21 Things Women Need To Stop Complaining About (According To 21 Men)

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Found on AskReddit.

1. The wage gap.

“A nonexistent wage gap. Baby, the only gap you’ve got is the only reason men speak to you.”


2. The patriarchy.

“‘The patriarchy’ or ‘society.’ I know several women for whom this is their go-to argument to explain all kinds of stuff, as if it absolves them of all accountability. Society is unfair to everyone in some way. Suck it up, princess. And if you don’t like the patriarchy, run for fucking office. I don’t like it much, either.”


3. Inequality.

“That they don’t get treated equally. You don’t want to be treated equally, keep your female privileges. I’d love for someone to hold the door for me, that shit is polite. If anything everyone gets treated poorly, no love in the world anymore I guess.”


4. The male gaze.

“Women complaining that men look at them sexually—but most of them spend time and money on hair, nails, make-up, and clothes to look as sexy as they can.

Yes, this outfit makes my boobs jump out at you! But you should be looking at my eyes you perv!!!!”


5. Their periods.

“I don’t think that it’s unjustifiably but many women spend a lot of time whining about periods. Especially so on the Internet. We get it. Periods suck, cramps suck, period shits suck, stains suck, feeling like shit sucks. Around the millionth time each day it tends to get slightly repetitive.”


6. Male privilege.

“Male privilege; if anything, women are the privileged ones.”


7. Being oppressed.

“Feminism in 2017 in the Western World. What are you raving about? There are female CEO’s, female politicians, almost a female US president, women are more independent than ever, you are sexually liberated, yet still it’s not enough for some. There is no wage gap, but the wage you negotiate. At least here in Europe. Feminism comes off to me as an identity and a reason to feel inadequate for choices that you’ve made, not that society has made for you.”


8. Catcalling.

“Catcalling. Oh, so you’re an attractive woman? Life must be so hard for you.”


9. Manspreading.

“‘Manspreading.’ It’s very uncomfortable for us to sit with our legs together, and you’ll never know that. Plus, don’t act like you guys never use extra seats for purses and shopping bags. If that’s honestly one of the worst things about men, then that tells me we’re pretty good in life.”


10. Cheating.

“If a man cheats on a woman, he’s a piece of shit.

If a woman cheats on a man, it’s because the man is a piece of shit that can’t attend to his woman’s needs.”


11. Childbirth.

“That they bear children. It’s easier now than ever, imagine giving birth in a grass hut with some guy ready to kill it if it comes out a demon or some shit.”


12. Being held down.

“Their fake oppression. They should how bad Middle Eastern women have it, then they wouldn’t be bitching!”


13. Sexual objectification.

“‘Men are so judgmental. They care so much about a girl’s boobs.’

Listen, lady. First off, literally no one I know gives a rat’s fucking ass. May I tell you about the fucking ‘Oh I want my boyfriend to be so-and-so height’ and ‘Oh he needs to have such-and-such dick size’ shallow bullshit that, oh let’s see. Your friend from work? Friend from your previous work? Friend from school keep talking about? Yeah, you and I both know they have this nonsensical double standard. Fucking drives me up the wall.”


14. Creeps.

“Remember: You’re only a creepy guy if you’re unattractive.”


15. Rape culture.

“Rape culture…Like fucking men group together and plan on their next rape fest.”


16. How it’s a man’s world.

“That it’s a man’s world. It’s a rich person’s world. Different genders, sexualities, cultures, and races suffer differently under the rich.”


17. That there are no ‘good men’ left.

“There are no ‘good men’ left. What am I—chopped liver?”


18. How the dating scene is biased against them.

“Women and basically everything when it comes to dating, going out, etc.
Here’s what it’s like for each gender:

A woman decides to go out to a bar/club. She’s essentially a VIP just because of her gender and will most likely get free drinks and/or gets to skip the queue due to lady’s nights, naturally. All she has to do at this point is sit at the bar and either gets the aforementioned free drinks or watch as a steady stream of men will come up to her, attempt to impress her, and spend money on drinks for her. It’s completely acceptable to pretend to like them just for the fun of it and get them to spend money on her, and then just coldly reject them when she gets bored of that. If the man continues to try and talk to them beyond this point or if he comes off too strong or honestly just dresses incorrectly or isn’t attractive enough for her he is ‘rapey’ and ‘creepy.’

Despite having it so easy you’ll find a lot of women saying how it’s ‘sooo hard being a woman I have to put up with lots of gross guys trying to buy me drinks wahhhh :(((’

Now let’s see how it is for guys:

A guy decides to go to a bar/club. He has to wait in line like other men and has to—gasp—buy his own drinks, he has to constantly find the courage to approach women himself instead of them coming up to him and is expected to do this time and time again and just pick himself back up and soldier on if he’s coldly rejected, women simply cannot understand how vulnerable this makes you and how painful it can be to have to do this. He is expected to pay for drinks for the woman in question. All of the pressure is on him to impress this person; instead of it being an equal exchange it’s more like a peasant bowing down to a queen, trying not to step out of line at any point lest he be deemed creepy.

The whole situation is so much worse for men it’s not even funny; women have very little room to complain. And naturally the only response you’ll get from people to a post like this is ‘lmao look at this bitter virgin’ and other predictable shit, another great example of how easy women have it where in addition to all this expectation and pressure that men have placed on them they’ll be shamed for speaking out against it or not doing it well enough, etc.”


19. How ‘chivalry is dead’ when they’re only attracted to assholes.

“Obligatory ‘chivalry is dead’ comments from women when all they look for are the guys who can treat them the worst.”


20. The toilet seat.

“Putting the fucking toilet seat down. It weighs almost nothing.”


21. Sexism toward women—but never toward men.

“Women complain about equality all the same. Yes, women should be able to vote and work, obviously. And, yes, they still have lots of issues and inequalities. But if you live in a First World country (obviously being a woman in the Middle East is awful) then you are the most valued member of society. You’re the ones with privilege.

It all goes back to basic human society. Women are supposed to be mothers, gatherers, and caregivers. Men are raised to be hunters and warriors. Literally born to kill.

A male can have hundreds of children, whereas each women can only have a couple. A tribe can exist with one male and dozens of females. Because of this, the lives of male are less valuable. Throughout history, men have always been less important. And that still exists.

When there are few seats left on a life boat, males are trained to give up their lives. That’s because they are raised from birth with the concept that they exist to care for, protect, and die for females. Thousands of men die in war and at work, but it’s considered awful, but then again, that’s their job. In World War II, millions of young men, some of which were barely even adults, were shipped off to kill each other in battlefields. Even now, every man over the age of eighteen needs to sign up for a draft (in my country). That means that at any time, you can be forced to kill and die for your country, but your female counterparts don’t have to do the same.

I believe that there is more sexism towards women, but the levels are much lower. Women are objectified and not given the same opportunities, but the less common sexism towards males is far more severe. What would you rather be? Objectified by society, or sacrificed by it?

Need proof? Just the other day I read a news headline that said that 1/3 of homeless people are women. Think about that. Nobody even notices. That’s how deeply ingrained this belief is.

95% of workplace deaths are men, but they still complain about a wage gap. If you want equality, then you can’t pick and choose which parts you like.

When a man dies in combat, it is treated as a sacrifice. As a part of the plan. But if a woman dies, it’s a crime. It’s a tragedy. It’s horrific. Why can’t both be?”

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