39 Cheaters Confess Why They Did It

39 Cheaters Confess Why They Did It

10. It helped my self-esteem enough to give me the confidence to leave my abuser.

“Woman here, was in an abusive relationship that I was frightened to end. Confided in a close friend and we had a short-lived intimate relationship that showed me how kind and respectful people can be and helped my self-esteem enough to give me the confidence to leave my abuser.

I am so thankful that I slept with that friend, it turned my life around for the better.”


11. I lost all attraction to my ex (little to begin with).

“I lost all attraction to my ex (little to begin with). Didn’t brush his teeth, didn’t want to work out with me, cried a lot over nothing, didn’t shower sometimes or forget to wear deodorant. Then wanted to cuddle or have sex and get mad at me for being disgusted by him because his dick would smell bad….

So after 2 years of that I met my current boyfriend we were friends at first but the attraction was definitely there. At first I just really wanted to fuck him but then I fell for him. Tried to suppress that shit given my ex tried to kill me for talking to my female friends but thought … fuck it.

We were talking one night and I guess he got me to admit that my ex was abusive. He at first didn’t want to be a home wrecker but the ‘fuck it I want you’ though was his too and holy shit… I knew I wasted 5 years of my life but my current boyfriend showed me everything I was missing.

Then I planned out to get my shit together and leave, he tried to kill me again and stalked me for a while but I think he’s stopped. We are hundreds of miles away so I feel better about it.

Was it right? Probably not, do I care … nope.”


12. I was in a bad marriage.

“I was in a bad marriage. He refused to get a job and was an emotionally abusive man and always blaming me for the problems we were having. (the big problem was we didn’t have enough money) I suffer from depression and due to all of this fighting it was getting worse.

Out at a gathering of friends I meet a guy and he’s funny and we have lots in common and it was a start of something. And I cheated. I told this guy that I was married and that I was conflicted but he said he wouldn’t push me and that he was interested in me, but wouldn’t do anything I wasn’t comfortable with. But I did it and he was so different from my selfish husband.

This guy helped me get the guts to leave my husband. I told him that I wanted a divorce soon after and this new guy helped me in any way he can. I’m still with him over 4 years later.

I know that what I did wasn’t the best way to go about it. I know I hurt my husband when he found out that I had been cheating, but finding the right person to get me out of the situation and finding someone who really cares about me is the real story.”


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