50 Things Guys Should NEVER Do On A First Date (According To The Experiences Of 50 Girls)

26. Don’t bail and leave her with your extended family.

“He initiates a dinner date. Dinner date ends up being with his extended family. Since he drove us, I get stuck back at his mom’s home with extended family while he disappeared somewhere. I’m not even socially comfortable around my own extended family.”


27. Don’t ask to wear matching outfits.

“Ask to wear matching outfits. I wish I was kidding.”


28. Don’t drive her straight to your place with no warning.

“1) take me to your place. A guy did it once, no warning after we went out to eat. I had to ask where we were driving when I assumed he was talking me back to my car and he drove in the other direction.

2) neg my taste ‘oh you like that sushi place? Well I’ve never heard of it and I know good sushi so the place you’re recommending must suck.’”


29. Don’t wear basketball shorts.

“Don’t ask her a question and then turn your attention to something else. It’s rude and insulting. Also, if she’s going to put in the effort to get dressed up and go on a date with you, at least have the courtesy of leaving your phone in your pocket unless it’s ABSOLUTELY necessary to use it (she should also be doing the same thing). Also, also… If your first date isn’t to go on a hike or play a pickup game of basketball, put some effort into your appearance, i.e. don’t wear basketball shorts.”


30. Don’t keep looking at your watch waiting for your mom to pick you up.

“Him looking at his watch constantly. We met up, he checked his watch. Went to see a movie, he’d check his watch every minute. Asked him if he had anything else planned, he said no. After the movie we were chatting and walking a bit, him still looking at the watch. Really stressed me out. Then his mom came to pick him up and I guess that’s why he’d been looking at the watch, he didn’t want to be late.”



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