27 Hot Techniques That Will Immediately Improve Your Boring Sex Life

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1. Let a girl sit on your face while she reads a book or plays video games.

“Letting a girl sit on your face while she reads a book or plays video games. Just me?”


2. Take a really deep breath right before you orgasm.

“Right before you both get off, take a really deep breath. The extra oxygen goes straight to your brain and makes your orgasm about 2x more intense.

You are all welcome. Enjoy falling off the bed.”


3. Order a pizza and then have sex before it arrives.

“Beat the pizza.

There’s something alluring about racing against a clock, and your reward is an orgasm and then pizza.”


4. Have your partner drink some hot water, then get them to give you oral.

“This works best on guys but anyway have your SO drink some hot water, not too hot to burn them obviously; but the hotter the better! then get them to give you oral.

Once your parts are all nice and hot from the water. get them to drink ice cold water. The water will make their mouths all cold now. If they did oral again due to the difference in temperature it will be a weird, sensitive and for me very pleasurable.

Give it a shot!”


5. Eat the booty like a turkey Lunchable.

“Eating the booty like a turkey Lunchable.”


6. Soft choking while fucking.

“Gender biased here, not saying guys wouldn’t enjoy it, just saying from personal experience.

Every girl I’ve ever been with enjoys a soft choking and with that same hand use your 4 fingers to grasp the back of her neck and shove your thumb into her mouth and make her suck on it while you fuck her.100% suck sess rate, and they always love it, and you can use her spit on your finger to stimulate her clit when she’s done giving your thumb fellatio.”


7. Candlelight.

“Candlelight. I think people seriously underestimate the power of good mood lighting.

One smaller candle on the bedside is enough, you don’t need to go crazy or anything.”


8. Make a tent out of your duvet cover.

“Make a tent by putting a fan in one end of your duvet cover so it blows up like a big balloon then fucking in it.”


9. A slow, deliberate, detail-oriented pubic massage.

“A slow, deliberate, detail-oriented pubic massage. Not a handjob/fingerblast, but an actual massage. Loosen up all those tense muscles down there, and take your time. I guarantee you will both be rock hard/dripping wet by the end, and the sex afterwards will be astounding. It’s now my wife’s favorite thing, and there’s nothing sexier than hearing her purr, “Baby, will you give me a massage?” Oh hell yes I will.”


10. Let yourself be used as a fuck toy.

“Being turned into a fuck toy. Men and women both, just let yourself go. Be a perfect subby toy and let someone use you. Trust me on this….”


11. Cum through foreplay instead of penetration.

“Instead of getting into the typical routine of foreplay followed by sex, sometimes do just foreplay and explore different things. Me and my S.O. have started taking at least 1 time a week where instead of sex, we have fun with foreplay (i.e. oral, non-penetration etc). That way it mixes things up and you avoid getting into any sort of boring routine.”


12. Start with mild impact play and see where it goes.

“Start with mild impact play and see where it goes.

Not like slapping her/him in the face or anything, but some restraining, smacking softer areas on the body, building up a little sting.

There are a lot of nerve endings that get extra sensitive with a little pain, so take advantage of that and use them to their fullest.

If you want to try pushing things a little further, slower and heavier ‘thuddy’ things can get those same feelings deeper in your body.”


13. Let your girl play with your ass.

“Let your girl play with your ass especially during blowjobs. You won’t regret it and for the prude ones: It’s impossible to have a ‘gay’ interaction with a girl.”


14. Anal beads for men.

“I’m a dude and I can take a string of anal beads up my asshole like a champion.

There’s nothing quite like blowing a hot load of babies down a girl’s throat while she rips on that cord like she’s trying to start an old lawnmower.”


15. Make your own porno.

“Making your own porno. But ONLY if you are with someone you completely trust not to share on the Internet. Either that, or wear a masquerade mask the whole time.”


16. Take a romantic bubble bath with your partner right before sex.

“I highly suggest romantic bubble baths with your partner before sex. It’s a great way to relax, freshen up, and introduce your rubber ducky collection before having sex.”


17. Consensual non-consent.

“So this is definitely not going to be for everyone, my wife for instance wants no part of this, but I did have a girlfriend once who loved rape fantasy. She wanted me to sneak up behind her at various times of the day and pretend I just broke into her house. She would fight me tooth and nail and I would have to (with her actually struggling) get her clothes off and fuck her into submission. She would usually keep struggling till she was really good and wet and then would play the “God this shouldn’t feel so good, fuck me harder” card. It was pretty hot sex. Or maybe I’m just sick bastard. I would never think of actually raping someone but it was a pretty hot turn on for us both.”


18. Outdoor, public sex = greatest sex ever!.

“Take it outside of the bedroom. More specifically, take it outside. Find somewhere public but private at the same time. Maybe there is a bike trail through the woods so you walk for a bit and then go off path into the woods and find a place secluded enough to have some fun. Outdoor, public sex = greatest sex ever!”



19. Flavors!

“Flavors! Lubes, body oils, grocery baking section (vanilla extract and such), whip cream, flavored body paint, etc.”

— Caffeinexo

20. Turn off all the lights, and I mean ALL.

“Turn off all the lights, and I mean ALL. Making sure there is no light pollution seeping in around the windows and you are totally sensory deprived. Then both shower so you are as soft and as warm as you can possibly be and get under the covers in absolute pitch black. The feeling as you kiss and moan and start to pump your bodies together and everything starts to get wet and hard, but you can see absolutely nothing will make things ten times as erotic, especially once you slide inside but can’t see your lover literally two inches in front of your face.”


21. Blindfolded sex.

“Blindfolded sex.

It’s hard to explain, but it’s amazing. You have to rely on your partner’s body instead of visual cues, and it’s nice to grope your way into various positions that you like. There’s a closeness that comes from not being able to see. It’s crazy how good it can feel.

Of course there’s a risk of falling off the bed, but be careful or find a different/safer place to do it.”


22. Nails in your back while fucking.

“Nails in your back while fucking – like, make you bleed from nails going down your back.

Never thought I’d be in to it, and the sheets looked like a murder scene the next day, but holy shit that’s a turn on.”


23. Gently finger her butthole while you’re giving her ora.

“Gently finger her butthole while you’re giving her oral. Do it. Trust me.”


24. Rope play.

“I’m always a fan of ropes. It can add a very intense sense of intimacy before anything truly erotic even starts. It’s a lot easier to convince a long time partner to participate, but thumbs up if you can tie up a stranger on a first date.”


25. “When you SO gets out of the shower, offer to lather him/her up with body oil or some sort of moisturize.

“When you SO gets out of the shower, offer to lather him/her up with body oil or some sort of moisturizer. Can sometimes lead to sexy fun time.”


26. Gooch lick.

“Two words…GOOCH LICK.”


27. Kidney punches.

“Apparently punching someone in the kidney makes them tighten their vaginal muscles. Not sure if it was the act of being punched suddenly or the actual kidney is involved somehow…nor can I actually verify personally if it did work, since I was the one being punched. We investigated because we heard it and it was hilarious and he couldn’t believe it actually worked.

Moral of the story: Excuse to punch your girlfriend, for science. May or may not make her tighter for a moment.”

—killmonday Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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