27 Advantages Of Being A Woman (According To 27 Men)

7. Being open with their friends about their feelings without being called gay.

“Sometimes I get jealous of how open women are with their friends about their feelings.”


8. Women tend to be pursued, men tend to be the pursuer.

“Women tend to be pursued, men tend to be the pursuer. Yes, I know there are exceptions, and yes, I know it must be terrible being pursued by creeps and people who don’t take no for an answer, but seriously, it would be nice to get asked more.”


9. Purses!

“Having a purse! It would be so much easier if I could have a bag to put my phone, keys, wallet, mini flashlight, knife, multi tool, and firearm plus I could also carry an extra mag and hot sauce.”


10. You don’t get shamed for being weak.

“Not to feel (as much) shame about being weak. Like crying without shame, or admitting fear or insecurities. I think most men have built this ‘barrier’ inside. At least I do. Like a giant dam that controls emotions and we can’t let the valve open. When I see women talk openly about their feelings, I just think ‘must be kind of cool to do that.’”


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