23 People Describe The Horror Of Watching Someone Die Violently

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1. His intestines just fell out everywhere like if you had a bag of spaghetti and cut the side open.

“I was 15 and living in the center for drug trade in my city, so I saw at least ten murders living there, but the one that sticks out is when a guy gutted his cousin for 50$ for some crack, it was one quick swipe and his intestines just fell out everywhere like if you had a bag of spaghetti and cut the side open, it was disgusting, and I puked immediately, I don’t go near crack heads anymore.”


2. I saw his head splatter right open.

“Back in Russia a lot of violent crimes happened very often but I think one of most gruesome ones was when a man was hit by a truck going about 210 km/h and then the man fell head first right in front of another car and I saw his head splatter right open. I was right on the street that it happened and there were little chunks of brain flying at me.”


3. He exploded in a cloud of dust and goo.

“Watched our ‘terp in Afghanistan jump directly on a dismount-aimed IED.

We were in the south, in the farming districts around Kandahar, and they grow tons of grapes there. They have little wood to make trellises, so they mount up clay to about 3-4 feet high. These make great bullet-stoppers, by the way.

Anyway, he was walking along the top of the grape walls to avoid potential IED’s in the rows, and got to the end and jokingly jumped off and landed right on one.

Straight down, then straight back up in a cloud of dust and goo.”


4. It was bad, she was decapitated, and the smell was something I will never forget.

“Saw a pedestrian get hit by a tractor trailer. It was bad, she was decapitated, and the smell was something I will never forget.”


5. I saw a man stoned to death.

“When I was in the Peace Corps in Ghana, I saw a man stoned to death.

He had stolen a taxi in a nearby city and brought it to the village I was staying in. Unfortunately for him, the man he stole the taxi from, was from the village he brought it to (I am not sure how he didn’t know this, as it seemed everyone knew everyone in the surrounding villages/cities). The villagers ganged up on him and stoned him in the street. Men, women and children all participated.

It was a very strange, surreal experience, and horrifying. None of the volunteers knew what to do.

All the peace corps volunteers in the village received counseling to process. It’s been over 10 years and I still think about that day often.”

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6. His throat and face were practically cut open; his chest was just tomato juice.

“I am a combat veteran and have witnessed plenty of violent deaths but one that I guess stands out happened in late 1969.

My unit (12th Cavalry) was conducting operations right along the Cambodian border, clearing the area of NVA (North Vietnamese Army) troops (this was in the Binh Long province).

Well, one day we were clearing this small village and me (this was my second tour) and two new recruits named Private McLaughlin (from Long Island) and Private Storm (from Wyoming) and another guy on his first tour (but had been in Vietnam for a few months) PFC Romano (from San Fran) had to clear this small hut.

Anyway, we break down the door, and Storm walks in first and gets shot immediately (in the stomach). McLaughlin just sprays the inside of the house, but when he runs out of ammo, he drops his gun and just runs inside the hut. (McLaughlin was a stupid hothead and was best friends with Storm so I think he went inside the hut to drag him out.)

Well, me and Romano were at the bottom of the staircase heading up to the hut (we had ducked when the first round of fire broke out). Well now were hauling ass up the stairs after McLaughlin because he just charged into a house without his goddamn weapon. Well, we hear screaming and when we enter the house we see McLaughlin in hand to hand fight with this NVA soldier. We can’t shoot because him and McLaughlin are constantly shifting positions and we don’t want to shoot McLaughlin.

I start screaming at McLaughlin to let go of him and get away so I can shoot him (Romano went to storm and dragged him out of the hut). But McLaughlin wasn’t listening and was just screaming all this shit like “Fuck you, you goddamn gook!” and all this other shit at the top of his lungs so he couldn’t hear me.

Well he ends up pulling out his bayonet to stab the guy, but then he grabs on to McLaughlin’s throat. Then McLaughlin tries to stab him in the throat but just gets him in the shoulder and they both collapse. I still can’t shoot because McLaughlin is blocking my view. I can see the NVA soldier’s hangs gouging at McLaughlin’s eyes though. McLaughlin just starts stabbing like with so much rage and venom and is screaming like a madman. The NVA soldier is screaming too. By this time another group of guys had come into the hut with all the commotion.

