What Makes Someone A ‘Keeper’? 33 People Share The Little ‘Green Flags’ That Let You Know

@chantylove / Twenty20.com
@chantylove / Twenty20.com
Found on AskReddit.

1. When you miss them even after a few hours.

“You miss them. I miss my husband even when I know I’ll see him in a few hours. I just love being with him.”


2. When they try to keep you warm on cold mornings.

“I was about to leave for a long trip one cold morning when she stopped me and gave me a scarf and a warm hat. She put it on me and made sure it looked right, gave me a nice smile, a kiss, and told me to stay warm. I still remember that moment fairly often, especially on cold mornings. It’s kind of a reminder when times get bad that somebody really loved you, at least for a little bit.”


3. When they tell you they love you in the middle of a fight.

“My boyfriend and I were having a huge argument and he had to leave for work. He still came up to me, gave me a kiss and said ‘I love you.’ I gave him a weird look… he then said ‘We’re fighting right now, but that doesn’t change how I feel about you.’

Big green flag right there.”


4. When they pass you the crayon you need even though they were using it.

“When you’re coloring but you don’t have the color you need and she passes you the crayon even though she was in the middle of coloring with it.”


5. When you never dread seeing them.

“You never dread seeing them. If you want to hang out and do things with your SO that’s a for sure ‘green flag.’”


6. When they see all problems as a team project.

“When you’re having a rough time with a situation and they say, ‘Tell me what is on your mind so we can fix it.’ No you, not I… we.”


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