27 Advantages Of Being A Woman (According To 27 Men)

20. No performance anxiety.

“To be honest, and I’m sure there are rare exceptions, but I think women are lucky not to have as performance anxiety during sex. Guys have the chance to not be able to get it up or cumming too soon or any number of other issues that means the experience is ruined for both people. Women don’t have to maintain erections and get multiple orgasms, so not lasting long isn’t an issue for them. They might not be the greatest at something like oral, but guys are typically so easy to please that any woman is capable of doing something that gets the job done. Guys have no such luck.

I know this is a generalization and isn’t always the case, but true more often than not. No woman would have any problem pressing my go button, but it’s 100% impossible for me to please any women that isn’t receptive to oral and that took years of practice for me to hone.”


21. Significantly better underwear.

“Women have significantly better underwear. It isn’t the design or patterns. It is the material. Men just don’t get that option. Women also have amazingly comfortable jeans. Again it is the material that gets used. I hate wearing jeans to a point that I no longer own even one pair. The day they make loose filling jeans for men using the material they use for women’s, I will start wearing them again.


22. Irrationally thinking. It seems fun.

“Irrationally thinking. It seems fun.”


23. You don’t get ridiculed for wanting emotional support.

“I’d really enjoy not being ridiculed for wanting emotional support sometimes.”


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