Douchebag Flags: 25 Fashion Mistakes That ALL Raging Douches Commit

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1. Tribal tattoos.

“Tribal tattoos.”


2. Truck nuts.

“He drives a pickup truck with dangling balls on the hitch.”


3. Tapout shirt.

“Tapout shirt.”


4. Ed Hardy shirt.

“Ed Hardy shirt.”


5. Fedora. Fedora. Fedora.

“Fedora. Fedora. Fedora.”


6. Man-bun.



7. Spray tan.

“Has a spray tan, brags about himself constantly, assures a crowd of people that his dick isn’t small, refers to himself in third person.”


8. Eyebrow ring.

“Eyebrow ring.”


9. White guy with dreadlocks.

“White guy with dreadlocks. 99% chance he’s a gigantic douche.”


10. Barbed-wire tattoo halfway around the arm.

“Barbed-wire tattoo halfway around the arm. I don’t care who you are, you’re not cool. Just slap a Dewalt sticker on your forehead so we can all ignore you.”


11. UFC shirt.

“UFC shirt.”


12. MAGA hat.

“Wears a MAGA hat.”


13. Soul patch.

“Soul patch.”


14. Backwards hat tilted down so it covers his eyebrows.

“In my experience, backwards hat tilted down so it covers his eyebrows. He knows everything and will fight anyone who doesn’t agree with him.”


15. Drives an H2.

“Had a friend that worked at a custom auto shop. He told me you can stereotype a lot of drivers based on their cars most of the time. Except for anyone that owned a H2. Every single H2 owner he ever met was a raging douche bag.”


16. Drives a car with blinding headlights.

“Drives a car with aftermarket HID/Xeon headlights (the super bright blinding ones). These people don’t put them in the proper enclosures that’s supposed to limit the height of the beams, which makes them blinding to oncoming traffic. Or the people who put their car sound systems on max with their windows down for people in a 5-block radius to hear.”


17. Chinstrap beard.

“Chinstrap beard.”


18. White sunglasses.

“White sunglasses.”


19. Flat-brimmed cap with tags.

“Flat-brimmed cap with tags.”


20. Sleveless hoodie.

“Sleeveless. Hoodie.”


21. Anyone who resembles anything on Guy Fieri.

“Anyone who resembles anything on Guy Fieri (douche hairdo, douche glasses on back of head, douche bowling shirt with fire style applications etc…. )”


22. Wallet on a chain.

“Wallet on a chain.

Shirt with flame pattern.

Baseball cap where he obviously bent the rim really really hard so it’s not flat (like how black folks wear them).

Tattoos featuring naked girls/poker/skulls.”


23. Floral pattern tank top.

“Wears floral pattern tank top or those really low shirts that look like they were made to fit obese pregnant women.”


24. Butt-bedazzled jeans.

“Butt-bedazzled jeans, Latin crosses appliqued to jeans pockets, “cowboy” boots, shirts, and other accessories. Military campaign clothing, or the uniform itself, in bars and restaurants-you’re not fooling anyone, buy your own food and drink like an adult. Watches that Andre the Giant could pull off, shaved eyebrows, deliberately wearing camouflage in public, pointy toed footwear. To name a few of the biggest douchebag flags.”


25. Wearing sandals and shorts while riding a crotch rocket motorcycle.

“Wearing sandals and shorts while riding a crotch rocket motorcycle.”

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