50 Things Guys Should NEVER Do On A First Date (According To The Experiences Of 50 Girls)

31. Don’t call her ‘woman’ instead of her name.

“Call me ‘woman.’ Did you already forget my name? Is it a weird power thing? I don’t get it.”


32. Don’t sniff her seat when she gets up to use the washroom.

“Don’t sniff my seat when I get up to use the washroom or exit the car.”


33. Don’t answer her phone when she goes to the bathroom.

“Oh where do I begin?

-invite me to your neighborhood to get food only for us to go to your place for you to microwave a chicken breast, put it in a tortilla, and call it a quesadilla (no sauce, nothing)

-proceed to rant about your game of thrones theories for 90 minutes, not allowing me any words in the conversation

-vent about your family drama and how your dad is a leading researcher in HIV treatment and made you do a HIV test and was waiting to give the results back to you

-Answer my phone when I go to the bathroom (didn’t ask and didn’t even tell me it rang)

-play FTL for a solid 2h, not asking me anything and getting sauced on honey whiskey

-call me a solid 6

-introduce me to your neighbor as your girlfriend on the first date while I’m trying to leave

-Also while I’m trying to leave tell me it’s okay, I should stay over at your place because there isn’t a lot of your mother’s jewelry around for me to steal (?!)

If you’re still reading this, this all happened in one bad first date with some guy who seemed normal at work and dude was surprised af that he didn’t get a second date.”


34. Don’t call her ‘sweetie.’

“Call me by a pet name… baby, honey, sweetie, etc.

I don’t know you! Why are you talking to me like we’re close?!

ETA; I’m good with it once we know each other, just not right off the bat. When a guy does this on the first date or in early communication it makes me worried that they think they’ve already got my commitment/consent to a relationship or something.”



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