Nightmare Neighbors: 34 People Share Their Tragic Tales Of Living Next To Morons

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Wikimedia Commons
Found on AskReddit.

1. She sued me for $24K because my dog growled at her.

“Neighbor took me to court and tried to sue me for $24,000 because my dog growled at her and caused her emotional distress. Didn’t get very far in court.”

2. He stabbed the shit out of two guys who came to his door.

“My old neighbor was perfect, quiet and always had a nice chat when we met outside our flats. He was obviously dealing drugs but he kept all the junkies in line, they were quiet as well when they were knocking on his door all hours of the night. Then he stabbed the shit of two guys that came to his door. The hallway was covered in blood. It was crazy. Still, after he got sent to prison a new guy moved in that played music constantly as loud as he possibly could. I’ll take ol’ stabby back any day.”

3. He woke us up at 6AM fighting a mannequin in his backyard.

“Neighbor loves waking up at 6AM, fighting a random mannequin in his backyard while shouting. It’s painful, but we all deal with it.”

4. Four crackheads jumping out of 10th-floor windows.

“I live in an apartment building, some of my neighbors are crackheads and at least 4 people have jumped out the 10th floor windows. I’d say since I moved in 4 years ago 15 people have died here. Last summer a lady tried to kill herself with charcoal in the bathroom and fucked everything up pretty bad. Actually just last week one guy who jumped out the window over the summer died. It’s pretty wild here. Lots of prostitution and such.”

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