Nightmare Neighbors: 34 People Share Their Tragic Tales Of Living Next To Morons

21. He was an alcoholic, heroin addict, and only had one leg.

“So about a year and a half ago my brother and I moved into a duplex. The man on the other side of the duplex was in his 70s, was an alcoholic, heroin addict, and only had one leg. He would always knock on our door at the most inopportune times to tell us some random jargon. Well flash to August and this man had overdosed one morning, we saw the ambulance take his body away in the way to work. That night when we got home from work, there were some bums that I recognized off the streets in my neighborhood; and I saw them moving stuff into his house. I suppose word got out and they figured they had a place to stay for a bit. Well the landlord attempted to kick them out but one of the bums claimed they were on the lease to which they were not. So the landlord and these bums are in a legal battle right now. So they start collecting stolen cars, have people constantly in and out of the house. And to make matters worse, since they are tweaking bums, they don’t pay rent and they certainly don’t pay electricity. So a month ago they tapped into my electrical box and were stealing power. I only found out when I got home one night and there was a letter on the door from the electric company stating they removed our electrical box because it was hazardous and tapped into. So ever since that night my bro and I have been in an ongoing battle with the electrical company to get a new box installed. For the past month we have been staying with family. I checked on the house last week and these bums were in the driveway with a 55-gallon drum burning wood and cooking food. Yet here I am praying the landlord brings down the hammer and gets rid of them, these bums have caused us such distress it’s not even funny. I miss my house; I miss my bed. I miss my peace of mind.”

22. He is currently in jail for threats against my other neighbors.

“I have a neighbor who is currently in jail for threats against my other neighbors. He is legitimately mentally ill and delusional. The first time I met him he explained to me that he called the cops on any black people in the neighborhood. I thought he was just racist but he is a hell of a lot crazier than just that. Do note that all of this is second hand as I did not personally witness it.

He called the cops to report that his wife was kidnapped. He explained to them that she had gone missing earlier that day and that he believed his black neighbors had kidnapped her. When the police came to investigate it turns out his wife was just at work, where she goes every day.

He wandered around the neighborhood naked and wrapped in tin foil and babbling about the government. You know standard crazy stuff.

He occasionally went around trying to get into people’s houses, he found a door unlocked one time and went inside.

The incident that got him jailed happened recently. He has a grudge specifically against my downstairs neighbors, I believe they have called him out and attempted to protect the neighborhood from him before. Because of this he decided to slash their tires. Then he called the cops and told them that someone else had slashed my neighbor’s tires. Later that day he apparently believed that he was missing a bike tire. Naturally in his mind this meant that my neighbors, who did not know that he had slash their tires yet, had taken her revenge on him by stealing his bike tire. So he went over there and confronted them while screaming about how he knew people who worked in pool restoration and could get ahold of acid. When the cops took him in he was trying to say that he was friends with my neighbors and had simply been chatting with them. He maintains that the arrest was unwarranted and illegal.

From what I know he has been in and out of mental institutions at least three times. This latest incident happened about 2 months ago. I don’t know if he has pled out or gone to trial yet, but I do know that he is still locked up somewhere, and likely will be for some time.”

23. He tried to break down the door to his own house.

“He is about 5 foot 4, ripped, and covered from head to toe in tattoos. I was eating pizza on the front porch when I had the pleasure of observing this individual try to break down the door to his own house, get hit in the head with a beer bottle by whoever way trying to keep him out, and then run around screaming in a rage while profusely bleeding from his head.

He ran around the back of their house and I walk around back to see what he’s up to, and he’s screeching furiously while punching out windows with his bare hands, blood flying everywhere. He had been wearing nothing but white basketball shorts but they were completely covered in blood at this point along with his face, head, back, stomach, and obviously hands. He looked like something out of a zombie movie.

He then walks back around to the front of the house and directly into the fairly busy street there. He started throwing himself on the hood of cars and smearing blood across their windshields while screaming and moaning incoherently. After several minutes of this, my neighbor heard the police on their way and decides to handle this by laying down spread eagle on the median and screaming ‘heeeelllp meeee!’ over and over very loudly.”

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