Well McLaughlin is just starts slashing the guys throat and face for a few seconds before the NVA soldier finally dies. McLaughlin keeps stabbing him though and hitting him and finally we guys have to pull him of this corpse that looks like a Jack the Ripper victim. His throat and face were practically cut open; his chest was just tomato juice. Even I couldn’t look at it for more than a few seconds.

I later slapped McLaughlin for being a fucking idiot and putting himself and other men in danger by charging into the house without a firearm. McLaughlin ended up being a total nutcase and I think that one killing really messed him up. He became way to violent and unpredictable and after 3 months he got a court martial for stabbing another soldier. Storm survived though he never came back to Vietnam. No idea what happened to either of them after Vietnam.”


7. A guy who had jumped off of the pool deck of a hotel landed about five feet away from me.

“I was doing security at a celebration for the Indianapolis Colts and was walking through an alley downtown when a guy who had jumped off of the pool deck of a hotel landed about five feet away from me. I stood in shock for a few seconds and then walked over to him. He had a compound fracture of his leg but it wasn’t gory at all, just a bit of bone sticking out of the skin. There was a small stream of blood going from his head towards the curb.

Maybe 30 seconds later, a few policemen and my supervisor came running around the corner and took over. It affected me pretty badly for about 24 hours, but then the news broke that he was a child molester who jumped when the cops were closing in on him. The moment I heard that, I was fine. It was like it never happened….Seeing it bothered me. It was weird how much less when I found out just who and what he was. I’ve often wondered what that says about me….I think it just dehumanized him for you, because he was clearly a monster.

Human, too, of course… but the mind likes to categorize.”


8. My dad had a heart attack and died right in front of me while I sat strapped in that highchair.

“mom and dad were cooling off after an argument. My dad was giving me lunch in my highchair—I was almost 3 years old.

My mom was in another room of the house and was giving my dad the silent treatment.

My dad had a heart attack and died right in front of me while I sat strapped in that highchair. My mom has no idea how long he’d been dead for by the time she heard me screaming and crying….

I had a strange fascination with death after that. I would have panic attacks and have what I believe were psychogenic seizures. I’d just blackout when I thought about death too much.”


9. His upper body was dangling down and his lower half was trapped in the mangled metal.

“It was 9/11/16. I was going to the airport to pick up my wife. As we pass one of the parking lots the car in front of me slams on its brakes. I throw up my arms like, wtf. At that point, my eight-year-old daughter says to me, ‘Daddy, that plane just crashed.’

I look to my left and sure enough, a small plane was crashed in the parking lot 50 yards from us. I immediately pulled over and told my daughter to wait in the car. I bolted out and headed towards the crash. A handful of people were in the vicinity kind of in shock. I have some first responder training and felt like I had to help if I could.

I was the first one to approach the crash. The plane was upside down and there was airplane fuel everywhere. Cars were smashed all around it. I foolishly stood in fuel as I assessed the situation. I’m not proud of that.

The first person I saw must have been the pilot. His upper body was dangling down and his lower half was trapped in the mangled metal. I yelled out to him, ‘Can you hear me? Do you need help?’ No response.

I moved the other side of the plane where I saw the second person. A woman, handcuffed, dangling much in the same way as the pilot. She was also dead.

As a peeked my head around the crumpled metal I found the third and final person. He was in the worst shape of all.

That day changed my life. I had always wondered how I would respond to something like that. One part of me is relieved I didn’t shy away. I went right up to the front line to help. The other part of me wonders what would have happened had a spark lit that fuel…”


