50 Things Guys Should NEVER Do On A First Date (According To The Experiences Of 50 Girls)

39. Don’t tell her she’s not like other girls.

“Tell me I’m ‘not like other girls….Because you’re immediately comparing me to or pitting me against other girls. It’s a red flag. Also this statement is usually followed by ‘Other girls are ‘crazy’ or ’emotional’ you seem really chill.’ This article explains it well: ‘So while our initial reaction may be to blush, what we quickly realize is the subtext: we’re dating a guy who thinks all girls are sh*t, even if we’re apparently the exception.’”


40. Don’t. Chew. With. Your. Fucking. Mouth. Open.

“Chew. with. your. fucking. mouth. open…”


41. Don’t wear socks and sandals.

“Socks and sandals. I get it, it’s comfortable, but it doesn’t look good.”


42. Don’t accidentally reveal what a pathetic mommy’s boy you are.

“Dudes, clear your Google history or use a different browser if you’re going to show your date something on your computer/iPad.

I went to this guy’s house after a second date, he pulled out his iPad to Google something in order to resolve a friendly debate we were having. I’ll never know if this was 100% real life or just my brain filling in the gaps, but when his recent searches popped up, I swear I read ‘mother-son dependency.” I’m like oh shit I don’t want to embarrass him by letting him know I saw it so I just pretended to be looking around the room and I said ‘Oh, that’s a cool painting!” and he said ‘Thanks, my mom gave it to me.”“


43. Don’t comment on every move she makes.

“Comment on every move I make.

‘Why are you looking at the bread?’ To break your intense freaky non blinking eye contact.

‘You’re playing with your hair ha that’s a good sign’ no it’s a nervous habit cause you’re making me uncomfortable.

‘You can take bigger bites’ motherfucker just let me eat my salad in peace fuck.

‘You seem shy’ you interrupt me whenever I start talking.

All the same dude. Ffs don’t do that.”



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