50 Things Guys Should NEVER Do On A First Date (According To The Experiences Of 50 Girls)

13. Don’t say how many kids you want and then compliment her hips.

“The first thing you say shouldn’t be how many kids you want and follow up with how much you like my hips.”


14. Don’t ask for oral on a blind date.

“Had a guy once ask me for oral on a blind date. Needless to say the date ended right there.”


15. Don’t flirt with everyone else.

“Don’t flirt with the waiter. And the girl sitting next to us. And my roommate…”


16. Don’t pretend you forgot your wallet.

“Say he forgot his wallet when you get to the restaurant and then ask if you can pay for the tow truck when his car won’t start. Turns out it was how he got things fixed—he was beautiful to look at and a total turd. Oh, and, no, I didn’t pay for his tow. He did get a free meal of out me.”


17. Don’t wear toe shoes.

“One time, a guy asked me out and showed up in those toe shoes. Didn’t realize it was at the top of my ‘no no’ list until it happened.”


18. Don’t fat-shame your date.

“He told me if I lost 10 lbs. he’d marry me and make me bear his children, but only if I lost some weight first…”



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