50 Things Guys Should NEVER Do On A First Date (According To The Experiences Of 50 Girls)

44. Don’t complain about everything.

“Complain about everything going on during the date. I mean things like ‘It’s too dark here!’ Or ‘why is it so loud here?’ Or ‘these prices are too expensive!’ (we’re talking about a 12-dollar burger here) very loudly and basically being rude to the staff indirectly. Seriously that’s the fastest way to get a girl to not want to see you again.”


45. Don’t read Blink-182 lyrics aloud to her.

“Do NOT write a poem and read it aloud to the girl. Especially if it’s not your own work. Guy in high school ‘wrote’ me a poem called ‘First Date.’ Let’s just say I heard the exact same Blink-182 lyrics earlier that day. I was not impressed. Just embarrassed.”


46. Don’t forget her name.

“I’m a little late here but please guys, remember the name of your date! This guy changed my name all night and I thought he did it because he didn’t like me but the guy called me later to go on a second date. Just remember the girl’s name, write it in your arm with a Sharpie if you must!”


47. Don’t bring four female friends along with you.

“Don’t take her to the zoo (I love the penguins and it’s free admission) and then invite four of your friends who are all girls. Also don’t walk side by side with these girls like that annoying barricade of slow-walker from high school and make me walking behind your group of 5. At least talk to her too. If she wants to see the penguins, don’t blow her off and insist on the food court the whole time.

Don’t bring your mom on the date, proceed to ignore your date and talk to your mom about the weather.”



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