and go to another room. I should’ve done the same thing with hindsight being 20/20.

I didn’t see the glory hole right away because it was dark as shit in this room and I just…didn’t think to look lol. Anyways, I’m getting going again when I hear someone else come in to the next room again. This time I say, ‘fuck it, I’m almost done.’ Before I know it, there is a finger stuck through this hole and the guy is wiggling it back and forth! I sit there. He then sticks his eye up to the hole and I can see him motion me towards the hole, he wants to suck my dick!! It was a good-sized hole, about the size of a baseball in circumference. As he motioned for me, I waved and shook my head no and said, ‘no thanks.’He nodded that he understood. I felt bad so I decided to let him watch me and I started jerking off again and I gotta be honest, with him watching me I came in about ten jerks and it squirted all over that both. I haven’t cum that hard in years! I’ve been in threesomes, and group sex so it’s not the first time a guy has seen me cum, but something about being in that shitty booth really got me off !

I quickly cleaned up and got out of there.”


24. I shot my load after only like one or two minutes.

“I was 19, in college, and horny so I drove over to a local porn store that had glory-hole arcades. I was really just hoping to get my dick sucked by one of the random cock-hungry men that always cruised there.

I was settling into a booth when I noticed that the female moaning coming from a nearby booth was particularly realistic. I went to investigate and found a strikingly attractive blonde woman sitting in a booth with the door open. She had her legs up with her fingers shoved deep in her pussy, and she was obviously moaning for attention. Another guy, who I assumed was with her, stood in the corner of the booth and she was stroking him with her free hand.

When she saw me watching them she dropped to her knees in front of the other guy & started to suck his dick. She was trying to put on a good show for me, but the guy was having trouble getting hard. After a couple minutes, she looked over at me, made direct eye contact, then dropped her gaze directly to my crotch with a hungry look.

I took the hint & pulled my dick out through my fly. She turned & knelt in front of me, with her lips directly on my dick head and asked ‘Do you want me to suck your dick?’

At the slightest nod from me she took me in her mouth all the way down. I wish I could say I got some epic blowjob from there, but honestly this was the 1st time I’d ever been sucked by a grown woman and under the circumstances I was totally overwhelmed. I shot my load after only like one or two minutes, and she happily swallowed it with a little smile.”


25. I remember is showing up to a stranger’s house to suck him off, only to find his dick was covered in open sores.

“One gross thing I remember is showing up to a stranger’s house to suck him off, only to find his dick was covered in open sores. Noped out of that one real quick.

There was also another time when I was getting sucked off through a glory hole, when suddenly I noticed a bad poop smell. I actually thought it was the guy’s breath, and got grossed out and pulled my dick out. As I pulled back I saw his ass cheeks pressed up against the hole. He’d somehow switched out mouth for ass without me knowing it, and I was hitting it raw.

I ran out of the store freaked out, jumped in my car, and raced down the street to a pharmacy where I bought a bottle of rubbing alcohol. I then went to the bathroom and proceeded to pour & rub alcohol all over my dick. It was not a pleasant sensation.

I was scared for a while after that, but eventually got a test & was clean.”

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