37 Girls Describe The One Thing That Will Make Them Instantly Lose Interest In A Guy

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1. Terrible kissers.

“Terrible kisser who takes absolutely no guidance. Really, just being terrible at anything sexual without listening to guidance. At that point is becomes clear you’re only there for your pleasure.”


2. Dick pics.

“Please don’t send me dick pics, especially if I’ve already told you not to. I’m not going to masturbate to it and I’m not interested in seeing it. Had one guy in particular repeatedly offer to send me a dick pic, I politely said no every time and he eventually ended up sending one anyway. I blocked him after that.”


3. If you’re an idiot, goodbye.

“If he’s an idiot. I don’t care how handsome you are. If you’re an idiot, goodbye.”


4. If he lives with his parents.

“The ultimate loss of lady boner…living with your parents.”


5. Fucked up-teeth.

“Fucked up-teeth. Oral hygiene is important, folks.”


6. Cargo shorts.

“Cargo shorts. Just no.”


7. Talking about poop, farts, bodily functions, etc.

“Talking about poop, farts, bodily functions, etc. It’s just so gross to me and when you talk about it I imagine you doing it, and that is just not attractive in the least.”


8. When he disses all my interests.

“The main thing for me that makes my interest in a dude go from a 100 to zero is dissing all of my interests. It’s like conversing with a disinterested hipster. I mean, have you ever had a conversation that literally had the other person putting down everything you said from favorite movies to favorite muffins? It’s almost akin to one-upping. ‘Oh, so you like basketball? Basketball is so boring, football is better!’

I get that people have different preferences but damn. Once I said ‘It’s a pretty nice day out today, a little windy but I can manage,’ and had a dude spend five minutes ‘correcting’ me about how this is actually horrible weather and blah blah blah. I can’t imagine being in a relationship with someone who’ll always put my likes and interests down.”


9. When he thinks he’s an expert on everything.

“Him thinking he’s an expert on everything. I really appreciate when a guy isn’t afraid to say, ‘I don’t know.’”


10. If you can’t take care of yourself.

“If you can’t take care of yourself. If you can’t feed yourself or do basic things like laundry and dishes. I feel like that screams, ‘my mom did everything for me and now I need you to.’”


11. A constant need to make fun of others.

“Narcissism, alcoholism, controlling, and a constant need to make fun of others in order to feel better about themselves.”


12. Body odor.

“Body odor. Not as in his man smell, that’s fantastic. But if you can tell it’s been a while since he took a bath then it’s disgusting.”


13. When a guy takes pride in not reading.

“When a guy takes pride in not reading. I get it not everyone reads…but you’re proud of that. Lol wot?”


14. Excessive persistence.

“Excessive persistence. I just posted a comment recently about an ex-BF who stalked me. At my old job I would get hit on a lot and some guys would come by all the time to try to talk to me. One would drive around the location looking in the windows and around the building for me. I have turned him down and then avoided him and had other coworkers help him. I didn’t want the awkwardness. But he kept coming. I had coworkers who told me it just be flattery. No, it is not. I’m thankful none got violent or followed me when I got off work.”


15. When he’s condescending.

“When he’s condescending. Not even in an overt ‘I think women are stupid’ sort of way (obviously that one too, though), but when a guy keeps trying to explain things to me or treats me like I need his help and guidance—I’m an adult, Jesus.”


16. Speaking about other women in a derogatory way.

“Speaking about other women in a derogatory way.”


17. Treatment of animals reveals true character.

“Treatment of animals reveals true character. If you’re sweet and loving to animals, interest is gonna go up. If you kick a dog I will never trust you.”


18. Teasing.

“Teasing. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of playful teasing, but it gets annoying if it’s nonstop or if you tease me about something you know is important to me/I’m insecure about.”


19. Huge ego.

“Huge ego is the problem I run into the most. If 90% of the conversation is about you and how awesome you are, how much money you make, how smart you are, how big your house is, how great a musician you are, etc….I’m not interested. It’s particularly insulting when guys brag about their nice house, salary, job, etc. in a way that makes it obvious they think I probably don’t have those things. I mean, it’s 2017 guys. Yikes.”


20. Clinginess.



21. Complaining or insulting his exes.

“Complaining or insulting his exes. Sharing about his past is one thing, but, continually bringing up the ex to talk about how horrible they are is a turn off for me. Especially if I am just getting to know him.”