10. It was the sound of his head smacking the ground that is truly haunting.

“Circa 2014. Where I’m from we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day pretty heavy here, a huge parade tons of drinking early in the morning, the whole nine yards. Well some friends and I met up around 4 blocks from where the parade started at about 11am usually the parade starts around 2PM. After we finished up the pre-game at my friend’s house we decided to catch the metro rail to the parade. Well where I’m from St. Patty’s day is a huge drinking fest so the terminal was jam packed with drunk people waiting to get on, so we waited about a solid 15 minutes to catch a rather empty train. Skip forward about 20 minutes and we arrive at terminal B to arrive at the parade. We all get off the train and we see a group of about 10 EXTREMELY drunk people goofing around on the escalators. Running around goofing around when one of the kids says ‘I’m going to beat you guys to the bottom!’ and jumps off of the escalator. I am confident the gentleman did not know how high the escalator actually was. long story short, it was about 30-40 feet high. The man fell head first. It was to this day the worst and most disgusting sound I have ever had the displeasure of hearing. A pool of blood surrounded the guy’s head. There was one security guard in the terminal frantic as could be calling for police and the group of friends was absolutely devastated. Screaming frantically the group of friends tried to approach the guy lying in his own pool of blood, the security guard assured the group of friends they didn’t want to see the guy in the condition he was in. I’m 90% sure the man died that day. I walked by the lifeless body on the way out of the terminal and the side of the man’s face looked rather flat against the ground. It was the worst thing I’ve ever saw in my life. It ruined the rest of my friend groups day and we ended up heading home early all slightly buzzed instead of hammered as per usual. I have not attended the parade since….

This is something I will NEVER forget. Like I said it was the sound of his head smacking the ground over everything that is truly haunting. The sound of a sack of potatoes hitting the ground is probably the most accurate.”


11. I saw red on the floor and her eyes closed.

“Back at my first ever job at a dollar store in a not so good area of town, it was me and my night manager working the night shift and five minutes before closing, and locking the door; two of our regular customers walked in to buy snacks for a movie night after they left we were gonna lock up count the drawers go home. Simple run of the mill night. It was the slowest day we ever had, as the customers were checking out another man walked in with a sweater wrapped around his head. My first thought was ‘Wow he must be really hot in the 98 degree Texas night.’ And then he pushed his way to the front and the gun came up and was less than a foot from my face and he said ‘Open the drawer.’ I took a step back said I don’t know how to (I knew but I figured if I did it I outlived my usefulness and boom no more Tonito) my manager tells him ‘Don’t point it at him he doesn’t know how.’ She came round and opened hers with the guy following behind her. At this time one of the customers turned out to be a CHL holder drew on the robber and fired. If I didn’t duck 5 seconds before who knows what would’ve happened. A small gunfight ensued. 30 seconds later when I got my hearing back I asked my manager ‘What do we do now?’ I got no response. I figured she was deaf from the shots. I asked again while moving closer. I saw red on the floor and her eyes closed. I tapped her to ask if she’s okay and she collapsed. Bullet hit her heart, (come to find out it was the customer’s bullet that killed her) and that was that. Less than 5 minutes before all of this we were talking about her first-year wedding anniversary and the gifts she was going to get her husband. It’s been six years I still have nightmares about it. Only good thing about this is that I found the job I love which led me to the woman I love.”


12. The brick hit him straight in the head, and he dropped like a sack of potatoes.

“Walking home from school aged 12. Some of the rougher lads in my year were forever roughing up this one lad, pure bullying like. On that day, they chased after him. I was a pretty geeky introvert and walking with my equally geeky friend so we’re just walking hoping the rougher tougher lads didn’t take exception to us.

They chased him about a hundred yards ahead and sort of had him on the ground. Giving him a bad time like kicking and hitting. Not majorly beating his ass but must have been horrible for him. They got bored and let him go.

He jumped up crying and ran off like a shot. Thinking it was done the rough lads swaggered off, when all of a sudden the lad they had beaten up came running down the road and launched a house brick at the group of them. It hit this one last straight in the head, and he dropped like a sack of potatoes.

The lad who threw the brick ran off and everyone went into absolute panic trying to wake the unconscious lad up. Being 12 no fucker knew what to do…some staff from a nearby care home came out and tried CPR, but he was dead.”


13. I looked down and blood splatters were on my arm, shirt, and cigarette.

“I was standing in a gated smoking area at the back of a bar one Saturday night. I was smoking and talking to a friend and random people when out of the corner of my eye I could see two guys walking up from a parking lot outside of the gated area. I didn’t think too much about it because I was tipsy and no fights or aggressive behavior was occurring that night. When the two guys got to the gate, which was waist height, they climbed over and just stood there. At that time, I thought they were sneaking in to avoid the cover, then calmly one of them walked up to some guy in the crowd and shot him in the back of the head behind the ear. The only thing I could compare it to was a streaming blood fountain from the nose, mouth, and bullet exit (maybe). They guy didn’t drop like the movies, it seemed like an eternity but was problem only a few seconds, he stood there with 80’s style special FX blood spraying the smoking area. EVERYONE ran, except for me. I was in complete shock and stood there eyes wide. I remembered going to put the cigarette in my mouth when I tasted something funny. I looked down and blood splatters were on my arm, shirt, and cigarette.

