25 Men Confess What They Envy About Women

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1. Five extra years of life.

“Five extra years of life.”

2. Low chance of baldness.

“Not having a high chance of balding in their 30s.”

3. Multiple orgasms.

“Multiple orgasms.”

4. Better restrooms.

“There is a couch in the woman’s restroom at work.”

5. Multiple erogenous zones.

“Kinda wonder what having more than one sexually sensitive spot is like.”

6. If a woman hits a man, nobody cares.

“If a woman hits a man, nobody cares. Maybe she even gets cheered. If I hit a woman, I’d go to jail for assault, and everyone would hate me.”

7. The ability to blame your shitty behavior on PMS.

“The ability to treat people like shit, then 2 days later claim it was PMS and know all is forgiven.”

8. Expressing your emotions is seen as empowering rather than weak.

“When a woman expresses her emotions it’s considered empowering. When a man expresses his emotions, it’s considered potentially actionable.”

9. I like how girls can hang on each other and it’s not gay.

“Even though I’ve been led to believe all female interactions with each other are fake, I like how girls can hang on each other and it’s not gay. I wouldn’t want to be that close to certain guys all the time, but if I want to give a guy a hug I’m usually met with a weird look and a ‘back off bro’ attitude.”

10. Cheaper car insurance.

“Being able to go out for cheap to clubs/bars.

Cheaper car insurance.

A defensive rather than offensive approach to dating.

Having more people help you if you are in need.”

11. Yoga pants!

“I wish I could wear yoga pants anywhere not just when my girlfriend is at work.”

12. A life that’s gloriously free of random boners.

“Not getting random boners.”

13. No pressure to be a ‘success object.’

“Not being judged so much by career and accomplishments.”

14. Being able to play with boobs whenever they want.

“Being able to play with boobs whenever they want.”

15. If your feelings get hurt, people actually care.

“If your feelings get hurt, people actually care.”

16. People don’t think you’re a pervert if you work with children.

“As someone that works with children I really don’t like the fact that people treat you with suspicion for being a man.”

17. Women are taken more seriously when they are sexually assaulted.

“Women are taken more seriously when they are sexually assaulted. No one cares when a man is raped or groped as it is expected that we accept any and all sexual attention as we are desperate. Honestly it’s hard to know that some people will go to the ends of the earth to persecute men as rapists when we too face the same experiences.”

18. Having babies.

“Having babies. I want to feel a tiny human growing in me, and no feat of science could ever make that happen.”

19. Presumption of innocence in domestic disputes.

“For women it’s normal to be around children.

And to walk behind someone at night without being thought of as a rapist/murderer.

Not being thought of as a rapist in general.

Not being thought of as violent by default in general.

Getting an apartment as a single woman is far easier than as a single man.

I wish domestic violence cases weren’t biased in favor of women because apparently only men can commit it.

I wish men didn’t get fucked in majority of divorce cases.

Less of a pressure to get a job and be financially successful and fit.

Some of these cases may vary depending on the country, but this is from my experience.”

20. Lower sentences and lack of butt-rape in prison.

“I’d say that being an attractive woman, at the very least in the first 30 years, is like playing life on Easy Mode.

Let’s start off:

Better seen by the teachers, who are themselves mostly women.

Once you get to puberty and you get the itch, you can score, no problem.

Way easier to get rent (women are cleaner and less likely to have a massive death metal festival at the rented place).

Easier to get a job if it’s something related with working directly with clients (this is illegal, but it’s true. If you have two candidates with the same qualification, you’ll pick the woman because she’ll seem nicer and get the clients to like your company more).

Have control over their pregnancy.

Is WAY more believable in cases of rape and/or domestic violence.

Usually get the best parting deal in a divorce.

Lower sentences and lack of butt-rape in prison.

Lower retirement age.

Higher life expectancy.

First to be evacuated.

More cancer research.”

21. If I had a pussy, I’d fuck myself all the time with everything.

“A pussy, if I had one, I would have fucked myself all the time, bananas, cucumbers, electric toothbrush, dildos, EVERYTHING.”

22. Being valued just for existing.

“Being valued just for existing. Women just hold inherent value no matter what they do in life, even if they are not especially good looking, and dumb as a bag of rocks, so long as they aren’t bog troll level they are inherently seen as having value as human beings. That is NOT the case with men. Men have ZERO value other than what they can produce. A man who does not generate value is less than worthless, and is viewed with outright contempt by nearly everyone. Men have to bust their ass their entire lives just to get the slightest bit of respect from anyone, because the second they stop they are basically a steaming pile of shit that no one wants the slightest bit to deal with.”

23. Women have WAAAAYY more support than men do.

“Women have WAAAAYY more support than men do. Cry? Suck it up pussy. Can’t find a job? Have fun with your family and friends constantly telling you how useless you are. Being abused by a woman? Don’t call the cops because they will arrest you anyway even if you have several major lacerations and she doesn’t have a scratch. SOOOO MANY clothing options. Being treated nicer because of your gender (although this can be a negative as well ). Being able to find a date even though you don’t have a job, have mental issues, and have a criminal record, While men have to basically be completely perfect all around just to be considered. Again, They also have way more support than men do, here in my area there are numerous women’s shelters and charities for women who are abused and/or homeless while for men its basically nonexistent, I don’t even think in my 21 years I have ever even seen a homeless woman panhandling.

There are some pluses to being a man don’t get me wrong, but I feel like if women really knew how much leverage they get compared to us guys they would have become the dominant sex long ago.”

24. Easier to get laid.

“Getting laid. A 5/10 female can get laid in a day using tinder, and she can fuck up the ladder. A 5/10 male would spend months trying to get laid, and he sure as hell isn’t able to fuck upwards.”

25. Far less likely to die in wars, at work, or in the hands of criminals.

“I wish I had been born a woman.

Power over own reproduction.

Massive empathy advantage.

Power to choose mates.

Longer natural life and more funding for female-specific medical issues.

Far less likely to die in wars, at work, or in the hands of criminals.

Much more approachable and non-threatening.

Sexual power that can make someone’s day instead of ruining it.”
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