22. If he says he has a high IQ.

“Talking about how high their IQs are.”


23. Men that have been babied their whole life.

“Men that have been babied their whole life and don’t know how to be a responsible adult and take care of themselves.”


24. Anger issues.

“Anger issues. Nope. Been there, done that. Not putting myself through that hell again.”


25. Judging other women physically.

“Judging other women physically. If he’s verbally telling me criticisms about an overweight, or maybe even normal, woman’s body type and/or physical flaws, he’s obviously thinking those things about me, too. It will show up abusively later if I let the relationship progress.”


26. Anything mimicking a violent action even if it is in a playful and light way.

“‘Playfully’ slapping my face lightly or taking my hands and making me lightly slap my own face. Really anything along the lines of using his strength against me or anything mimicking a violent action even if it is in a playful and light way. Huge red flag. Not entirely sure why some guys find it funny to demean and humiliate someone they are interested in while showing they are capable of rendering that person helpless.”


27. When they can’t take a joke.

“When they can’t take a joke. I’m a funny girl, I resort to humor. If I have to explain every comment I make or you can’t play along I am completely uninterested.”


28. Complete and utter lack of ambition.

“Complete and utter lack of ambition. Gross lack of personal responsibility. Extremely poor decision-making skills. Bad financial habits. Also, any hint or mention of being a Nice Guy™.”


29. Ignoring boundaries.

“There was a guy in college I was on good terms with. We didn’t know each other well but I could totally see being friends with him in the future. He knew I didn’t like to be hugged. Not only was I not a touchy-feely person in general, I have chronic pain that can sometimes make hugging REALLY unpleasant One day he saw me in the cafeteria. I was in a lot of pain that day. He came over and said, ‘I’m going to hug you.’ A mutual friend told him not to, I told him not to. He did anyway. From then on, no matter what else he did, he was ‘the guy who ignored my boundaries.’ Even platonic interest was completely gone. That one thing completely tanked any relationship we could have had. Boundaries matter, folks.”


30. Bullies.

“Tough guys. Men who are bullies. The guys that talk shit and fuck with others for fun, all that behavior tells me is that they are super insecure and need validation one way or another. Nothing turns me off more than a guy that wants to pick a fight for no reason. Those are also usually the guys that get their asses kicked.”


31. No sense of humor.

“A huge turnoff for me is no sense of humor. I’ve talked to so many guys who can’t just have a good laugh and it makes me really just dislike to be near them.”


32. Bragging about sexcapades.

“Bragging about sexcapades.

Obviously viewing women as less-than, but claiming that you ‘love women.’

Finding women’s rights an inconvenience.

Pretty much any presidential behavior.”


33. Caring too much about his image.

“Caring too much about his image. Making sure he’s seen with the ‘right’ people, wearing the ‘right’ clothes, only going to the ‘right’ bars and clubs. The kind of dude who thinks he’s too cool for school, when in all reality he’s stale from pretending to be someone he likely isn’t. As a self-confident goofball who doesn’t take herself too seriously, I have a really hard time when guys like this hit on me because I feel like I can’t have a real, normal conversation with them. I also find that these types of men are easily threatened when I show any sign of intelligence or independence, and they have a tendency to not understand any of my (light) sarcasm. There’s just nothing appealing there for me.”


34. Interrupting me.

“Interrupting me. Not listening. Looking uninterested or feigning interest. Being rude to their family.”


35. Not holding a steady job.

“Not holding a steady job. I don’t care if you make a lot of money or if your job is prestigious. You can work in fast food for all I care. I don’t even care that much if you live with your parents. But have a job, and go every day. If you don’t have one, you better be looking very seriously. Be an adult and go to fucking work.”


36. Arrogance.

“Confidence is sexy, but arrogance is a deal-breaker for me.”


37. The ‘nice guy’ game.

“The ‘nice guy’ belief. The assumption that if he treats me ‘well,’ I owe him sex/love. That friendship & kindness are all just a way to score enough points to be able to demand entry into my pants. If I watch you only treat people well when you have a sexual interest in them & you treat everyone else like crap, you aren’t a kind person. You’re just another asshole playing a slightly different game.”

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