I scrubbed myself that night like you see in the movies where someone feels they can’t get clean. I couldn’t get the image of the bloody cigarette and taste out my mind for a couple days.”


14. I saw that day how easy it was to kill, be killed, and how fast you could die.

“A friend and I had been mowing yards most of the day, we were in high school. He could buy beer. We stop at the store and I noticed a car parked on the side of the store. A man in the car was yelling at a woman inside the car. We got our beer and my friend lived three houses away and we sat on the porch cooling down having a beer. The car sped away from the store and went out of sight. In a couple of minutes it was back. The yelling continued. The woman got out of the car and the car sped away again. I thought that was strange. There was a side street that started right across from my friend’s porch. The car turns onto that street and stops on the wrong side of the street in front of a house set back from the street a little bit. The man in the car opens the door and steps out, he’s standing in between the car door and the seat yelling at the house now. He’s yelling in Spanish so I couldn’t understand what was being said. A man comes out of the house, he’s not saying anything back to the yelling man. the man turns around and goes back into the house. My friend and I think that’s the end. In about 20 seconds the guy comes back out, levels a 22 revolver at the man at the car, fires once, sees the man drop, and goes back into the house. My friend and I can’t believe what we just saw. We cautiously make our way over to the man lying in the street. No one comes to the house door so we check on the man at our feet. I stoop down and no pulse. He’s got one tiny hole in his temple. A tiny trickle of blood about two inches long runs out of the hole. That’s it he’s dead. No pulse, he’s not breathing, no moaning, just nothing. We sat there with him till the cops came. We said we heard the shot and saw the guy walk away into the house and that’s it. We didn’t say we saw it all. The man in the house admitted what he did. The cops let us leave and we went back to the porch. My friend understood Spanish. He told me that the parts he could hear were about infidelity. We finish our beer and watch what went on for about an hour while we finish our beers. The whole thing from store to dead didn’t take 5 minutes. I saw that day how easy it was to kill, be killed, and how fast you could die. I’m in my mid 50’s now and I remember it like it happened an hour ago. All I’m going to say is It changed me. I think I was 16.”


15. He got totally creamed by an oncoming Mack truck.

“My dad was driving me home from school when I was 10-ish. We were the front-most vehicle stopped at a red light when we saw a motorcycle turn into the intersection and get totally creamed by an oncoming Mack truck. Traffic stopped and people ran out of their cars to help him, but his motorcycle was pinned under the truck’s grill with him still on it. A squad car promptly showed up and one of the officers started waving traffic through the intersection, so we ended up leaving before we saw the ambulance arrive.

We read in the news that the poor cyclist died at the scene.”


16. The kid was unconscious, bleeding from both ears and his nose, and he didn’t have a tooth in his mouth anymore.

“I was in Aruba vacationing in the summer of 95. Chilling out at Eagle Beach. So I see a Seadoo with a kid at the controls and dad riding shotgun. They’re going at quite some speed and are looking and waving at mom who was standing next to me, filming them with a Handycam. So I see a speedboat slowly leaving shore and it’s evident he’s gonna cross paths with the Seadoo. I scream and wave at the Seadoo pointing ahead of them, but they still don’t look ahead. The boat (about 20 feet with a huge outboard) slams into reverse but a second later the Seadoo collides into its portside. The collision was so hard, the boat got lifted almost vertically in the water. Kid flew off the Seadoo and slammed his head/face into the boat. Mom’s screaming, probably filmed the whole accident. Next thing I know, the watersports rental guys jumped on wave runners and raced to the scene. They grabbed the kid by his life jacket and lifted him onto a wave runner and rushed back to shore. No regard for safeguarding his c-spine, but it was all out panic. They land right next to me and lay the boy on shore….Unconscious, bleeding from both ears and his nose and he didn’t have a tooth in his mouth anymore. Dad came to shore on the other WaveRunner. The collision was so hard that his swimming trunks got ripped off his body. Dude’s standing there naked except for the life jacket and screaming desperately at his son to wake up. They finally lifted the kid on a lounge bed, pushed him in a pickup truck and rushed to the hospital. But to no avail.

