Nightmare Neighbors: 34 People Share Their Tragic Tales Of Living Next To Morons

11. He would play the same Marilyn Manson song for five hours in a row.

“My first apartment was a bachelor, and it was in a rather large complex. Me and my boyfriend lived beside only one neighbor, but the dude was kind of crazy. One of the things he liked to do was listen to the cover of ‘Sweet Dreams’ by Marilyn Manson. It would play (on loop) from 10 PM to 3 AM. Another thing he did was knock on our door, accuse us of raping and kidnapping his friend, and proceed to call the police. Thankfully the police explained that he had issues and advised us not to talk to him. Good times.”

12. He shot his cows with a crossbow.

“I grew up in a small town. Weirdo neighbor moves in, and gets a dog. Okay, that’s fine. Next thing we know, neighbor has 5 dogs.

Then neighbor gets 3 cows, and puts them to pasture in a small area next to my parent’s house. My mom knew neighbor didn’t have animal rights, and was tired of smelly cows right next to her house and dogs barking all day. My mom went to the city to complain. They must have told neighbor to get rid of his cows, because the next day I hear the most awful bellowing. I look outside to see neighbor with the cows tied to his fence, shooting them with a crossbow. I called the police and animal control, who sent someone to humanely kill the cows.

Our interference must have pissed neighbor off, because he spray-painted ‘Fuck You All’ on the side of his house, facing my parent’s house.”

13. He drove his car into our house and blamed my dad.

“When I was a kid we had a neighbor who drank all the time. He would even drink and drive. One time he hit our house when pulling into his drive way and just left his car in the front yard against the house. He then told police that my dad drove the car into our house. The guy was arrested. A week later the police raided his house and he was sent to jail.”

14. He tried to kill our dog with a broom.

“I was around 5 and we had a husky at that time. Dad and I were home alone, and he went to a neighbor to borrow something. I stayed outside to play with our dog when a few minutes later our other neighbor comes with a broom in his hand, yelling at 5-year-old me to keep the dog quiet (he barked every now and then, whoopty fucking doo) or he will kill it right there and then. That man scared me so much I cried and peed myself because he was in my face shouting and spitting at me. A third neighbor (old grandma) saw this going on and rushed to get my dad to save me. Dad came, they pushed each other around a little, best part is when dad broke his broom and said if he ever talks to his kids again he will beat him up with that very broom lol. Asshole went home, grabbed a knife, but in the meantime the police was already there (old grandma called them because she thought he assaulted me, I loved that woman). He panicked, ran into his car and drove off. This only got him into even more trouble cause hey man, you’re in a car chase with the police! Ended up with him crashing into a tree and the knife he took got stuck in his leg, but nothing critical happened. I remember seeing him sometimes limping around his garden, but we moved soon after that because fuck crazy neighbors who don’t like dogs. Don’t know the aftermath with the police though, this was 15 years ago.

Oh, and by the way, he was a father of 6-year-old twins who were never allowed to hang out with the rest of us hood kids in the streets. I sometimes talked to them over the fence and even gave them a few Pokémon cards because they were not allowed any. Sometimes I think of them and feel really bad, they were good kids.
Tl;dr: Neighbor wants to kill our dog with a broom, ends in a car chase with the police, trashes his car against a tree. What an asshat.”

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