Nightmare Neighbors: 34 People Share Their Tragic Tales Of Living Next To Morons

8. He threatened to destroy everyone with a toy water gun and a hammer.

“Used to have a guy live across the street from me. This guy was obviously on drugs and had numerous other mental issues.

We would call him ‘Foil Man’ because he would use foil to cover up his windows (he also used to do this some with wood as well). He also always shaved only one half of his beard.

Anyway, so this guy at times would bring his sleeping bag in the middle of the street, and literally lay in it and SLEEP THERE. Me and another neighbor had to go out multiple times to literally DRAG the guy back to his house.

Whenever we would do it, he’d complain that we were ruining his sleep, and would yell and scream and whine, exactly like a tantrum. We just didn’t want him to get run over.

He also ended up winning a brand new car engine from a raffle, and just placed it in his house for decoration. He would also come up to our doors and just talk about the most random of things.

Another time, old Foil Man had threatened to destroy everyone with a toy water gun and a broken hammer. Cops dealt with him, and soon enough he was living in his house again.

I remember he died, and I was actually really terrified and sad for him. Something must’ve happened and he must’ve had a sad life. But I’ll never forget all the crazy stuff he did.”

9. They were running a brothel in there.

“A bunch of old folks moved out and some new neighbors came in. They met us once to ask permission for barbecuing. That was literally the only time I saw them.

They’d never come out. You’d never see them morning or evening. They were never at the local shops and when they moved in we did they had like 15 mattresses for a 4 bed house which raised some red flags but we didn’t think much of it because they were quiet.

Turns out they were running a brothel in there.”

10. They sing very, very loudly—and not well.

“Current neighbors get together on Friday nights and get wasted. They then proceed to discover that they can sing… and they film audition tapes for The Voice. Spoiler alert – they don’t sing well. At all. But the drunker they are, the more impressed they are with each other, so by 2 am they’re freaking out about how they’ll be the next huge hit sensation. Then they forget about this, and come next Friday, the cycle begins anew. The only reason I know all this is because, while they don’t sing well, they sing very, very loudly.”

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