I think the kid died on impact. And if he hadn’t, they probably killed him when they hoisted him on the WaveRunner like that.

My buddy almost fainted. I was shocked and very, very saddened because of the whole situation. The parent ‘s cries where just heartbreaking.”


17. I saw a flaming man fall a good distance from the airplane wreck and splatter in the field.

“Was in the back seat of a car going down the highway saw a small plane that I thought was dropping flares. He suddenly starts gaining altitude real quick and the cockpit engulfs in flames, engine stalled and it starts to fall real quick. Plane crashes into a field on the side of the freeway and theirs a huge ass fireball. Pulled over and a bunch of people ran over with fire extinguishers to try and stop the flames. Their looking for the pilot and couldn’t find him. Right after they say he’s not in the wreck we hear yelling and a flaming man falls a good distance from the wreck and splatters in the field.

It was literally right off the side of the freeway like 50 feet. After it stalled he jumped out when it started falling no chute but the engine came back and it just dove faster than he did.

News article.”


18. I had never seen anything so terrible.

“My mom owned a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant when I was in high school, and I spent my weekends working there. Other than me, she had only two other employees—a young married couple, Hope and Jackson. After working with us for a year, Hope was diagnosed with stomach cancer and over the next few weeks we watched her waste away. She became emaciated when she could barely handle the pain of her all-liquid diet. It was like a battle between starvation and the cancer, as far as what was going to take her in the end.

Hope insisted she keep working for my mom to take her mind off things, but eventually she was placed in hospice when she became too weak. One day while I was working with my mom, she got a call from Jackson who could say nothing, only sob into the phone. My mom closed up the place and we rushed to where Hope was in hospice. I thought she had died already, but when we got out of the car I realized I was wrong. We could hear her from the parking lot. Unearthly shrieks slapping their echoes against the surrounding brick.

Hope screamed for two hours. She screamed until her voice was gone, and she still kept trying to scream—a raspy, hollow, breathy sound, like a death rattle that wouldn’t quit. Her eyes rolling, her gaunt face drawn tight against her skull and the veins in her neck straining from the force of her silent screams. Her bloody bile gathered at the corners of her mouth and ran down her chin and neck. I was horrified—I had never seen anything so terrible. They pumped her full of morphine but it didn’t seem to affect her. She screamed until the very end, out of her mind with the pain. After two hours, she was gone.

She was only 24 years old. Ten years later, I am now 24 years of age. I think about her all the time.”


19. It didn’t make sense to see a human body in so many pieces.

“When I was in grad school circa 2011 I would commute to school on the train. There were two sets of rails going each direction; the slower commuter lines on the outside and faster bullet trains on the inside.

We pulled into a station one morning, probably around 8:00am, and people were shuffling on. I was already seated and staring out the window at the opposite side of the tracks, where this older-middle aged woman was sitting on a bench. As I’m watching, the lady stands up and starts walking onto the tracks. She gets to the inner track and stops.

A few seconds later, a bullet train whizzes by.

It’s difficult to describe really what I saw. It didn’t make sense to see a human body in so many pieces. I was studying anatomy at the time, and was able to identify bits of her lungs, intestines, arms, legs, jaw, eyes, etc. all spread out over a dozen or so meters, as well as innumerable chunks of fleshy God-knows-what.

A lot of people on the train saw, and everyone got really quiet. One man said, “Shouldn’t we help her?”

A moment later, our train started moving and we left the station. I went to class and but didn’t really talk much for the next week. I can still see that woman’s face like it was yesterday, both intact and spread out all over the tracks.”


20. It was the first time I’d ever seen a dead body and for a couple of days I felt like I was floating.

“When I was 19 I worked the graveyard shift at a gas station. We were located on a very busy street that was home to a lot of bars and clubs. On this particular evening one of my 3 of my friends stopped bought some donuts and stopped by to hang out with me.

Shortly after 2 AM, we saw a crash. A huge Ford truck had t-boned a tiny four door sedan. Two of the four girls inside the car died instantly in the crash one was unconscious. We went outside, called 911 and tried to keep the other girl calm. Her screams are what haunt me to this day. She was begging her friend not to die, and would talk to her about random things only to realize after a couple of seconds that her friend was dead. She did this a couple of times and her screams were heartbreaking. The girl who hit them was trying to turn her car on to get away but a homeless man who I had befriended grabbed her out of her truck and kept her there. She was crying and begging the homeless man to let her go because she didn’t want to go to jail. It was the first time I’d ever seen a dead body and for a couple of days I felt like I was floating. Like nothing really was happening to me, like I was just living but not really there.

