Nightmare Neighbors: 34 People Share Their Tragic Tales Of Living Next To Morons

26. They were real gypsies from the highest echelon of their criminal network.

“When I first moved to Germany, I got a place in a relatively quiet neighborhood that the relocation agent found for me. Or so I thought…

My neighbors were the gypsies. Not just regular gypsies. No, these were the members from the highest echelon of their criminal network.

Fights between rival gangs right on the street outside

Building next door set on fire for insurance money (no one got hurt)

Their children stealing my packages

Loud music playing until 4 am almost every single day

cars blocking the street and not giving a damn. Their cars all cost 100k+ EUR.

Drug deals going down literally downstairs in the lobby

any many more

The police won’t do anything because they are afraid of them.

We moved out after the fire.”

27. She’s 370 pounds and beats her kids with a lash.

“The neighbor from across the road are some serious rednecks. All of them are overweight, the father is the slimmest and he works as a tractor driver, the mom is the fattest, never had a job in her life, in between in the fatness scale is their little boy, Thomas, pushing 200 lbs at 10 or 11 years of age. The father is mostly normal, a quiet man who listens to his wife, the mom is batshit crazy though, she fckn sits all day in the yard and screams at Thomas to stop moving! Poor kid has to sit down a lot basically doing nothing because the mom can’t fathom why a kid would want to move around and play. Kid often gets beaten with a lash too, I once saw the mother chase him into their outside toilet (they don’t have a toilet inside the house) and beat him with the lash for a good 30 seconds while he was screaming ‘mom please stop you hit my eye,’ she didn’t even budge. The screaming matches between the mom-son duo usually start around 8am on almost every day. I’m pretty sure little Thomas will either run away or murder that beast of a woman at some point.

A fun thing I sometimes witness: they have a tractor at home too, mid to full size, has a cabin too, it isn’t small at all. They rarely use it so it so it usually starts kinda hard. Now when it doesn’t start on its own they have to jump-start it which would be a problem for most people without a truck, not for them though, daddy just gets in the seat while 370 lbs mommy pushes it to life without breaking a sweat.”

28. I watched children having a dildo fight.

“Mine was my polygamist neighbors when I was about 10. It was two women (later a third) and one man. They were nice people and I played with their kids a lot. What made it weird was when I went over to their house the kids showed me their parents sex swing and I got to watch as the other children had a dildo fight. Now you would think that if a parent walked in on this they would put a stop to it but no….. when one of the mother’s walked in she laughed and pushed her daughter on the swing then asked if I wanted a turn. I went home after that. About a month later the family was on the Dr. Phil show. They believed in being open about sex and love, while I am all for that it was a bit too much for 10yo me at the time.”

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