A couple of weeks later 1 of the 2 girls who survived came into the store to thank me and my friends for calling 911 so quickly and keeping her company. Apparently, they had just left a bar and the driver was the only one who hadn’t had a drink that night. They were celebrating, she had just secured a new job and was gonna be on a plane the next Monday to go to her new home. The girl who hit them was a 22-year-old, she was drunk and speeding. I don’t know what kind of sentence she got but I told the officer that took my statement that she was trying to leave.

Don’t drink and drive, love those who you love, they might not be there the next second.

I found the local newspaper article for the crash. I think maybe I may have just made up in my mind that they were instantly dead. I don’t remember a lot after the authorities got there but here’s the article. As proof I guess.

News article.”


21. I held his lifeless hand, spoke my last words to him, and left the room.

“When I was younger, my grandfather was terminally ill. (I don’t remember the illness because I was so young, and I don’t really talk to my family much anymore for certain reasons, so I haven’t asked) But I distinctly remember his final day. He was in his death bed, completely calm. But then he started spasming wildly. My family heard the commotion and bolted to his room and began spouting prayers and religious banter as this was happening. I could see blood in his mouth so I think he started to regurgitate blood as well. After a minute or so, the spasm had stopped and he was gone. I held his lifeless hand, spoke my last words to him, and left the room. It was a very traumatizing experience, but I have healed since then.”


22. His clothes were all over the road and there was a ton of blood.

“I was about 12 and I lived on a private road located off of a relatively busy road. My parents asked me to go get the mail which was located by the busy road. When I got down to the end of our private road I noticed a teenage boy (17ish) walking. I quickly hid in the edge of the woods surrounding our private road because it wasn’t normal to see people walking by our road (pretty rural area).

I watched the boy stop and watch the cars passing by for a minute. Just as I was about to turn around and leave the boy jumped in front of a van. The van managed to stop miraculously and the boy screamed. The boy looked and quickly jumped in front of a semi coming in the next lane. I’ll never forget the sight of him getting run over. His clothes were all over the road and there was a ton of blood. His leg was basically detached from his body.

I was young and wasn’t sure what to do so I just ran home and pretended I didn’t see anything. I felt really guilty because I felt like I should’ve stopped him somehow. I blamed myself for being scared of a stranger and hiding in the woods. We were supposed to have dinner at my grandmas that night, but couldn’t because they shut down the road for aero med.

The boy actually survived. He told everyone it was an accident and he was just trying to cross the road when walking home from a friend’s. Even if I hadn’t seen him jump, his story doesn’t make sense. There is no logical reason he would cross there at that part of the road. Everyone believed him though. They made this care page with updates that I followed for months. When they stopped updating that I started looking at his Facebook. He’s in a wheelchair now with brain damage. It took him years to fully recover. The whole experienced kind of fucked me up. I got diagnosed with an anxiety disorder pretty soon after it happened, but I still haven’t talked about it with anyone (I’m 19 now).”


23. I watched my grandfather fall 400 feet down Mount Hood.

“TLDR: Watched my Grandpa fall to his death, used the trauma to motivate me to continue learning Emergency Medicine.

Watched my grandfather fall 400 feet down Mount Hood. Treated him until I needed to call it off. I had been trained and certified as an Emergency Medical Responder and Advanced Wilderness First Aid, so I treated him like any other patient. But, no matter how much medical training I go through, I’ll never feel like I did enough.

The hardest part was covering him up with a space blanket, and leaving him behind. It’s hard to leave someone behind after they spent a good chunk of their life teaching you and mentoring you.

It was 2 years ago last Sunday, and it still fucks me up sometimes. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a helluva weird thing.

I’ve looked at it as a motivation to keep learning medicine, and I’m currently enlisted in the US Army as a 68W combat medic with Airborne. I start BCT in August.

Horrific stuff happens, but you just gotta roll with the punches.

Thanks for asking, talking about it really helps me through it.

The most accurate report of the event.”

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